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4 Know Things For Cycle Tours In Vietnam

Meta: Cycle tours in Vietnam always provides the most comprehensive experience. Allow the bicycle to accompany you on your exploration of Vietnam.

Cycle tour in Vietnam

Nowadays traveling is quite popular in Vietnam, and riding a sport bike or taking a Cycle tour in Vietnam is a fairly new experience and full of memorable experiences. There are quite a few people who choose to travel by bicycle, but not everyone has the skills and experience to prepare before embarking on a long journey with a bicycle when traveling. Let’s refer to the article below with us to know some more things to prepare before going on a Vietnam bike tour.

1. Things to remember when riding a sport bike

1.1. Look at the map before going on a sport bike ride

Take a look at your entire journey first, where do you start and end, and where you need to turn. And most importantly, calculate the distance you ride, how long you will stop and rest so that your whole trip is on the right route without losing too much time. You can use your phone and open the location on the map to follow, but this way be careful of your phone because it is easy to be stolen.

1.2. Learn some basic bike repair skills

Such a long trip, it is very difficult for you to find a place to repair your bicycle on empty roads, unfortunately your car has a flat tire late at night, it will be difficult to find a repair place, so grasp basic sports bike repair skills such as wheel patching, chain adjustment, .. to be able to prevent bad things that may happen along the way, saving time and money.

1.3. Bring a full range of basic sports bike repair tools

As mentioned above, if you know how to repair basic things on your bike, you also need some necessary tools such as bike pump tools, tires, basic bike repair kits, .. can be used at any time. In addition to bike repair tools, you should also bring a flashlight so that you can ask people to light up for you to fix your vehicle if the bike breaks down at night.

Cycle tour in Vietnam

2. Bike in a group

Never go on a road trip alone, but go with everyone who has the same passion for riding a sport bike because it will help your whole trip not to be lonely, having someone to experience it with will be fun. than. Above all, it is a matter of safety, when traveling alone, no one can predict what will happen, if there is a problem, someone will support you right away. It’s also important that when you’re biking in a group, you’ll avoid wind resistance thanks to a few riders at the front of your group. Try to ride at a steady pace when traveling with a group and keep the bike steady in bad weather and terrain. If you’re traveling with a group, you should keep a sufficient distance from the person in front as well as the person behind you. , avoid the situation when your wheel goes fast and hits the wheel of the person before you fall and the people behind will also fall, which is quite dangerous.


2.1. What food to bring when going on a sport bike trip?

Because traveling a long distance, we are not always hungry, there are many restaurants open to eat, just as when you are riding a sport bike and you suddenly feel hungry, you cannot find food right away. You can’t go to any restaurant, so bring some snacks with you to fill your stomach like some bananas or sweet bread that people often pack cakes outside the shop for easy carrying. , as well as remember to bring drinking water to be able to refuel in the middle of the journey.

Bike Tours In Vietnam 3

3. Outfits for cycling sports

If the weather is clear and there is no rain, then you should wear clothes with a high degree of comfort, if it is not sunny, you can also wear shorts and especially clothes that must be able to absorb sweat well. . The sweat does not make you uncomfortable during the trip and at night prepare yourself a reflective shirt to wear so that the road is dark so people can still see you.

4. Benefits from cycle tours in Vietnam

Cycling is becoming a trend for everyone nowadays. So should you go cycling through Vietnam or not? Traveling by bicycle will be free, independent of anything else. Not only that, cycling helps you immerse yourself in nature, making your soul relax and comfortable. In addition, when you get to the place you want to go, you will feel happy and satisfied as if you have just participated in the race to the finish line.

In this journey you should go in a group. This will help you feel more motivated and motivated. Along the way, you will learn and get to know many people, and immerse yourself in the roads. Cycling also helps to tone the body and exercise. If you have never tried this feeling, you may feel tired. However, the feeling of conquering such a long distance will be very memorable.

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5. Conclusion

After reading this article, you must have prepared yourself for more experience of traveling by bicycle. We hope that the above information helps you have a fun and comfortable trip. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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