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Biking Northern Loop Vietnam: 15 Miracle Days 

Our knowledgeable crew has experienced 15 days of the miracle biking Northern Loop Vietnam tour for adventure-seekers who want even brilliant physical activity and are interested in Vietnamese culture. 

By participating in our Vietnam cycle tours, cyclists have the excellent opportunity to cross treacherous passes, ride along stunning mountain roads, navigate twisting roads with abrupt curves, and take in the breathtaking rice fields, luscious corn fields, and tropical rainforests. 

Biking Northern Loop Vietnam

Biking Northern Loop Vietnam: 15-day Tour Details

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival

The guide named Bao picked us up at Noi Bai International Airport and dropped us off at the hotel in the center of Hanoi. After checking in, we took time to relax and check the schedule for the upcoming days with Mr. Bao. 

We were warmly welcomed with a special dinner at a restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese dishes after a short city tour and then spent the night in Hanoi. 

Day 2: Hanoi – Nghia Lo Cycling Tour

Enjoying a substantial breakfast in the hotel, we then escaped the city’s bustle, and after two hours, our shuttle bus arrived at the cycling destination. 

After that, we immediately began cycling along the lovely route, passing past charming towns and picturesque farmlands as we made our way to Son Duong town for lunch before turning onto Note 2 street to reach Vi Xuyen town.

Day 3: Nghia Lo – Tu Le – Khau Pa pass – Mu Cang Chai Bike Tour

The day started with a cycling trip to the rural market in Nghia Lo town, where we learned about and shopped for regional goods. In the North of Vietnam, a market is a gathering place for ethnic minorities; going and taking pictures there was a great experience for us.

Today was a leisurely day with a 45km ride from the guesthouse to Tu Le, through a beautiful valley and fascinating rice fields. After lunch, we traversed the 25km Khau Pa pass bike tour before rolling through three towns with stunning rice terraces that were a part of Vietnam’s National Heritage of Rice Terraces.

Day 4: Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen Bicycle Trip

Today was a fantastic day that stands out from the whole Vietnam bike trip. The bike tour started with a ride through three villages that are home to breathtakingly beautiful rice terraces.

The cycling route continued along undulating riverside roads that led to Thanh Uyen and Mu Cang Chai. After stopping for lunch in Mu Cang Chai, we walked around the town and checked out the market before pedaling to Than Uyen for dinner and a night’s rest. 

Day 5: Than Uyen – Bao Ha Cycle Tour

We had a fantastic and tough cycling day as we traveled to Pho Rang town. We rode our bicycles on paved, mixed, and concrete roads, overcame some challenging passes, and navigated the winding route leading to the new highway, which had tight curves and sharp turns.

But in return, we were rewarded with the breathtaking sceneries along the road, all of which were almost pristine and oozed a mysterious beauty.

Day 6: Bao Ha – Pho  Rang –  Xuan Giang –   Quang Binh – Ha Giang Bike Tour

Day 8 on our biking Northern Loop Vietnam tour was different from yesterday as we were cycling leisurely on a paved and single track, passing idyllic hill tribe villages, stunning rice paddies, and cinnamon groves to Quang Binh town. 

We also met and interacted with hill tribe people along the way or at local markets to better understand their way of life. They couldn’t understand a word from our mouth, but we were sure that they were so glad to see us through their beaming smiles. And so did we.

Day 7: Ha Giang – Yen Minh Bicycle Tour

We cycled 25 km through ethnic minority communities before taking zigzag roads and a large mountain range with parallel rock walls and climbing 800 meters to a pass known as the “Gate of Heaven”. We went to visit Quan Ba ​​village, had lunch on the top of the mountain, and admired the breathtaking scenery from the top of the top, including the panoramic view of Tam Son valley famous for “Doi Doi” as lovely as a picture.

We cycled along the Gam River until we reached another pass. The first few kilometers of our trip were uphill cycling followed by about 10 kilometers of flat ground cycling. The final 15 km downhill into Yet Minh was a difficult terrain with ups and downs at an altitude of 1,025m. 

Day 8: Yen Minh – Dong Van Bike Trip

After a hearty breakfast and a quick trip to the vibrant hill tribe market nearby, we started cycling on the Happiness road to Dong Van. Stopping to explore the Hmong King’s Palace (Vuong Chi Sinh Palace), we then continued cycling to Lung Cu Pole Flagpole. 

After that, Mr. Bao told us to travel back to Dong Van Town after lunch.

Day 9: Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac Bike Tour

The first two kilometers on the level road heading out of Dong Van Town was easy before we tackled the seven kilometers of the twisty, sharp turns-filled route to the summit. 

16 kilometers of downhill cycling led us to Meo Vac town. Arriving at Meo Vac, we climbed 7 km of treacherous passages to the summit before descending Ly Bon Bridge. 

After lunch, we carried on with our bicycle tour along the Gam River’s banks, crossing a rather challenging mountain before descending to Bao Lac village. 

Day 10: Bao Lac – Cao Bang Cycling Trip

The highlight today was the 38 km ascent to the peak of Pia Hoac and subsequent descent on paved roads to reach Cao Bang city made today the most difficult cycling day of our tour. 

As we pedaled, we usually pulled over to photograph the magnificent limestone mountains and investigate the frontier’s untamed areas.

Day 11: Cao Bang – Tra Linh Bike Tour

The unspoiled scenery and breathtaking sights hit us really hard when we came to Pac Bo. The best part was talking to people from hill tribes on the street or children walking to or from school. Kids there were so small, maybe because they had to help their parents with farm work very early.

By visiting this important site, we learned more about the life of President Ho Chi Minh and the post-Revolutionary period of Vietnam.

Day 12: Tra Linh – Ban Gioc Cycle Tour

Today, as we went through the heart of the World Global Geopark in Vietnam, we could take in some very stunning views. Before reaching Chongqing, we got back together, unwinded for a little, and then carried on by turning toward the Quay Son River. 

As we pedaled along the border belt, over the bamboo bridge, and then cycled past charming villages and rice terraces, the magnificent scenery and the luscious rice fields impressed us a lot. After lunch, we rode along the river to the Ban Gioc waterfall, though Mr. Bao said that we could otherwise kayak.

Day 13: Ban Gioc – Quang Uyen Bicycle Tour

After breakfast, we set out on the new border route from the hotel to Quang Uyen Town to take in the gorgeous limestone highlands while passing numerous hills inhabited by the Tay and Nung tribes. 

We continued riding on trails and country roads to Quang Uyen Town after lunch. 

Day 14: Quang Uyen – Bac Son Bike Tour

Cycling on the ancient 4D national highway through That Khe and Dong Khe towns, we started our day with a Lang Son bike trip from our hotel. While cycling, we could see the entrances to the battlefields formerly used to fight the French and beheld the breathtaking scenery, the majestic mountains, and the magnificent terraced farms.

After lunch, we restarted the pedals to prepare for the 15 km climb to the top of Bac Ai mountain, followed by 15 km downhill to the Van Minh area, and finally to the runway leading to Bac Son. 

Day 15: Bac Son – Huu  Lung – Hanoi Cycling Trip

We began the day by cycling from the hotel through the valley of Vu Lang and the inclining route to Huu Lung after visiting Bac Son Valley. On the last day of our cycling Vietnam tour, we went to the summit of Na Lay Mountain, where we captured the captivating scenery and the expansive view of the Bac Son valley. 

The appealing setting of jagged limestone mountains and lush rice fields also astounded and impressed us. Then we made the final transport to Hanoi’s central business district.


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