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The Best Mountain Bike Tour Vietnam: 15 Challenging Days

Vietnam has long been a must-come destination for tourists worldwide. Although Vietnam has 3260km of coastline, we preferred exploring the country on a bike tour in the mountainous area. Specifically, our cycling tours Vietnam covered a long route crossing some provinces in the frontier of Vietnam. 


Best mountain bike tour Vietnam

The charming rice terrace paddies, the majestic mountain ranges, the primeval forests, the  fresh atmosphere, and friendly ethnic people were the unforgettable memories we had during 15 days of the tour. Now, let’s have a close look at the best mountain bike tour Vietnam.

Detailed Itinerary Of The Best Mountain Bike Tour Vietnam

#Day 1 Of The Mountain Bike Tour In Vietnam: Hanoi – Ba Be Lake (50km Cycling)

On the first day of the bike tour, the bus took us on a 200km route to Bac Kan city. We went across Thai Nguyen and Bac Kan province on the National way no 3. During the car ride, we saw some beautiful spots and the peaceful daily life of Vietnamese people. 

After we finished our lunch in Bac Kan city, we started the first bike ride from Nav Pac to Cho Ra. Then, we took a slight rest and enjoyed an 18km ride from Nang River to Ba Be national park. The total mileage was 54km, but we felt no fatigue thanks to the breathtaking view on the road.

#2 Day 2 Of The Mountain Bike Tour In Vietnam: Be Be – Bao Lac (86km Cycling)

The boat trip along the Ba Be lake significantly impressed us. Apart from the fresh and windy atmosphere, the morning sights on the lake were breathtaking. Besides, we visited an ancient cave having many unique and magnificent stalagmites. 

When we rode from Ba Be lake to Cho Ra, the undulating roads were quite challenging for us. However, the marvelous views along the route seemed to reward us. Next, we kept on cycling to the Pia Hooc summit. We took a break and stood on the hilly road to witness a panoramic view of the valley. In the late afternoon, we reached Bao Lac and had some traditional cuisine.

#3 Day 3 Of The Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour: Bao Lac – Meo Vac (85km cycling)

We had a 74km cycling route to complete on the third day of the mountain bike tour in Vietnam. In the morning, we cycled on the 34A national road and delighted in the dreamlike Gam River sights. 

This river was 23km long, so we spent almost the whole morning completing the route along it. We had lunch on the river bank and took a nap before heading for a real challenge in the afternoon.

Honestly, 50km of steep hill roads to Meo Vac town were struggling for us to handle. Fortunately, we could still finish the route at 16h30 thanks to the help of a transfer car. 

#Day 4 Of The Mountain Cycling Tour In Vietnam: Dong Van – Yen Minh (79km Cycling)

We had a nutritious breakfast to prepare for a morning bicycle ride to Ma Pi Leng pass. Standing on the summit, we could see the stunning panoramic view of the Nho Que river.

After taking some decent photos, we moved on to Dong Van town to refill our energy with some snacks. Then, we visited some notable spots along the route, such as the Palace of Hmong King, Pho Bang ancient town, and Sung Muoi village. 

In the late afternoon, we enjoyed a downhill ride to Yen Minh. We also took a break on the Pho Cao mountain pass and contemplated the poetic sunset over Yen Minh valley.

# Day 5 Of The Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour: Yen Minh – Ha Giang (93km Cycling)

Yen Minh and Quan Ba were two steep hill roads for us to conquer on the fifth day of the Vietnam mountain bike tour. Firstly, we had to cover a 19km route and reach the Yen Minh pass’s peak. 

Our cycling route also included an 18km ride to Can Ty commune, 6km along the Nho Que river, 13km to Quan Ba town, and 8km to Heaven Gate. We completed another 29km downhill ride to arrive at the transferring spot and wait for a pick-up bus to Ha Giang.

# Day 6 Of The Mountain Bike Tour In Vietnam: Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi (87km Cycling)

Although the cycling route on the sixth day of the Vietnam mountain bike tour was 87km long, it was not exhausting due to the flat terrain. We set off with a 3km ride to Ban Me village and visited some Tay ethnic people’s houses. 

Then, we reached Tan Quang junction after a smooth 45km ride. We took a break and moved on to conquer an uphill road to Hoang Su Phi pass. After having lunch, we rode 16km more to visit the interesting Pan Hou ecolodge. 

# Day 7 Of The Cycling Tours Vietnam: Hoang Su Phi – Bac Ha (104km Cycling)

The seventh day of the Vietnam bike tours was the first time we completed a 100km bike ride. We started the day with a 29km route to Hoang Su Phi town. Next, we continued to pass more than 45km to XinMan via the smooth road along the Chay river. 

Due to the long cycling distance, we couldn’t spare time to visit some ethnic villages. The real challenge showed when we had to finish 61km of constant uphill and downhill road to reach Bac Ha. 

