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Best Cycling Vietnam Nature Reserve Tour: A Printmark To Flashback

Have you been fed up with these ordinary periodic leisure trips yet? Let’s spice up your seasonal vacation with something much more adventurous, such as our cycling Vietnam Nature Reserve tour!

Several majestic, untamed, yet equally marvelous natural sceneries are waiting for you to delve into. Scroll down for further details.

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Cycling Vietnam Nature Reserve

Best Cycling Vietnam Nature Reserve Tour: A Printmark To Flashback

Day 1: Hanoi – Hop Thinh – Da Bac – Hien Luong – Xom Bia Cycle Tour

After a substantial breakfast at your hotel, we will pick you up and transport you out of the busy city. The trip shall take roughly an hour to reach our destination, which is Hoa Lac.

Once you go there, the team starts cycling on the tarmac and paved roads, crossing lush rice fields and stunning scenery to the ferry nearby. Our route is to pass through Da River to set foot in Hoa Binh Province. 

There will be plenty of beholding brilliant nature. You will also get chances to have lunch with a local family after reaching Hien Luong village. 

In the next schedule, we shall take a tour around an extraordinary town to learn about the residents’ daily life and customs. Resuming our cycle, we cover a 30km dirt road leading to a lake and the Da Bia Eco homestay.

As we set up our stuff in the guesthouse, we can also take part in the tranquil country life, have dinner with the host family and live it up with a performance of local villagers’ traditional music.

Day 2: Xom Bia Cycling Tour – Raft Rowing And Boat Trip To Moc Chau

Getting out of bed late is never a good choice as you are in such clean surroundings and a tranquil atmosphere. Especially when that morning, the greatest experience is waiting for you! 

As such, we shall spend an hour rowing a raft around the lake after breakfast with the host family to take in the gorgeous view. 

After that, we will check out and commence biking to the boat dock, where we will put our bicycles on the boat to Bai Sang.

The trip is followed by cycling on challenging single-track paths, rocky, uneven jeep trails, and up some slopes that will give you a worthy reward with a panoramic view of Moc Chau. 

The thing is, this day will decrease the density of adventures so that you do not overwhelm with these lengthy, exhausting expeditions and take joy better the next day.

All that’s left is to check in at the hotel and blow off steam yourself. Dinner is extremely well-served, and there is also an unforgettable memory of spending a night in Moc Chau.

Day 3: Moc Chau – Tea Farms – Mai Chau Cycle Trip

At 1340 meters above sea level, Moc Chau is one of the most pristinely magnificent plateaus in the northern highland region. Its special charm is to attract visitors from all social strata, even including those who are difficult to please. 

The route between Moc Chau and Son La is also amazing and would delight any soul with the provision of various ethnic cultures and gorgeous natural scenery.

Better yet, you can earn a one-of-a-kind opportunity to feast your eyes on the manufacturing of green tea and milk, one of the signatures well-recognized in Moc Chau. 

Here is how the plan goes: We will start our cycling tour from the hotel and travel to green tea fields and a tea workshop to learn how to manufacture green tea. 

From there, we will get on a single-track dirt road, past several green tea farms and tropical fruit or flower gardens. A pull-over along the way, needless to say, is a must for our cherished adventurers to sample green tea herbs and fresh cow’s milk. 

Following, we continue riding down the old National Route 6 to Bai Sang and Mai Chau. You have the chance to explore a glorious limestone mountain range as well as the gorgeous landscape where Thai and Muong hill tribes reside.

Day 4: Mai Chau Trail Cycle Tour

After a hearty breakfast, we ride bicycles through various villages, passing various easy single-track pathways, connecting one hamlet to another. 

The scene is magnificent as we cross lush rice paddies. Fan palms, planted for roofing, are also a unique trait of this region that you should not overlook.

We ride across hot springs, passing suspension bridges, and around gorgeous terraced rice paddies. On the way, we shall visit a local family for a hospitable residential atmosphere with splendid lunch offered in the most affectionate expression. 

After lunch, we shall ride bicycles on back roads, single tracks, and buffalo paths through rice paddies, bamboo forests, a bamboo chopstick manufacturing facility, and back roads to Mai Chau town.

Day 5: Mai Chau – Phu Luong Nature (Hang Village – Kho Muong –Nua Village) Cycling Vietnam Tour

Our bicycle journey on this day will kick off in an astonishingly alluring Mai Chau Valley, which is filled with Thai and Muong communities between rice crops. 

