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Biking Around Northern Vietnam – An Amazing Experience With Nature!

Are you ready to embark on an expedition biking around northern Vietnam within 2 weeks? The Northwest highlands welcome visitors with misty mountains, cloud-covered passes, wonderful terraced fields, peachy flowery hills, and the bright smiles of ethnic people.

Biking Around Northern Vietnam - An Amazing Experience With Nature!

Ban Gioc fall in Cao Bang

We will depart from Hanoi and cycle through the most renowned landmarks, such as Sapa, Ha Giang, and Cao Bang. You will have to immerse yourself in the charm of nature and people here.

15-Day Tour Of Biking Around Northern Vietnam 

Day 1: Hanoi – Arrival

Vietnam greets you with the nostalgia and hustle of the capital Hanoi. MBTVietnam’s bus will pick you up from Noi Bai International Airport to our hotel (downtown). We will gather and brief the necessary information for the following days. 

Then it’s your own time. You can take a rest to refresh or pass by some of the outstanding architecture by cyclo. Enjoying an egg coffee and observing the crowds on the street is also ideal!

We offer you Vietnamese cuisine at a reputable local restaurant in the evening! Have a good night’s sleep, as we will start our Vietnam bike tours the next day.

Hanoi – Arrival

Hanoi train street cafe

Day 2: Hanoi – Sapa Cycle Tour 

Sapa is a highland district of Lao Cai province, located in the northwest of the country, about 300km from Hanoi’s capital. This tranquil land hides several wonders of nature and human identity. 

Sapa town is immersed in floating and fanciful clouds like a charming painting. The roof of Indochina – Fansipan peak – also stands at this place.

We will transfer from Hanoi to Lao Cai by highway, offering you beautiful scenery through the window. We will stop in Lao Cai city and visit until about 5 pm.

Finally, check in at Sapa Hill Station to move to Sapa, have dinner, and stay overnight here.

biking around northern vietnam 2 4

The world’s longest electric cable car go to Fan Si Pan or Pang Xi Pang mountain peak the highest mountain of Indochina with beautiful Rice field at SA PA, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Day 3: Sapa – Y Ty Cycling Tour

70km from Sapa, Y Ty leans against the Nhiu Co San mountain range, whose peak is 2,660m high, covered with clouds almost all year round. This is how the name “misty land” is born.

This unspoiled land holds a mysterious natural beauty that is impossible to find anywhere else.

On the single trail, we cycle until turning into the narrow village pathway leading to fresh flower farms. Here, we can admire the panoramic view of the Fansipan mountain range from afar.

Let’s boost your energy since we will conquer the pass of O Quy Ho, considered the “King of Vietnamese Northwest Pass”. Gradually, we go through Ban Khoang commune with dense forests and pedal down to Muong Hum with ancient villages.

You can appreciate another outstanding landscape in Y Ty: the sea of ​​golden terraced rice fields in Den Sang (the most golden in Vietnam) and the cloud-covered paradise on the hillside. 

You are advised to chat with some locals to understand a little more about life here. Hospitable people may welcome you with the specialty of hot honey tea. It’s a blessing in the windy weather with clouds hovering in the highlands.

Sapa – Y Ty Cycling Tour

Cycling Y Ty, Lao Cai

Day 4: Y Ty – Lao Cai Biking Trip

The morning starts with the famous hot pancakes in the highlands. Then, we pedal to town and follow the route Ngai Thau – A Lu Ngai Tro – A Mu Sung, the road along the northern border of Vietnam. The next time is for Lung Po. 

You can see the junction where the Lung Po stream flows out and meets the Hong River at landmark 92. It is the mark where the Hong River flows into Vietnam.

The next activity is to learn about the traditional village house architecture of Ha Nhi Doi ethnic people in Trinh Truong commune.

After lunch, we follow the Red River to Lao Cai city and rest.

Y Ty - Lao Cai Biking Trip

Admire the beautiful terraced fields in Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province northwest Vietnam on the day of ripe rice harvest. Rural landscape of Vietnam

Day 5: Lao Cai – Bac Ha Biking Trip

The bicycle journey to Coc Ly is a little easier, thanks to the flat paved road. You have a chance to integrate into the bustling life of local people at Coc Ly market. 

