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Biking Far North Vietnam: 11 Excellent Days To Leave Stress

We bumped into bike tours when looking for a course to increase endurance. Beyond our expectations, these activities offer a great opportunity to discover the beauty of Mother Nature. 

If you share the same interest, we recommend biking far North Vietnam as the top consideration. This country is home to picturesque scenes and unique traditions that are well worth every single moment of your journey. 

Biking Far North Vietnam: 15 Days To Enjoy Unspoiled Nature

Day 1: Arrival

Taking our first step to Vietnam on a hot summer morning, we were warmly welcomed by a young, athletic, and enthusiastic guide, Mr. Hung. He took us to the hotel and suggested a short cyclo tour around Hanoi in the afternoon.

Of course, we would never turn down such a nice invitation and have interesting discovery. We could not help wondering how a city can possess two contrasting vibes: ancient and dynamic. 


biking far North Vietnam

Day 2: Hanoi Discovery By Bicycle 

We gathered for breakfast and a trip to the bike shop. Our group picked our companions for the upcoming Vietnam cycling tours and got to know them.

Not long after that, we kicked off the pedal towards the farms in the suburbs. Crossing Nhat Tan bridge, fields of reed grass spread on both sides of our road. Occasionally, we waved and chatted briefly with the locals we met on the road.

We stopped at an ancient architecture – Co Loa Citadel and listened to the story in its flow. We got on a boat on the Duong River, passed the Long Bien Bridge – a witness of Vietnam’s rich history, and called it a day on Ngoc Thuy ward. We took a taxi back to the hotel and enjoyed a mouthwatering dinner at a local eatery nearby.

Day 3: Hanoi – Yen Bai – Lao Cai Cycling Trip

We were transported to Yen Bai in about 5 hours. Most of our crew took naps during the journey, but we didn’t. We captured the wild beauty of rolling mountains and immense green fields dotted by a few remote ethnic villages.

As we arrived at the Lao Cai border earlier than expected, we cycled along the Red River to enter the town – a bustling tourist destination and important trading site with China.

Day 4: Bike Tour From Lao Cai To Muong Khuong 

We were blessed by visiting Muong Khuong on Sunday morning for a market. According to our tour guide, 14 different ethnic groups have gathered here, mainly the Hmong. We felt deeply impressed by the girls’ colorful dresses and the beaming smiles on their faces.

After a hearty lunch, we took out our bicycles and headed straight to the tribal villages, where we learned about the daily life of each ethnic group in our own way.

Day 5: Muong Khuong – Lung Khau Nhin – Cao Son – Coc Ly – Bac Ha Cycling Path

Today’s goal of our cycling tour North Vietnam is to conquer the hills. We started with a steep climb of 7km and dropped down to the Chay river. 

Then, we continued to ascend the 35km mountain road. Believe it or not, the lush terraced fields come to erase your fatigue. After passing the third hill, we came to Bac Ha and spent the night here.

The host treated us with a frugal yet delectable meal. We had tried rice many times, but that was the very first chance to savor rice from terraced fields, which boasted a distinctive aroma that we couldn’t put into words.


Cycle Tour

Day 6: Bac Ha – Ta Van Chu – Can Cau – Lung Phin Bike Route

We dedicated this day to the undulating roads leading to villages that have existed for hundreds of years. The first destination is Ta Van Chu – an area fostered by the Mong people. Schedule a weekend trip to Can Cau market to join cultural activities if possible. 


Cycle Trip

Out of the buffalo roads, we stepped onto the concrete path to Lung Cai. However, we drove on a trail again to reach Lung Phin village and had time with naive locals.

Day 7: Lung Phin –  Ban Gia – Ta Cu Ty – Na Chi Bike Tour

We continued our footsteps on small dirt roads through tropical forests. The best part of that day was camping next to a cool and clear stream. We stayed on Na Chi hill with a friendly ethnic family when the sun went down.

