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Biking North Vietnam: 10 Days To Explore Natural Treasure

We were tired of busy days in a bustling city. While looking for an effective way to refresh our lives, we bumped into an exciting adventure activity – biking North Vietnam. We took a 10-day sabbatical and embarked on the Vietnam bike tour. The great things during our journey made us appreciate what we have.

Biking North Vietnam: 10 Days To Explore Natural Treasure

Cycling in Cao Bang

Biking North Vietnam: Breathtaking Scenery & Hospitable Locals

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival For The Vietnam Mountain bike tours

We booked a morning flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. We planned a leisurely day to roam the streets of the capital. On the recommendation of our tour guide, we walked a short distance from the hotel to a delicious Pho restaurant and a sidewalk cafe. We sat under the old trees for hours, watching the daily activities of the locals.

We rented a cyclo into the Old Quarter as the sun went down. Unlike the modernity that encroached on most of the town, this residential area preserves ancient charms in old houses and lifestyles.

Hanoi Arrival For The Vietnam Mountain bike tours

Hanoi train street cafe

Day 2: Thai Nguyen – Bac Son Cycling Route

The shuttle bus took us to Thai Nguyen. The first stop in this city is the Museum of Cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups. We spent a long time studying the unique characteristics of each tribe. Do not worry if you cannot remember it all in one go. We found it easier to get identification after trips to the minority villages.

We assembled bicycles for the cycling tour from Thai Nguyen to Bac Son. The town’s prime location left a deep impression on our first visit. To the north of Lang Son, Bac Son is located in the middle of a deep valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges.

Thai Nguyen - Bac Son Cycling Route

Biking on green tea hill in Thai Nguyen

Day 3: Bac Son – Quang Nguyen Biking Trip

Instead of the traffic noise, the sound of birdsong woke us up. Our stomachs were treated to crispy pancakes by skilled chefs. Saying goodbye to the locals, we kicked off the springboard to another valley. We stopped at the Bac Son museum and immersed ourselves in the war documents against the French. Besides national pride, the devastating consequences of fierce battles moved us.

The aged photos stuck in our minds until That Khe junction. We prepared an outdoor picnic for lunch. That day’s destination was Cao Bang, but we pedaled to Dong Khe and were transferred by a support vehicle.

Bac Son - Quang Nguyen Biking Trip

Sunset over the Bac Son Valley in Vietnam

Day 4: Quang Nguyen – Ban Goc Bike Tour

We visited the local market for one hour and then went back to the asphalt roads. The undulating terrain guided the biking tour through incredible styles of valleys and remote villages.

We struggled with sharp turns along the high mountains. The downhill ride on the second pass brought us to the border between Vietnam and China. A light meal was needed to refuel for the final pass.

We proceeded to the Son River and stopped at the riverfront for the view. We stayed overnight at a resort near Ban Goc waterfall.

Quang Nguyen - Ban Goc Bike Tour

Biking Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang

Day 5: Ban Gioc – Trung Khanh – Tra Linh Cycle Path

We walked to the waterfall before the sun was up. The drops of pure water shot from the whirling stream eliminated the slumber. After breakfast, we cycled up the border belt.

Our bicycle route crossed the territory of Cao Bang. The city greeted us with green rice fields and rustic villages. Our group slowed down to fully enjoy the masterpiece of nature.

We could not believe our eyes as we moved through the Geopark. The limestone landscape combined with gentle rivers won the hearts of beauty lovers. At Trung Khanh, we turned in the opposite direction to Tra Linh. The serenity of the countryside called for our childhood days.

Ban Gioc - Trung Khanh - Tra Linh Cycle Path

Vietnam landscape with rice field, river, mountain and low clouds in early morning in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam

Day 6: Tra Linh – Cao Bang Cycling Tour

We had a lighter schedule than the previous days. Our Vietnam biking tour rolled slowly to Pac Po, where the historical period of President Ho Chi Minh was recreated.

We visited historical sites such as Coc Po cave, Carchmark mountain, and Lenin spring. Each location contained a fascinating story about our beloved national hero and, above all, the undying patriotism.

Tra Linh - Cao Bang Cycling Tour

CAO BANG, VIETNAM: Pac Bo famous historical vestige where president Ho Chi Minh was living and working to lead the Vietnam’s revolution.

Day 7: Cao Bang – Ba Be By Bike

Our most anticipated destination on the mountain bike tours in Vietnam was Ba Be National Park, which arrived on the seventh day. We cycled across bridges, village roads, and National Road 209. Even when we did not stop at any sights, we were rewarded with breathtaking landscapes.

The closer we got to Ba Be lake, the more undulating the terrain became. However, the excitement overcame the challenges. We were awestruck by the marvelous views of mountains and rainforest surrounding a huge natural freshwater lake. The soil fertility created favorable conditions for many tribes such as Tay, Dao, and Hmong.

Cao Bang - Ba Be By Bike

Biking to Ba Be lake

Day 8: Ba Be – Na Hang Nature Reserve – Vinh Loc Biking Tour

We could not hide our happiness during an hour of cycling to the marina for a boat tour in the National Park. We released our souls into stunning scenery. Each corner of this spot opened up a different vibe.

Satisfaction lasted throughout the route to Dau Dang waterfall. We drifted again to the Da Vi and Na Hang reservoirs. The grandeur of the landscapes made us aware of the smallness of human beings. We felt like small dots in the panorama on the hill and the winding pass to Vinh Loc.

Ba Be - Na Hang Nature Reserve - Vinh Loc Biking Tour

Located 110km north of Tuyen Quang city, Lake Na Hang is where Gam and Nang rivers meet. Covering a total area of 8,000ha, the lake is surrounded by primitive forests, creating an imposing landscape.

Day 9: Vinh Loc – Tuyen Quang – Vu Linh Cycling Trip

Our cycling tour headed towards Tuyen Quang and beyond Thac Ba reservoir. We did not stop but went from village to village. The enthusiasm of down-to-the-earth strangers made our cycling enjoyable. Most of the students waved and shouted “hello” as soon as they noticed us.

Our cycle trip arrived at Thac Ba when the street lights were lit. We pedaled fast to reach My Lam hot spring before it got dark. It was the first time our feet hurt. Fortunately, we got to the treatment in the warm tubs in time.

Vinh Loc - Tuyen Quang - Vu Linh Cycling Trip

Having fun on Thac Ba lake, Vu Linh

Day 10: Vu Linh – Son Duong – Hanoi Cycle Route

We started the final round around quaint villages. We headed into town and enjoyed some local food at the morning market. Not long after that, our cycling north Vietnam tour drove on paved roads along the river. We captured the stunning views one last time before returning to our daily lives.

All participants kissed goodbye to the tour guide in Son Duong. The shuttle bus took us back to Hanoi. To sum up, we experienced good things and have unforgettable memories.

biking north vietnam 12

Lovely view from Vu LInh family home-stay

Final Thoughts

Ten days of biking north Vietnam enabled us to witness the indescribable beauty of nature. We feel appreciative of a precious life after a long journey that took us to remote areas with many shortages. Biking trips exercise your health and bring new awareness. Join cycling tours to test our words. Bet you’ll never regret it.

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