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Biking in Vietnam – Sharing experiences

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Biking in Vietnam

Riding on a motorbike to strange lands, running along the coast listening to the sound of waves, crossing the forest road in the season of falling leaves, winding around the winding roads… is a unique and emotional experience for many people, young people, foreign tourists coming to Vietnam. Please share with us your experiences about Biking in Vietnam in this article.

Immerse yourself in nature

Traveling by plane, train, bus, etc. is easier and less labor intensive, but for many years now, the form of travel by motorbike is still chosen by a large number of young people. Because freedom, flexibility and the feeling of being in harmony with nature is something that only when you choose a motorbike, you can get.

Biking in Vietnam

Traveling by motorbike: Let the wind touch your ears, listen to the sound of waves…

It is difficult to feel all the splendor of the ripe rice fields, the majesty of the passes, one side is the blue sea, the other side is the towering cliffs through the car window. At that time, only motorbikes can help you capture the full beauty of nature into your eyes. And only when traveling by motorbike, will your heart not stop fluttering because the roads are filled with wild sunflowers and buckwheat flowers.

Nguyen Linh Phuong (23 years old, an alumnus of the University of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City) shared: “Although I have traveled many times along the sea roads by passenger car, it was not until I chose to go by motorbike that I didn’t travel by motorbike. feel all the wild and pure beauty of Bau Trang, Mui Ne. Every time I see a beautiful scene, I stop, take a few photos to save and then continue on the road. Although it took such a long time to reach the destination, I was proactive in the schedule and felt ‘already’ throughout the journey.”

If you choose to travel by motorbike, you will be immersed in the clear breeze, smell the scent of rice and love the smell of straw. You can even experience the feeling of “running a motorbike in the clouds”.

Biking in Vietnam

“Last year, I rode a motorbike from Hanoi to Yen Bai and then to Ta Xua to hunt clouds. That feeling is great, like just reaching out and touching the clouds right away. The nature of the North is poetic but also very wild, and traveling by motorbike is always fun, stopping wherever you want, going up the mountain or running the pass is also carefree”, said Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc (30 years old, employee). office staff in Phu Yen) shared.

Protect nature to get more in return

Traveling by motorbike allows you to collect countless beautiful photos, pick up lots of smiles and interesting stories from the locals. Motorcycles are convenient, dynamic and cost-effective. But for the trip to be complete and safe, you must follow some rules.

Motorcycles for backpacking and long-distance travel should be geared and the whole group should ride a vehicle of the same displacement to avoid waiting for each other. You should choose common vehicles, easy to repair and replace parts. In particular, never because you are so engrossed in the scenery that you neglect driving. The steering wheel must be steady, the head must be alert. Climbing, downhill, running in the right lane, how to brake when running on a slope, etc. are important skills that backpackers must remember before departing.

IMG 5727

The trip to winding roads, endless slopes and even milestones that you need to conquer is only completed when you are fully prepared.

Sitting on a motorbike, but it also takes a lot of effort because of the long travel time, the terrain also changes constantly, sometimes the road is steep, the road is rice field, sometimes I am exposed to the sea breeze. If you want the excursion to be complete, you must have health and endurance. If you go to a deserted place, you should prepare food and water to avoid hunger.

Traveling by motorbike is one of the forms of travel closest to nature, so you should remember to respond to nature’s favor with actions to protect the environment.

Riding a motorbike is too convenient, but it’s not convenient to throw away that garbage, not cut flowers, trample plants, and smear the landscape because of a few photos. We don’t just go on a trip, protect nature so we can get more in return, to go on and on forever.


Youth will be more brilliant thanks to the trips. How about you, have you had your own trip yet?Allow our country to beautify your youth; Biking in Vietnam will be one of the most fascinating experiences if you enjoy traveling terrain on a motorcycle, appreciate nature, and want to discover. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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