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Best Of Northern Vietnam Bike Tours: 15 Amazing Days

For many bikers, northern Vietnam provides some of the greatest biking opportunities. 

The beauty in the north of Vietnam is the most impressive on a grand scale: tall mountains, high passes, exquisite landscape, challenging roads, and intriguing history and culture.

If the challenge and splendor of northern Vietnam appeal to you, here’s a rundown of the best of northern Vietnam bike tours you expect. Let’s get into it!

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Best Of Northern Vietnam Bike Tours

Best Of Northern Vietnam Bike Tours: Detail Itineraries

Day 1: Hanoi Biking Tour

On the first day, I had a great time spending a day in Hanoi, which offered a lot of sights and activities. My fellas and I had a chance to take a cyclo bike through the busy alleys of the Old Quarter to explore Hanoi’s ancient and contemporary splendor. Although the traffic often seemed frantic, I felt the city had a warm atmosphere. 

Following the seeing, we got a warm greeting and a special welcome meal at a typical Vietnamese restaurant.

Day 2: Hanoi – Thai Nguyen – Ba Be Lake Cycle Tour: 95 km

After a filling breakfast in the hotel, we checked out and got into our bike challenge gear. 

Our first stop today was Thai Nguyen, where we went to one of the great hill tribal minority museums to get a firsthand look at the 54 ethnic minorities that make up Vietnam.

The shuttle bus transported us to Bac Can City for lunch, and following that, we began our first pedaling day from Pho Thong to Cho Ra and then Ba Be National Park

The spectacular natural beauty, charming limestone mountains, rice fields, and tranquil hill tribe communities really enthrall us. After arriving in Ba Be late in the day, we checked in and ate dinner there.

Day 3: Ba Be Boat Trip – Na Hang – Lam Binh: 65km

The next day, we went on a boat ride with our bikes to visit one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes on the volcano mountain and admire Na Hang. 

After scrumptious meals at Na Hang, we carried on with our boat tour to explore the natural reserves and breathtaking landscape and hear fascinating tales from the locals about the lake, islands, and waterfalls.

We arrived at the Boat dock after more than two hours of contemplating the landscape on the boat, had a warm dinner, and enjoyed the fantastic live performance. 

Day 4: Lam Binh – Bac Me Cycling Tour

In the morning, we started our new cycling day on an uneven route along the lake on a newly upgraded dirt road to Yen Hoa village for a picnic lunch along a twisty road with some hairpin twists. 

After lunch, we continued our journey through the Na Hang Nature Reserve and a beautiful valley before tackling a difficult, 20 km-long, high climb to the top. Afterward, we cycled downhill over a charming path leading to Bac Me town.

Day 5: Bac Me Biking – Bao Lam – Meo Vac Bike Tour: 89 km

On our northern Vietnam biking tours journey, day five was an exciting day of cycling. Our route was divided into two parts, with each segment being distinct. In the morning, we cycled along a stunning route with a few easy passes, and the afternoon was for a tough and meandering Meo Vac cycling tour.

Taking this path, we were amazed by the gorgeous mountains and serene hill tribe communities on the mountainside while taking on the spectacular and steep pass at the peak.

Day 6: Meo Vac – Dong Van – Lung Cu Flagpole – Dong Van Mountain Bike Tour: 54km

The most breathtaking mountain beauty in all of the Vietnam bike tours would be our experience on this day. We woke up early in the morning and decided to spend hours exploring Lung Phin Market, which is in a secluded commune 17 km from Meo Vac. 

Next, we pedaled through a challenging 28 km to climb up Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass to Dong Van Townlet. Although most of the roads were currently in fairly decent shape, some were still bumpy, needed repairs, or had landslides. Despite these issues, the scenery was fabulous, showering our souls with a refreshing sense.

Day 7: Dong Van – Yen Minh Cycling Tour: 78km

On day seven, we left Dong Van and followed route 4C through valley after valley till we reached Xa Phin valley. We stopped and visited the old Palace of the Hmong King along the way, then continued bicycling 21 kilometers to Sung La valley and steeped up the mountain to Pho Bang ancient trading town.

Here, we paused for sightseeing and paid a visit to Sung Muoi village of the Hmong. We then rode our bicycles downhill from Pho Bang to Yen Minh via the Pho Cao Mountain pass, which showcased magnificent views of the Yen Minh valley.

