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Biking Northwest Vietnam – An Amazing Experience In 9 Days

When it comes to Vietnam cycling adventure tours, one of the most memorable journeys in people’s minds is the tour of biking northwest Vietnam. 

In this article, we will show you each day’s schedule that lets you know not only the beautiful nature but also the unique culture of each local.

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Biking northwest Vietnam

Itinerary Of Biking Northwest Vietnam

Before joining the journey, you should put aside your busy schedule and prepare a good spirit and physics. Let’s start!

Day 1: Ha Noi Biking Tour To Mai Chau (80 Km)

On the first day of the itinerary, after gathering at Ha Noi capital, we will be served breakfast and then begin to move to Mai Chau.  

Mai Chau is a mountainous district west of Hoa Binh province with beautiful landscapes. This area is famous for fabulous natural destinations such as Thung Khe pass, Thung Nai port, Mai Chau flag pole, Mo Luong cave, Go Lao waterfall, and Chieu cave.

We will visit Lac village, which has kept Thai national culture.

When coming to this place, we have a chance to explore and experience the daily life of Thai ethnic with local people.

Day 2: Mai Chau Biking Tour To Moc Chau (71 Km)

Leaving Mai Chau valley, we come to Moc Chau plateau, which attracts tourists thanks to the cool temperature all year. Moc Chau is one of the hottest tourist sights in the north, with more than hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. 

Moc Chau provides a diversified ecosystem, consisting of a temperate climate and beautiful sceneries such as the Dai Yem waterfall, Pha Luong peak, pine forest in Ang village, peach garden, plum garden, dairy farm, and so on. 

Additionally, there are many dedicated specialties in the town of Moc Chau, including kitchen buffalo meat, Nam Pia, grilled stream fish, salmon, Suoi Bang rock snail, taro soup, and calves.

Day 3: Moc Chau Biking Tour To Son La (87 Km)

From Moc Chau, it takes us more than five hours to Son La city by bicycle. During this Vietnam mountain bike tour, we will offer a chance to watch the majestic mountain scenery along the journey. 

Son La has many exciting destinations attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. We can start to visit Son La Former Prison and Museum – the place saves and displays thousands of objects from 12 ethnic groups. Next, the system of five caves in On village is ideal for visitors to enjoy the mysterious beauty of the massive chunks of stone.

Day 4: Son La Biking Tour To Tuan Giao (81 Km)

On the trip’s fourth day, we move to Tuan Giao and drop by Pha Din pass – be more than 1,000 meters above sea level. We can watch the straight lines of pines along the pass and see a sea of clouds and mountainous landscapes. 

Another unique site of Tuan Giao is Mun Chung cave which contains many historical and cultural values in the defense and building of Vietnam.

Day 5: Tuan Giao Biking Tour To Dien Bien (82 Km)

Departing from the hotel after a good night, we go to Dien Bien – the land marked the Dien Bien Phu victory. We can visit famous destinations such as the monument of A1 hill, Muong Thanh field, Pa Khoang lake, A Pa Chai border T-junction, and more.

When it comes to unique dishes, we can taste “Che Tuyet Tua Chua”, “Banh Khau Xen”, “Thit Trau Gac Bep”, etc.

Day 6: Dien Bien Biking Tour To Muong Lay (97 Km)

Experience on the sixth day is moving and discovering Muong Lay – a town in the north of Dien Bien province. We can take a boat trip on Da River or ride our bikes along this river to watch the majestic view on the two banks of the river. 

Moreover, going to Hang Tom bridge, the largest cable-stayed bridge in Indochina, is a fantastic choice.

Reaching Muong Lay, you also have an opportunity to learn the culture of the northwest ethnic groups with traditional cultural activities, festivals, and dishes.

Day 7: Muong Lay Biking Tour To Lai Chau Via Paso (100 Km)

On the seventh day of the trip, we will move from Muong Lay to Lai Chau through Paso, with about 100 kilometers of mountain road. Some fascinating sites in Lai Chau province for visitors are Lung Then and Can Ho, complex of 10 caves – Pu Sam Cap, Hoang Lien Son national park, and so on.

Lai Chau attracts visitors with local dishes consisting of armpit pork, Lam Nho, grilled rock moss, purple sticky rice, kitchen guard meat, etc.

Day 8: Lai Chau Biking Tour To Sapa (73 Km)

Sapa is one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam, with Fansipan – the highest peak in the S-shaped country. 

Climbing Fansipan – the highest mountain in Indochina, is an engaging activity that you must try immediately.

Moreover, visiting Muong Hoa valley and the old Stonehenge is not to be missed. Then, discovering the daily life of local people in the villages of Sapa is also an exciting option. 

Besides, Sapa cuisine is famous for “thang co” – a traditional dish of the Mong ethnic group, Sapa salmon, and other unique food.

Day 9: Sapa Biking Tour To Lao Cai And Then Coming Back To Ha Noi Capital (58 Km)

On the last day, we continue cycling northwest Vietnam to Lao Cai and enjoying beautiful landscapes along the road and the delicious specialties of this area. 

After leaving Lao Cai, we will return to Ha Noi, awarded the title of “The City Of Peace” by UNESCO and the oldest capital in Southeast Asia. 

Then, you will have a chance to discover Old Street – the historical center of Ha Noi, traditional trade villages with 36 old streets, the imperial citadel of Thang Long, and so on.

In addition, you can offer an opportunity to taste specialties consisting of green rice flakes from Vong village, Thanh Tri stuffed pancakes, La Vong fish, Hanoi noodles, and more. After that, you can come back home and face your daily basis.


Above is the total of the biking northwest Vietnam itinerary in 9 days you can enjoy and feel! Each day, our company will serve you daily meals as well as accommodation at night.

Let’s contact us and book Vietnam bike tours right now! Remarkable explorations are waiting for you.

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