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3 + Best Tips Cycling Tours Vietnam

Meta: If you want to see as much of Vietnam as possible, cycling tours Vietnam is the first option you should consider if you are into something challenging and interesting.


You are planning to go on a cycling tour Vietnam to explore the muddy roads, through the majestic craggy peaks or enjoy the beauty of the sea from the high pass. But you do not know what to prepare to make a trip by bike interesting? Today, we’ll tell you some tips for a great bike ride.

1. Rules not to be forgotten when traveling by bicycle

Make a schedule and bring a map

Itinerary for the trip is not to be missed. Schedule the spots you want to go to so that it’s easy to visualize the route to cycle through. One of the most important factors when traveling by bike is how much time you have for the ride. You can calculate how long you will stay in one place.

Learn how to repair basic bicycles

A long trip and not always a mechanic is ready to wait for you along the way. It’s best to learn some basic bike repair skills to ensure an uninterrupted ride.

Common problems such as punctured tires, broken brake lines, duplicate chains, etc. Knowing how to fix them yourself will make handling situations quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. Tubes, mimi pumps and multi-function car repair tools will be a useful savior for you when needed. Make yourself a real cyclist, not just waiting for others to help.

Cycling Tours Vietnam

Traveling by bicycle should follow the group

Traveling by bicycle in groups helps a lot for the trip. Having someone to accompany you will no longer feel lonely and help you feel happier. The members of the delegation support each other when there is a problem, the trip is less difficult. When traveling in groups, members must exchange and coordinate smoothly about the distance, speed and time to rest and eat with the whole group.

Ensure health when traveling by bicycle

Traveling by bicycle is different from traveling and relaxing. Traveling to remote places, sometimes sleeping on the street, eating bread, and dry food is a normal thing. Cycling is a form of high activity, consuming a lot of energy as well as strength, which makes it easy to be exhausted and heatstroke. You need to be in good health to get through the long haul. You must listen to your body to adjust, rest properly, and ensure health.

Departing early when traveling by bike

The first essential thing to do when riding a bike is to start early. You and the group can leave from 4 am – 5 am so that when you reach the expected point when the sun rises, this will be the right time for you to rest and have fun.

Cycling Tours Vietnam

2. What to put in luggage when traveling by bike?

When traveling by bicycle, you should not bring too many things. During the move, carrying too many things will be very heavy, making you feel tired. You should only bring what is absolutely necessary.

Snacks to bring for the bike ride

It is necessary to prepare food to replenish energy in time, to avoid exhaustion due to hunger. Some high-energy foods are easy to carry such as bananas, apples, dry food, bread, Gu gel, etc.

Always carry enough water to avoid dehydration. Continuously drink water from 15-20 minutes / time to maintain the body’s strength. Dehydration makes the blood thicker, the heart beats faster, the body falls into a state of exhaustion.

Necessary identification for a bike trip

Documents such as ID cards are needed for you to rent a hotel. Moreover, it is really important in some emergency situations. If you are missing or life is affected, identification is an important factor for others to identify and help you.

Cycling Tours Vietnam

Choose an outfit when going on a bike ride

Choose clothes that are comfortable and appropriate when riding a bike. If the weather is dry, wear clothes that absorb sweat. At night, wear a reflective vest while cycling.

Other items such as medicine, blankets, lamps, travel sleeping bags, tents, sunglasses, insect sprays… and of course the indispensable thing is money.

3. Choose the right bike when traveling

Mountain bike: Usually used on steep, rough mountain roads full of rocks and jagged pits. Using an off-road vehicle, you will not have to worry about puncture problems on bad roads. However, the weight of the off-road vehicle is relatively heavy, the side of the wheel is large, the cyclist takes a lot of effort and takes a long time to travel on the road when traveling by mountain bike.

Race Bikes: Speed ​​is the main advantage of racing bikes. But you cannot go too fast on bad and bumpy roads. In the rain, riding a racing bike must be very careful because the side of the wheel is small, which makes it very easy to slip. If you use a racing car to go on a trip, you should bring a spare shell and inner tube.

Street bikes, also known as touring bikes: designed for touring. Runs well over gravel roads or uphill.


cycling tours Vietnam

4. Conclusion

Biking, or cycling tours Vietnam in particular  is a way to discover yourself, challenge yourself with something new. Along the way, we will learn to take responsibility for ourselves and the people around us. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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