Day 8: Yen Minh – Quan Ba – Ha Giang Mountain Bike Tour: 87km

We began the day by cycling 2 kilometers on a flat road and conquering the Yen Minh pass. Despite the road’s steepness and several tight turns, the spectacular views of the valley unfurled as we pedaled.

After having a lunch break, we did the afternoon task of climbing Quan Ba Pass, an 8 km ascent with numerous hard turns up to Heaven Gate. In the mid-afternoon, the shuttle bus picked us up for a 25-kilometer trip to Ha Giang. We had a nice sleep in this lovely city.

Day 9: Ha Giang – Tan Quang – Thong Nguyen Bike Tour: 88km

Day nine was a rather simple Ha Giang – Thong Nguyen biking day. We cycled to Ban-Me and along the valley on the pretty decent tarmac. 

Then, we rode across the difficult Su-Shi pass and headed to the Panhou Ecolodge, where we once more spent the night in separate thatched huts with views of sculpture gardens.

Day 10: Thong Nguyen – Bac Ha Bike Trip: 108km

Our stretch today was 29 kilometers in the Hoang Su Phi Town cycling tour. After that, we climbed 5 kilometers just outside the town before continuing on a rather flat 40 kilometers to XinMan. 

Rest of the day, we climbed 18 kilometers to the peak of Alt.+1,460 meters, then went on 43 kilometers up and down to Bac Ha. Built on the former route of the Hmong tribes, this road is entirely new and easy to move.

Day 11: Bac Ha – Nam Khanh – Tan Duong – Tan Phuong – Lam Thuong Cycling Tour: 108km

Our itinerary today was to compress our pedals and begin cycling down a dirt road through an undeveloped area of Bac Ha to Nam Khanh. On a single-track path, we conquered the dense forest and rocky mountain range on Nam Det and Nam Phang bike trip. 

Then we pedaled along the river, passing a dozen real hill tribe communities, rice terraces, and newly planted forests until we reached Tan Duong, where we had a picnic lunch.

After eating lunch, we rode on our bikes to Lam Thuong Ecovillage via a winding road. Arriving at the village, we had a family dinner with the Tay Tribe.

Day 12: Lam Thuong Bike Tour – Luc Yen – Vu Linh – My Lam: 108km

Enjoyed delicious pancakes with the host and sipped incredible Vietnamese coffee while gazing out the window at gorgeous rice paddies; we replenished our energy for Luc Yen bike tour.

In the Luc Yen, we visited a one-of-a-kind market in the country where people exclusively trade one product: gemstones.

After learning about Vietnam gemstones at Luc Yen Market, we put our pedals on a gravel route to Thac Ba Water reservoir lake for lunch. Following that, we rode to Vu Linh village and turned onto the provincial road that leads to My Lam’s hot springs.

Day 13: My Lam – Tuyen Quang – Binh Ca – Hanoi Bike Tour: 83km

On our last day of our cycling tours north Vietnam, we spent the whole time exploring the gorgeous landscape and stretching our abilities. 

Rode across the bamboo raft once more to reach the village road, we followed it to reach Yen Binh, My Bang, Hung Quan, and the Doi Can commune. After passing the An Hoa bridge, we had lunch on the way or in a neighborhood eatery in Son Duong Town. Following lunch, we made our way to Dao Tru. Here, the bus brought us back to Hanoi.

Day 14: Hanoi – Halong bay Cruise: 180km

Biking days bid us farewell, and we began day 14 on the main cruise via a transfer boat.

While traveling, we marveled at the limestone islands of Bai Tu Long Bay and learned about the way of life in the area by touring Vung Vieng Fishing Village in a bamboo rowing boat.

As the sun dropped, we returned to our cruises to have dinner, mingle with other travelers, go squid fishing at night, and relax.

Day 15: Halong Bay – Onward: 180km

Began the day with Tai Chi on the sundeck; we then enjoyed a cup of coffee and breakfast while cruising near Thien Canh Son Cave.

After that, we went to Thien Canh Son Cave. This is the final stop on our biking journey.

After transferring back to Hanoi in the late afternoon, the excursion ended.


The best of northern Vietnam bike tours is the most excellent riding we’ve ever experienced. For me, the challenges and rugged beauty lent it a special mood that was worth a lifetime. 

It was truly a paradise for those who love challenges with backroads winding through forests of limestone pinnacles and mountain passes clinging to cliff sides high above roaring rivers. So, don’t wait anymore. Pick things up and let your adventure begin!

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