There was a campfire at night where we sang and drank together, though we didn’t understand each other that much. The host was down-to-earth and hostile even when he couldn’t speak English.

Day 8: Na Chi– Quang Nguyen – Nam Ly – Ho Thau Cycling Tour

Our wheels roll on different terrains passing many wild and majestic sightseeings. The first half seems easy, but the second stage requires a lot of physical strength. 

When we reached a gentle stretch of the Nam Ly River, we carried our bicycles across the water to Ho Thau. In the evening, we rested at Dzao Hill at an altitude of 1000m.

Day 9: Ho Thau – Chieu Lau Thi –  Nang Don – San Sa Ho – Suoi Thau Biking Trip

We drove 45km to reach the top of the Chieu Lau Thi slope, which is over 2000m. After taking a deep breath of fresh air, we kicked started for a long cycling tour to San Sa Ho. 

We encountered many ethnic people with cots on their backs. Each outfit with unique motifs represents a tribe. Going through the less cloudy path, we also saw the green tea hills interspersed with the terraced fields.

Day 10: Suoi Thau – Nam Ai – Nam Hong – Thong Nguyen Bike Tour

We woke up and marveled at a breathtaking view: floating clouds outside our bedroom window. We spent the morning enjoying this scenery with a delicious breakfast and hot coffee. As soon as the sunlight dissipated the cold air, we dropped downhill to Nam Ai and approached Thong Nguyen town.

The morning atmosphere was a bit chilly when we continued our bike tour and gradually became warmer. Despite this, we felt like we were chasing the sun while pedaling towards Thong Nguyen.

Day 11: Thong Nguyen – Xuan Minh –  Ngoc Minh – Lam Binh Cycling Trip

We visited the wonderful tourist attractions of Vietnam, including Hoang Su Phi rice terraces, Lam Binh ecological epidemic area, and Tuyen Quang conservation lake. 

This leg of our bike tours was when we took the most photos, as the view intertwined and unfolded a different scenery as we cycled. All bring the peace of a countryside covered with rice fields and rivers.

Day 12: Lam Binh – Na Hang – Yen Hoa – Ba Be Cycle Route

We chose boats as the commuters today and let our feet rest after a long cycling trip. Floating on the clear water, we went through clusters of small islands and towering waterfalls. After a quick stop at Dau Dang for a change of boat, A Su – a short but masculine local – brought us to Ngoi Thia.

There, we had a great time pedaling around, though Mr.Hung told us not to go out of the neighborhood. But that was enough to take in the charming beauty of this place.

Day 13: Ba Be Boating

We had a free day at Ba Be. Following the advice from the homestay owners, we rented a boat to explore Hua Ma cave. The deeper you go in, the bigger and more magnificent the stalactites. Our teammates cycled to Quang Khe village and participated in the unique ethnic market. 

This was the only day on our biking tours with the absence of bicycles, but they had to rest, too, didn’t they? Capturing the view from a boat was also a worth-trying experience.


Mountain Bike Tours Vietnam

Day 14 – 15: Ba Be – Quang Khe – Phuong Vien – Xuan Phuong –  Chiem Hoa – Cho Chu – Hanoi Cycle Tour

This morning was the last day of our biking North Vietnam tour. We cycled a few more kilometers to Thai Nguyen to learn about palm and gum trees. After lunch, we packed our luggage on the bus and headed back to the starting area.

Mr. Hung treated us to a delicious breakfast with Pho and Bun Cha. We have a little time left for souvenir shopping and then move to the airport. Save the last moments in Vietnam in mind, say goodbye and see you again one day soon.


Biking far North Vietnam was not our first bicycle trip but the most impressive one. We had great experiences created by the unspoiled landscapes, tasty meals, and warm interactions with the locals. Sharing our feelings about this cycling tour has rekindled our wonderful moments and love for this country again. 

We hope to come back and spend a longer time in the near future. Now it’s your turn to join in North Vietnam bike tours!

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