You can see how tranquil the villages are in the morning as we leave the homestay early to ride on the mix of single-track paths that connect one village to another! 

Also, you shall get the answer on how did the locals survive here for a century while we continue to ride into the village center and interact with the residents along the way.

Then, before traveling via the backroad to Hang Village, we make a halt and have lunch in Sam Kehoe village along the way. As we go through the Phu Luong Nature Reserve, the team will as well pause to grasp a sense of these dazzling views, limestone outcrops, and Phu Luong’s panoramic splendor. 

On the summit, we take a break for refreshments preceding descending to Pho Doan Market for lunch. What goes right after is a leisurely bike to the village of Lo Nua along a combination of paved roads, buffalo trails, and bamboo forest shade.

Day 6: Pu Luong Hiking Day

As usual, breakfast starts early, so you can prepare to enter the lovely valley that faces the Retreat and explore the cascading rice terraces there. 

A charming settlement located at the foot of a steep mountain will gradually become visible as you travel down narrow paths hidden by greenery. Be cautious! Since you won’t be able to get your camera to stay steady on such mountain bike tours Vietnam!

As you make your way to the valley’s bottom, you pass by farms and highways, towns and rural areas, ponds and rivers, mountains and plains, and villages. 

The special treat in this part is the always-changing environment as you hike to a stunning location for a straightforward picnic meal.

Before heading to our pick-up location to be taken back to the Retreat, you have some free time to explore the surrounding river’s cool water after savoring some delectable food.

Day 7: Phu Luong Nature Reserve – Cuc Phuong National Park Biking Tour

After a hearty breakfast with the amicable hosts, we bid them farewell and departed early to ride back roads to Pho Doan, the township of Phu Luong Nature Reserve. If we’re lucky, we can be a guest and take pictures at the vibrant tribal market before crossing the bridge. 

From there, we ride on the nature reserve’s corridor path through sugarcane fields, corn farms, and Thai and Muong Tribe villages, which leads to Cam Luong, where we shall get our reward for the remarkable scenery and hospitable locals. 

By lunchtime, we shall arrive at the Ho Chi Minh Trail, also where the lunch happens at a neighborhood restaurant in Kim Tan. Once you are full of mouth-watering dishes, we cycle another 45 km on a combination of smooth single-track and inclining trails.

Day 8: Cuc Phuong – Tam Coc – Trang An World Cultural & Natural Heritage Cycling Trip

A heads-up: This traveling day will not launch with a biking trip but transportation of the minibus to take us deep into the forest instead. 

Once arriving at the park’s core to the park’s entrance, we will ride along shaded forest trails and through the undeveloped rainforest on an exclusive, tourist-free avenue. 

Of course, there will be a little break throughout such a lengthy walking and browsing. After that, we shall pay a visit to the center for the rescue of endangered primates. 

For the rest of the day, the cycling trip continues to take you to Dong Giao, a pineapple plantation where you can purchase fresh pineapple from neighborhood farmers sold on side streets. 

Once done with the enjoyment at the plantation, we will get to Tamdiep Township and then to Tam Coc for lunch. 

The tour will also not let you overshoot viewing Tram Chim Nature Reserve over magnificent limestone mountains that magnificently rise from lush rice farms and streams. 

When we arrive, you can either unwind or explore the area in search of various birds.

Day 9: Ninh Binh – Van Long Wetland Reserve – Hanoi Vietnam Bike Tours

After breakfast at the resort, we go by backroad to Tam Coc, where we board a boat for a two-hour voyage to three grottos, the first, second, and third of which are connected by spectacular landscape. 

Then, as we pass Trang An, Bai Dinh Temple, and Kenh Ga Floating Villages, you will be vastly willing to be struck by their breathtaking natural beauty. 

Before the vehicle travels three hours back to Hanoi, we also have the last delectable lunch in Kenh Ga. And that’s when we have to throw a fulfilling yet memorable farewell as we get to Hanoi.


Now, as you perceive all the details and impressive treats from nature in our cycling Vietnam Nature Reserve tour, it’s time to make up your mind and honor yourself with a worthwhile experience.

Wait for no more but follow our blog now to see the best trip that suits your taste! See you then!

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