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6 + Experience For Vietnam Bicycle Tours

Meta: In Vietnam, Vietnam Bicycle Tours will be a fascinating and demanding journey for you. To keep in mind these notes for yourself, read the article below.

Vietnam Bicycle Tours

There’s no better way to see this diverse country than on a bicycle trip to Vietnam. From luscious rice fields to dramatic temples, a cycling tour of Vietnam is full of surprises. A Vietnam cycling tour provides something for everyone, whether you want to learn about local life in Sapa, ride through riverbank villages in the Mekong Delta, mountain bike in the Northern hills, or pedal along the sapphire-blue coastline for a tropical retreat. Here are a few experiences you need to keep in mind If you intend to take a Vietnam Bicycle Tour.

Always take care of your bike

When cycling through Vietnam, the bike is an extremely important item. It has to operate with high intensity, hundreds of kilometers a day with speeds sometimes up to 30km/h. So it needs special care. You should always check your vehicle every day. Every few days (ie a few hundred kilometers) you have to take your bike out to the technical department to increase the chain. After a rain, you have to oil, otherwise the bike rides very heavily.

Vietnam Bicycle Tours

​​Passing is an art

During the journey through Vietnam, you will encounter hundreds of steep passes. With small slopes ranging from a few hundred meters to a kilometer long, you should gain momentum, pedal quickly and rush straight through the pass. During that process, you need to pay attention to the distance with the person in front to avoid having to brake.

With large passes of several kilometers or more such as Ngang pass, Ca pass or Hai Van pass, the distribution of power becomes very important. You should not take the momentum to fly over but need to go slowly, press the pedal steadily, drink water in small sips, absolutely do not breathe through your mouth because it will quickly lose strength. If there are a lot of teammates around, singing the song makes everyone more excited and determined. If you’re alone, smiling at someone on the street will also increase morale.

Biking In Vietnam

Avoid rush hour

Every day there is always a specified time for you to take a shower, eat, have personal hygiene… And that is always the time of “congestion” when the number of people is too large, the number of toilets, the capacity to serve The service of logistics is always limited. So you should avoid peak hours and do it during off-peak hours. For example, when everyone is taking a shower together, you should go out to eat. When you finish eating, everyone pulls into the dining room, you should take a shower. In the morning, the whole group gets up at 5:30 to exercise. You should get up at 5:15 to brush your teeth and wash your face. However, always make sure to meet up on time if you don’t want to be punished.

Vietnam Bicycle Tours

Save water

Water is sometimes very rare because supply often cannot meet demand. So saving is extremely important.

Experience to save water is: when there is a shortage of bath water, try to scrub a lot before rinsing. Wash clothes for only a sufficient amount of soap to avoid having to rinse many times, at this time, one-time conditioners will become your saviors.

And if there is a shortage of drinking water, please pay attention to the pots. The logistics department often uses filtered water in 20-liter bottles to drink. When water can’t come out of the faucet, turn it upside down and let the water flow through the vent on the lid. This amount of water is only about half a cup but will be enough to save you from thirst.

Carry a rope

At the rate of one province per day, the time to dry clothes is very short. Therefore, how to dry clothes quickly is also a problem. And a rope 3-5m long will become very useful. You can tie it to any of the 2 tie-able points and it will quickly become a clothesline. Carrying around is also very easy as just rolled up, it won’t be bigger than a maple leaf.

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Observe the living environment and soon become accustomed to it

Almost every day when traveling around Vietnam, you will change locations. So get used to it as soon as possible. Instead of sitting down to chat as soon as you arrive, go out and take a look around. You must rapidly imagine the layout of the location where you will live, paying particular attention to the restrooms, cafeteria, and meeting areas. If you’re a man, see if there’s anywhere you can bathe outside so you can free up a restroom for the ladies.

Finally, all suggestions must be confirmed to be built on the foundations of independence, solidarity, and, most importantly, discipline. It’s tough for organizers to ensure the same logistics on the road in Vietnam as they are at home. It’s possible that something that was once commonplace will become luxurious. As a result, it is critical for you to be both independent and united with other members.

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If you enjoy adventure, Vietnam Bicycle tours will be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. On the road ahead, exciting things and difficulties are constantly waiting for you. If you’re ready, get in touch with us via a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are glad to serve you and hope you have a happy trip, many memorable memories in Vietnam.

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