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6 Notes To Keep In Mind When Biking In Vietnam

Meta: Biking In Vietnam is not only an interesting experience but also a challenge if you want to conquer it you should know the following.

Biking In Vietnam

Nowadays, cycling has become popular everywhere. You can easily see images of people biking in Vietnam. But to be safe for yourself as well as for everyone, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when riding a bicycle. So we will show you 6 notes when using sports bikes in the city to prepare for your Vietnam bike tours through the article below.

Choosing the right helmet when riding a sport bike

Wearing a helmet when participating in traffic is extremely important. Since the most important part is the head, you need a suitable helmet when cycling. To ensure your own safety to avoid unwanted accidents.

First, determine your goals and needs to make the choice of which helmet to use correctly and best Bicycle helmets are classified into two basic types as follows:

  • Helmets for road cycling give priority to choosing lightweight, breathable designs with high aerodynamic index.
  • Helmets for mountain biking that require high breathability and have a hood at the back of the head.

Fit of bike helmet

A helmet that is too large or too small for the wearer’s head can reduce the helmet’s ability to protect during a collision. Therefore, to be safe on every trip, you need to choose a hat of the right size. If you don’t have time to go to the genuine helmet store to try on, you can find the right bike helmet size by measuring your head circumference.

Most helmet brands now have exclusive helmet molds in various sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, the shape of the helmet can be round and oval. So for the best you should try on helmets right at the store. If your measurements are in between two sizes, choose the smaller size. A well-fitting helmet is one that fits snugly but doesn’t hug so tight that it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Biking In Vietnam

When riding a sport bike, always watch for other vehicles to stop

This is an extremely important thing when you are cycling in the city. Different vehicles such as cars, buses, taxis are quite a lot, there will be cars parked along the road and you should pay attention every time you pass it. Because you will not know if someone will get out of that bike and so you ride your bike too fast, when that happens you will be surprised and not handle the situation in time, like It affects not only yourself, but also others. So remember to watch carefully when traveling on the road to ensure your own safety.

Biking In Vietnam

When biking in Vietnam, remember to watch for traffic going in the same direction

Normally, cycling in the city will have a lot of traffic, you should pay attention to the traffic going in the same direction so that the turns can be easily passed without any collision, especially at intersections, junctions or ramps.

With hot summer days, the ventilation slots in the case will not be enough to meet the super hot temperatures when you cycle. Therefore, helmets should also have well-designed vents on the inside to reduce heat load and help the wearer feel more comfortable and cool. For mountaineering helmets, the vents will be designed to be larger. Because when riding a mountain bike, the average speed will be lower than that of a road bike.

Protective part of helmet

The important job of a helmet is to protect you from impact injuries when falling. Usually the structural parts of a helmet to protect include:

The outer shell of the helmet is resistant to direct impact and allows the helmet to slide over impact surfaces.

The helmet’s foam layer is made from high-quality, standard materials to slow down and spread the force of impact.

Biking In Vietnam

Sports bike brake test

Especially for those who are passionate about speed, they must pay attention to the brakes. Because when you pedal too fast and your brakes have any problems that you don’t know in advance, it is very likely that an accident will occur. You should check your bike’s brakes regularly as well as take the car to warranty and maintenance, so it will be safer as well as help you feel more secure when traveling on the road.

Watch for pedestrians while biking in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the roads and traffic are quite complicated, many pedestrians when crossing the street rarely look at the road and observe carefully, and if you are like that, there will be unexpected situations. Especially should pay close attention to the road sections with pedestrian lanes, should run slowly to observe more carefully.

Be careful with empty roads when biking in Vietnam

Most people go pretty fast on empty roads, but you won’t know if there are any cars coming out of the alleys. So on these roads you can run fast, but remember to pay attention, especially the alleys.



A Vietnam bicycle tour is a new type of tourism that fits into the green and ecologically friendly tourism trend. It not only helps you improve your health, but it also allows you to discover this lovely nation. These are some notes that you need to keep in mind if you wanna do biking in Vietnam. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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