# Day 8 Of The Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam: Bac Ha – Sapa (105km Cycling)

We got up early to participate in the lively Bac Ha Sunday market, where people from many tribes gathered to trade their goods. In the afternoon, we kicked off the pedals to Sapa. 

Although the road was full of sharp bends, we still found the ride exciting due to the panoramic view of the majestic mountainous valley. We spent a few minutes on a tea break and photo shooting along the side, and then we kept moving to the heavenly sea of cloud – Sapa. 

# Day 9 Of The Bike Tours Vietnam: Sapa – Than Uyen (98km Cycling)

The ninth day of the Vietnam mountain bike tour started with 15km on the uphill road to Tram Ton pass. We took a slight break at the Silver Waterfall to cool down and do the sightseeing there. Next, we headed down to the Binh Lu junction before taking on an approximate 25km route to Hoang Lien Son, one of the most remarkable mountain ranges in Vietnam. 

Sometimes, we felt a bit overwhelmed by the tough and sharp bends, but the amazing mountainous sights made up for our fatigue. We finished the remaining 20km route to arrive in Than Uyen.

# Day 10 Of The Vietnam Mountain Bike Tours: Than Uyen – Tu Le (75km Cycling)

We cycled from Than Uyen to Tu Le on a 88km rugged route. Luckily, we could finish all of these uphill and downhill rides without any obstacles. There was nothing better than cycling while admiring the wonderful landscapes of Vietnam’s North East regions during the route. 

We stopped at some locations during the ride and visited White Tay and Black H’Mong ethnic people. The While Tay people made a huge impression on us with their diverse cultural values, such as traditional music and poems.

# Day 11 Of Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour: Tu Le – Nghia Lo – Tram Tau

The first part on the eleventh day of the Vietnam bike tour was from Tu Le to Nghia Lo. We witnessed numerous majestic natural white limestone mountains during the ride. It was like we had come back to the prehistoric era of Vietnam. 

After facing several sharp turns, steep, and downhill roads, we arrived in Nghia Lo and met ethnic people from tribes like La Ha, Thai, and H’Mong. We carried on cycling through winding roads to Tram Tau. The magnificent and marvelous mountainous scenes were all along the roads. 

# Day 12 Of The Mountain Bike Tour In Vietnam: Tram Tau – Phu Yen

We got up early on the twelfth day of the tour to contemplate the purest beauty of the Vietnam mountainous area, the pristine forests, and the daily life of ethnic people there. We conquered a 28km ride on the steep and undulating route to reach a peak in Tram Tau. The rewards for this challenge were the amazing view over the town and the primitive vibe from the jungles. 

Then, we had a picnic lunch before heading down to Phu Yen town. Fortunately, the ride to Phu Yen town was on a flat tarmac road, so our ride was much easier than on the hilly roads. 

# Day 13 Of The Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour: Phu Yen – Hoa Binh (Approximate 140km Cycling)

If we had completed the whole cycling route on the thirteenth day, it would be the longest distance on tour, but we didn’t. We had to conquer three tops before reaching Da Bac town. The first top involved a 6km uphill ride. 

Then, we descendingly cycled to the valley for sightseeing before riding up to the second top. We had to take a slight rest and kept going to the third top. Finally, we arrived in Da Bac town.

We could decide to continue cycling or opt for a tour bus to Hoa Binh city. And a tour bus was our choice. 

# Day 14 Of The Vietnam Bike Tour: Hoa Binh – Ha Noi

The fourteenth day was the last cycling day on the Vietnam mountain bike tour. Therefore, we experienced the smooth and flat tarmac roads on this day for relaxing moments. 

Firstly, we cycled along the Da river and delighted in the poetic and peaceful sights. After that, we visited some ancient villages and observed the daily life of local people to understand more about Vietnamese culture. 

Then, we rode across Dong Quan bridge to reach Ba Vi eco house and had lunch there. When we finished our lunch, we went to Hanoi by bus.

# Day 15 Of The Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour: A Free Day In Hanoi

After 15 days acrossing the mountainous areas of Vietnam, we finally came back to the capital – Hanoi, in the afternoon. At 7 pm, we took a stroll along Tay Lake and tried some street foods. Then, we had a chance to witness the solemn atmosphere at the flag raising ceremony at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

After a tight night’s sleep, we woke up to enjoy the very last day. There were no more bike rides in Hanoi. We spent the whole day exploring beauty spots and ancient corners in Hanoi. In the late afternoon, we came to the airport for a flight back to our country. The trip ended with wonderful and spectacular memories.

Bottom Lines

Cycling tours in mountainous areas are an increasing trend among tourists due to the health benefits and the amazing experience it brings. And, if you are looking for the best mountain bike tour Vietnam, our recently finished tour can be an optimal choice for you. What to hesitate? Cycling to travel will be an unforgettable memory in your life!

Other challenging yet interesting bicycle tours are available on our blog, so don’t miss out on them!

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