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A Guide on Cycling Ho Chi Minh Road – 10 Best Days of Enjoyment!

Any lucky tourist who has ever set foot in Vietnam will gush about their experience of cycling Ho Chi Minh road – which, to many, is among the most memorable Vietnam cycling tours ever! And there are reasons for its popularity: this pathway enjoys spectacular views and gorgeous sceneries that can blow your mind away in an instant!

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cycling Ho Chi Minh road

And do you know what is even better? You do not need to embark on months-long Vietnam biking tours just to view all those magnificent landscapes; a 10-day cycle tour is more than enough! Our insightful article will introduce the best destinations to consider within this short period.

Cycling Ho Chi Minh Road in 10-Day Biking Tour

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival

Our journey starts from Hanoi, so non-Hanoians, please make sure you arrive on time! 

Most commercial bike tours Vietnam will arrange accommodations and other relevant necessities for you the night before, so there’s no need to worry about where to stay or what to eat. Remember to bring all necessary equipment aside from bicycles, such as safety helmets, water-resistant gears, and more. 

During your temporary stay in the hotel, why not have a quick tour around the area? After all, Hanoi is pretty famous for its high-quality street coffee shops and modern supermarkets that satisfy all demands and preferences. Feel free to buy some presents for your pals at home!

Day 2: Hanoi to Ninh Binh Cycling Tour

The next stop in our Vietnam mountain bike tours is Ninh Binh – which has more to offer than you would think! Any Ninh Binh local will recommend Tam Coc Cave, for instance. Though not as famous as Ha Long Bay, Tam Coc wows every foreigner with its vast green landscapes and peaceful, lovely villages. 

You can also get off your bike and take a quick boat trip to explore its broad river nets, which only takes about two hours!

In the evening, reward yourself with some of Ninh Binh’s most famous dishes. Its snail restaurants are strongly recommended!

Day 3: Ninh Binh to Cuc Phuong Bike Tour

Skipping Cuc Phuong Park on your mountain bike tours Vietnam would be a crime! With more than 25,000 ha spanning across Thanh Hoa, Hoa Binh, and Ninh Binh, this area is a sight to behold. Its tropical rainforests stay green and lush all year round, ensuring all cyclists will have the chance to admire rich fauna and flora anytime they visit.

Even better, there are 133 mammal species, 307 bird types, and 122 reptiles – terrific for your animal-loving spirit! 

Day 4: Cuc Phuong to Phu Luong Bicycle Trip

With numerous versatile biking Vietnam roads, Phu Luong allows cycling Vietnam travelers to roam the town wherever and whenever they wish! Lovely rice fields, idyllic valleys, and high mountains are some worthwhile rewards for all eager adventurers out there!

On a side note, are you a devoted photographer? Then you will be excited to capture its stunning terrains here, rarely found anywhere else. Remember, do not just concentrate on nature; beautiful smiles from ethnic people and villagers will add a more soulful touch to your photos! 

Day 5: Phu Luong to Yen Cat Biking Trip

Thác Cổng Trời (Gate of Troi Waterfall) draws millions of visitors every year, a great place to drop by in Yen Cat! 

This captivating waterfall is manifested from both large and small streams across Bu Mun – a mountain with an altitude of thousands of meters above sea level. Feel free to take photos, hold small picnic parties, or simply lie next to the water and bask in the warm sunlight! 

Such a heavenly experience will boost your overall trip to new heights.

Day 6: Yen Cat to Dien Lam Bike Tour

For Vietnam cycling tours on summer days, the fresh air provided by Dien Lam beach will take your breath away – such a welcomed change after days of non-stop sweating! 

We recommend you start the cycle trip from Yen Cat as early as possible; that way, you can jump into the waves right in the morning – when the area is still not too crowded! 

Also, rumor has it that beautiful pearls are littered on the seafloor, waiting for you to pick them up. What a unique gift (not to mention, also free) for your parents and friends!

Day 7: Dien Lam to Huong Khe Cycle Tour

Huong Khe’s greatest pride is the Vu Quang National Parks – less famous than Cuc Phuong, but still an amazing place to park your bike in! With lines of littering tropical trees and beautiful birds, it gives off the vibe of a fairy tale land. Trek through the routes under your local guide’s instruction and explore all its nooks and corners!

The area also offers local houses to stay in through the night. Homestays are also a great option; most people here are extremely friendly, after all!

Day 8: Huong Khe to Phong Nha Cycling Trip

Even non-Vietnamese people have heard of Phong Nha Cave – a UNESCO-recognized wonder. Now you know where to visit once you arrive in Phong Nha! These caves are recognized for their extremely distinctive (yet 100% natural) stone shapes that resemble humans and animals. 

Also, for people with more free time on their hands, do not hesitate to drop by the Cham Altar, whose remnants from the 10th century reveal many things about Vietnam’s history. 

Day 9: Phong Nha to Khe Sanh Bicycle Tour

The American-Vietnamese war has left an undeniable mark in our global history. Remnants of such a remarkable period still lie in Khe Sanh Combat Bases – where the most intense struggles and combats used to occur!

Though the site has been dominated by banana plants and overgrowths, there’s still a small-sized museum nearby that stores pictures, impression books, and weapons. Just one morning spent in this place will open your eyes to thousands of lesser-known facts about how Vietnamese people earned their ultimate victory!

Day 10: Khe Sanh – Hue – Back to Hanoi Bike Route

There are so many charms about this city that we are unsure where to start! In the morning, explore the Temple of Huyen Tran Princess with large lotus lakes and spectacular building complexes. At noon, enjoy your lunch with Hue’s most representative cuisines, like sesame candies and Hue Pancake.

Once you have enjoyed your rest, drop by Tu Hieu Pagodas in the afternoon to take some nice pictures. Last but not least, a serene walk next to Huong River will calm your troubled mind – perfect to enjoy with your lover (if they go with you!)

Whenever you feel ready to return to Hanoi, just take the back road. Congratulations! Now you have successfully concluded your Vietnam bike tours


Cycling Ho Chi Minh road is a joyful journey that not many people have the chance to experience. So seize that golden opportunity to reward yourself with mouth-watering food, gorgeous scenery, and lots of historical knowledge! 

Upon your return, you can keep cycling from Hanoi to Hoian (or any other city) if you want. Follow our blog and stay tuned for the next adrenaline-filled Vietnam biking tours!

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