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Biking Northern Loop Vietnam – 9-Day Exciting Adventure

Biking Northern loop Vietnam is a must for travelers interested in hazardous activities instead of resting trips. It is not an exaggeration to say that spending nine days exploring all the northern areas of Vietnam bike tours will be the most memorable challenge in your life. 

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Biking northern loop Vietnam

Breathtaking scenery appears in your eyes like a colorful picture of villages, rocky mountain ranges, and landscapes. Is it attractive enough to induce you? If yes, what are you waiting for without scrolling down the article immediately? Let’s get started!

Biking Northern Loop Vietnam

Day 1: From Hanoi To Lao Cai

It is great to start your biking northern journey from the gorgeous yet ancient capital of Vietnam – Hanoi. The atmosphere here is fresh with leafy boulevards. You can enjoy baguettes and a cup of coffee while viewing the elegant beauty of this city to refresh yourself before heading to Lao Cai. 

The distance between Hanoi and Lao Cai border city is around 250km, so it takes five hours to get there, and you will be served lunch afterward. 

In the first stage, you can warmly cycle to enjoy the lush scenery stimulating your eyes. Lao Cai city offers any traveler a good vibe of pristine nature and a rustic village. 

Day 2: From Lao Cai To Bac Ha

Our next destination is Bac Ha, the principal town of Lao Cai. Its construction followed modern architecture after the war with China from 1979 to 1993. Now, Bac Ha is considered an important trading post between Vietnam and Kunming in China. 

You must cycle and climb about 62km to get to this town. In more detail, your trip starts with 45km of cycling on an uphill route surrounding the mountain. The final 15km includes an 800m climb on a challenging unsealed road. 

The terrain is extremely difficult to get over if you are not a professional climber, but it is worth it. Panoramic views of imposing mountains and forests are encapsulated in your eyes. You can see many forests of plums growing on the hillsides.

Day 3: From Bac Ha To Xin Man, Hoang Su Phi

Do not miss out on the route to one of the remotest places in Northeast Vietnam called Xin Man. The first 10km climb starts with 400m on the newly sealed road, then a 15km unsealed rough track to come to rural tribal areas here, and 1000m more to Xin Man. 

This destination, located on the Vietnamese/Chinese border, is home to 15 ethnic groups. Wild mountains and forests surround this place, so the air is extremely clean and fresh. 

After lunch, you can immediately cycle over the river Chay along the gentle, inclining road to head into Hoang Su Phi. The total distance is about 40km, but some routes are rougher than you imagine. Of course, the outstanding scenes can make up for such a difficult journey. 

Hoang Su Phi is unique because it is among the most intact regions of Vietnam. It is understandable as this place is 800m above sea level, and all the deep valleys, high mountains, forestland, and streams cover it. 

Day 4: From Hoang Su Phi To Ha Giang

Before heading to Ha Giang, you should visit Heaven Gate 2 through Tan Quang. When you are standing at the top of the pass, the breathtaking scenery beneath the wide open sky will catch your attention. 

You also have a chance to cycle past villages and maize terraces and inhale the aromatic scents from star anise and cardamom on the route. It is undoubtedly an unforgettable memory.

The next biking loop is easier, with a distance of 46km through the Lo river bank to get to Ha Giang province. 

Day 5: From Ha Giang To Quan Ba, Yen Minh

Keep continuing your cycling Northern loop Vietnam with a 25km route through the road of terraced rice paddy fields and minority villages in the morning. 

The next 25km is winding roads surrounding the vast limestone mountain. After that, you must climb another 800m to head to Heaven Gate pass. Some villages are covered by clouds, and the Tam Son valley with the Twin Hills. You also see our destination, Quan Ba town, from the pass. You only cross over 15km to get there and enjoy your lunch. 

Instead of resting, let’s kick off your bike, preparing for the next 35km to Yen Minh. The terrain is relatively tough as you must continuously go up and down. However, viewing local hill tribes full of traditional Chinese homes is extremely great.

Day 6: From Yen Minh To Dong Van

It will be your mistake if you forget to visit the Dong Van plateau, hidden in a valley and multi-colored orchids in the center of the Rock Plateau. This place is where Chinese and Vietnamese people, like Kinh, Tay, and Hmong, live together; that’s why the house architecture here is related to the Chinese style.

When heading out of Dong Van, you will cycle on an undulating and winding road alongside the vast gorge to Meo Vac. Viewing the spectacular Nho Que river during this route is also a great experience you should not miss out on. After a long day of cycling to get to Meo Vac, you can stay here overnight to get energy. 

Day 7: From Dong Van To Bao Lac

You can visit the market daily in Meo Vac town, where people carry bamboo woven baskets of vegetables and corn to sell. The special thing here is that women wear such traditional clothing, creating a colorful picture in the town center. 

On the way to Bao Lac, you have to pass through a remote mountain road of more than 65km. The landscape is surrounded by limestone mountains, but sometimes you will see the dwellings flickering on the hillsides. Sign to know that you have set foot in Bao Lac is when there are the local people in their vibrant tribal costumes walking along the way. 

Day 8: From Bao Lac To Ba Be

Before setting off on a hazardous cycling trip, you can wander around the busy morning market in Bao Lac, then move to some well-surfaced and quiet roads around. There is a pretty valley leading you to Tinh Tuc, a tin-mining town. 

Following the challenging terrain to Nguyen Binh, you can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the scenery. After resting and having lunch, you can ride straight to Ba Be national park.  

Day 9: From Ba Be To Ha Noi

On the last day of the trip, you should spend a half day sitting on a boat and exploring how beautiful Ba Be lake is with the surrounding Kaster limestone mountains. 

Remember to visit the Dau Dang waterfall and ride through rustic villages to enjoy the fresh atmosphere before leaving this place to go back to Hanoi. 

In Conclusion

Biking Northern loop Vietnam can bring a new yet amazing experience that you hardly find anywhere else. This itinerary includes relaxing and challenging terrains, which is why some visitors might want to drop out. 

However, rest assured that you can immerse yourself in marvelous and imposing nature. If you have any questions about this tour, please let us know. Thank you. 

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