The highlanders in colorful brocade costumes socialize, exchange goods, and greet visitors for unique souvenirs or specialties, which leave an exciting imprint on Vietnamese hospitality.

We cycle until we see the Bao Nhai bridge. Keep turning, and we can reach Bac Ha town. We have dinner and rest here.

Please note that we will be as flexible with the schedule as possible so that you can participate in the market at Coc Ly or Bac Ha.

Lao Cai – Bac Ha Biking Trip

Bac Ha animal market on Sunday

Day 6: Bac Ha – Coc Pai – Hoang Su Phi – Thong Nguyen Cycle Trip

In the morning, we head to Lung Phing and take a short break at Xin Man. This district is famous for its outstanding greenery, including overlapping mountains, steppe, and immense primeval forest.

The next destination of this cycling tour can guide you on how to hunt the clouds: the 2nd Heaven’s Gate Pass. Adventurous riders can sink into a fairyland surrounded by sky and clouds. You can take gorgeous photos in this beautiful spot!

We move down the hill and Hoang Su Phi Town, building fame by spectacular terraced fields. If we take the tour in late autumn, you can marvel at the poetic purple sea of the buckwheat flower hills.

Bac Ha – Coc Pai - Hoang Su Phi – Thong Nguyen Cycle Trip

Hoang Su Phi rice field terrace

Day 7: Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang Bike Tour

Ha Giang – A northeastern province of Vietnam – is one of the highlights of our cycling tour. If Sapa calmly hides behind the majestic mountains, Ha Giang prides itself on expressing its magnificence. 

This land stimulates your adrenaline through the cliffs and massive limestone mountains. The concentration of about 20 ethnic groups has enriched the cultural essence here. You can easily feel the extremely diverse cultural colors in this land.

Hoang Su Phi terraced fields (National Heritage of Northeast Vietnam) are another natural masterpiece you will encounter along the way.

Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang Bike Tour

Happy twist of Ha Giang

Day 8: Ha Giang – Quang Ba – Yen Minh Bike Tour

The 8th day of our Vietnam mountain bike tours will be a little more arduous as we pedal through zigzags leading to the limestone mountains. Heaven Gate 1 – another cloud and mist paradise is waiting for us!

You will gradually visualize the Tam Son valley hidden behind the mountains. It is famous for the Twin Hills and the romantic Quan Ba. We’ll have lunch and get ready for the next steep slope.s

It is a challenge when our adventurous need to pedal through high slopes continuously. We will be well rewarded by the ethnic Chinese villages scattered in Yen Minh town. It’s time for you to learn about differences in architecture.

Ha Giang – Quang Ba – Yen Minh Bike Tour

Fairy bosom is located in Tam Son town, Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam. The colorful the mixture of paddy fields and house roofs. Twin mountain, double mountain

Day 9: Yen Minh – Lung Cu – Dong Van Cycle Tour

Today’s highlights are all principal historical landmarks. Overcoming the Hanh Phuc road, we can reach Dong Van Karst Plateau – UNESCO global geopark. 

This special limestone region witnessed several specific events in the Earth’s crust development history. The unique landscape, diverse biodiversity, and long-standing cultural traditions of indigenous communities can impress the pickiest tourist!

You also have time to visit Hmong King’s mansion – Vuong Chi Sinh Place – a place filled with a mysterious and sacred atmosphere.

We cannot ignore a historical symbol of Vietnam in Dong Van: the Lung Pu flagpole. The majestic flagpole flutters in the wind and sky, marking the sovereignty of North Vietnam

Finally, we get back to Thi Tran Dong Van and enjoy our me-time.

biking around northern vietnam 2 11

Ha Giang Loop and Ma Pi Leng Pass in Vietnam at sunset looking down the beautiful valley

Day 10: Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac Cycle Trip

We will cross a slightly sloping terrain to the town of Meo Vac, and use the break time to roam the bustling local markets, brightly colored by the local brocade costumes. 

