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Biking Bac Ha – Can Cau Market: Short But Thrilling In 3 Days

We went on a short break on Vietnam’s National Day. Hence, domestic travels were within sight. However, we wanted to experience something new than luxury resorts and restaurants. This gave birth to biking Bac Ha – Can Cau Market trip.


Biking Bac Ha – Can Cau Market

Biking Bac Ha – Can Cau Market: 3 Days To Reduce Stress

Day 1: Sapa – Lao Cai – Bac Ha Cycling Route

We arrived in Sapa and started the Vietnam bike tour on the first day of our holiday. As a newbie in this extreme sport, we received thorough instruction from the tour guide.

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of a tourist town, we headed to Lao Cai. We took a ride downhill and captured the picturesque landscapes. We continued to the countryside in the Red River valley. 

Since Pac Ngam, we grew weary of the slopes and lowlands. Fortunately, a jeep picked us up to Bac Ha to continue our Vietnam bike trip.

Day 2: Can Cau Market By Bike

In the morning, we kicked off the pedal to Can Cau Market – the biggest highlight of Vietnam cycling tours. The road connecting places of departure and arrival stole our attention. We got closer to wild nature for the first time in a busy period. 

We were immersed in the bustling atmosphere of the market created by the friendliness of the tribes and their colorful costumes. We learned about trade among minorities. They sold various goods such as livestock, farming tools, vegetables, and meat.

In the afternoon, we followed a Hmong to his home. He lived in a small rustic village of stilt houses gathered together. We walked around and chatted with the locals. When the sun went down, we cycled back to Bac Ha.

Day 3: Bac Ha – Bao Nhai – Lao Cai – Ha Noi Bike Tour

We were blessed to visit a larger market in Bac Ha on the last day of Vietnam bicycle tours. Today’s fair attracted more participants, such as Hmong, Dao Tuyen, or Phu La tribes, than yesterday’s cultural activities.

After the sale was over, our cycling Vietnam trip headed to Bao Nhai. As a farewell, we boarded the boat and drifted down the Chay River. 

We were then transferred to Lao Cai Railways Station and caught on an overnight train to Hanoi. One of the short cycling tours in Vietnam that served us more than expected came to an end. 


Biking Bac Ha – Can Cau Market is the first time we have been to the Northern mountains. Natural landscapes and distinctive cultural activities filled our experience. 

To be honest, three days on pedals eliminated our fatigue but stimulated our free spirits. If you want to experience something new, sign up for other Vietnam cycle tours!

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