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Biking Mekong Delta: 4-Day Great Cycle Trip 

Biking Mekong Delta allows you to explore the Mekong river’s heartland and experience its spectacular natural beauty of bustling floating markets and lush rice paddies. 

You can have more chances to see the majestic landscapes and discover the simple life of local people by taking this cycling tour. 

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Biking Mekong Delta

Our bike tour will start at the Chau Doc watergate on the Vietnam-Cambodia border. After exploring Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, a speed boat will take you across the Mekong River to the Chau Doc checkpoint. 

Keep reading to learn more about the detailed itinerary in the article below!

Biking Mekong Delta: Detailed Itinerary In 4 Days

Day 1 – Chau Doc – Long Xuyen Cycling Trip

You will start your Cycling Mekong Delta trip from Chau Doc after a hearty breakfast at the hotel. 

Transfer to a biking point to discover the lush villages and vast rice fields along the Tra Su cajuput forest’s edge. This forest is well-known for its diverse wildlife and bird sanctuary. 

Also, it is home to various plants, including water lilies and lotuses. Take a leisurely cruise through the forest on a motorboat or sampan rowboat. 

You will take a cycle tour through new farmland occupied by local settlers since the 1978 Vietnam War this afternoon. Continue your cycling trip via a vast artificial canal using water trucks.

Day 2 – Long Xuyen – Can Tho Biking Tour

On the second day, the Vietnam biking tour will help you explore farmers raising ducks on canals and farmlands in Long Xuyen’s rural areas. Besides, you also see several eel and frog farms at local people’s homes. You will be transferred to your starting cycling point after exploring a crocodile farm with the locals. 

Let’s pedal over wooden bridges to villages to see farmers raising cattle, fish, frogs, and ducks along the canals and rice fields. 

After lunch, continue your biking tour through vibrant local markets and bustling water trucks along the river to the city dist. Then, ride to the city center. 

Day 3 – Can Tho – Tra Vinh Cycling Tour

On the third day, you will continue your South Vietnam Cycling Tours from Can Tho city to Tra Vinh to enjoy the amazing sceneries and exciting activities

Wake up early to take a boat ride to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Cai Rang Floating Market and An Binh Land Market. Next, return on your bike to explore the islands of oranges and grapes and share space with the children on a ferry across a natural creek. 

This afternoon, take your Vietnam cycling trip deep into the Khmer settlements and across the flat rice fields to Tra Vinh City.  

Day 4 – Tra Vinh – Ben Tre – Saigon Bike Tour

On the last day of the cycling Vietnam tour, our car will transfer you from Tra Vinh to Ben Tre to return to Saigon. Take the shuttle bus out of town after breakfast at the hotel. At the cycling point, start cycling along the Mekong River to discover the stunning landscapes and rustic villages.

Keep on your biking tour through the coconut production area of ​​Ben Tre and experience the happy life of the locals daily in their homeland. You will feel relaxed and enjoy it. Have lunch in My Tho town before heading to Ho Chi Minh City. Now, your cycling tour finishes! 


The above is a four-day biking Mekong Delta itinerary that allows you to explore the locals’ lush rice paddies and peaceful daily life.

You will commence your cycling trip from Chau Doc through Long Xuyen, Can Tho, Tra Vinh, and Ben Tre and return to Ho Chi Minh city.   During this biking tour, you can visit a vibrant floating market, plant farms, or cattle farms. Besides, you can connect with locals, meet and talk with them, visit school children, and see tropical plants for fresh flavors.

If you have any questions about this biking tour, feel free to contact us! Let’s see what cyclists say about MTB Vietnam on Tripadvisor!

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