On the road along Gam River, we go uphill about 5km, downhill about 30km, and follow the flat road for another 10km to Niem Son. The more you ride, the more you feel the magnificence of nature with peaks and caves.

After lunch, we will cross another zigzag pass to arrive at Bao Lac town.

Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac Cycle Trip

Spring has come to Ha Giang, peach and plum trees are full of flowers beside the stone fences, photo taken in Ha Giang February 2019

Day 11: Bao Lac – Cao Bang Bike Trip

90% of Cao Bang province is mountainous and forested, and the terrain is strongly divided by a dense system of rivers, streams, and deep valleys. That’s why we have to spend a lot of effort conquering the 38km slope to reach the top of Pia Hoac. 

Afterward, we comfortably pedaled down the hill and visited the “green jewel” of the Northeast. Cao Bang city is rich in identity with typical cuisine, folk songs, customs, cultural festivals, and traditional craft villages of indigenous people.

Spend time learning about their distinct culture, enjoy dinner, and have a tight night’s sleep there.

Bao Lac – Cao Bang Bike Trip

River and rice field from drone in Cao Bang province, Vietnam

Day 12: Cao Bang – Tra Linh Bike Trip

We will depart to Pac Po – the sacred land of Vietnam. President Ho Chi Minh, after more than 30 years of working abroad, returned here and established an important revolutionary base during the 1930-1945 period.

During the visiting time, we can not only gain more knowledge about this particular national historical site but also sincerely appreciate the historical figures and President Ho Chi Minh, who led the Vietnamese revolution to victory.

We will have lunch at Heaven’s Gate, then ride to Tra Linh township.

Cao Bang – Tra Linh Bike Trip

Le Nin stream is beside pac po cave in Vietnam where ho chi minh used to fish.

Day 13: Tra Linh – Ban Gioc Cycling Tour

We will experience the morning market in Tra Linh town. At about 11 am, we set off to Ban Gioc.

The 35km dirt road can somehow cost you more energy.

Let’s take some refreshments at Trung Khanh town. You can utilize this time to observe the rice fields and long winding rivers over the town.

After turning into the green Quay Son river, we need to pass a bamboo bridge, go a little further through the pretty villages and arrive at our homestay.

The afternoon is time to cycle alongside the Quai Son river. Kayaking is another activity that can bring you a complete experience.

Tra Linh – Ban Gioc Cycling Tour

Aerial view of “ Ban Gioc waterfall , Cao Bang, Vietnam. “ Ban Gioc “ waterfall is one of the top 10 waterfalls in the world.

Day 14: Ban Gioc – Quang Uyen Biking Tour

Let’s awaken your senses at dawn with a natural masterpiece: Ban Gioc waterfall. This landmark plays a role as the divider between China and Northeast Vietnam. Coming to Ban Gioc, you feel like witnessing the perfect harmony of natural elements: mountains, water, and sky. What a worldly beauty! 

Enjoy breakfast before heading to Quang Uyen town. Today, you will directly start a conversation with the Tay and Nung ethnic groups to know more about the village, local specialties, and people’s activities here.

The Vietnam cycling tour continues after lunch, passing the trail across Quang Uyen town. Finally, you can enjoy your leisure time at our accommodation.

Ban Gioc – Quang Uyen Biking Tour

Landscape in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Day 15: Quang Uyen – Hanoi Cycle Trip

The historical 4D National Highway is the terrain that closes our tour of biking northern Vietnam. We have a chance to go through Dong Khe and That Khe battlefields – witnesses of the inaugural war against the French in 1950.

Of course, this place will give you majestic mountains and immense terraced fields as a goodbye gift.

You will rest on the shuttle bus to return to Hanoi. The team will have a warm dinner to share about the last 15-day cycling tour and say goodbye to each other!

Quang Uyen – Hanoi Cycle Trip

Red river (Hong river) under ancient Long Bien bridge in Hanoi, Vietnam


We bet that you will regret not joining and completing the 15-day tour of biking around northern Vietnam. The gems of nature, the hospitality, tasty local dishes, and your passion are unforgettable memories in this beautiful country.

Do not hesitate to accompany us if you want to explore other charming lands spread across Vietnam. See you soon!

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