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Biking Northwest Vietnam – 10 Days To Conquer The Mountain

North-west Vietnam has a good reputation for stunning treks in ages. Cycling Northwest Vietnam lends not only outstanding natural beauty but also deeply colorful cultures of ethnic minorities in the area of Vietnam. It has urged hundreds, even thousands, of backpackers to conquer one of the most beautiful journeys in the Asian country. 

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Biking northwest Vietnam

If you’re in the same boat as them, our blog today, Biking northwest Vietnam, is for you. Do not let slip the opportunity of digging into us to save amazing for your bucket list. 

This blog will suggest the Vietnam mountain bike tours, inspiring you to pick your backpacks up and get ready to explore the best bicycle trip now!

Itinerary of Best Biking Northwest Vietnam

Enjoying the biking trip northwest Vietnam will bring a great chance to discover the legendary trek leading to the sensational Dien Bien Phu victory (1954). In addition to three amazing passes, Pha Din- Long Pass-O Quy Ho will offer spectacular views of the bike tour’s remarkable points. 

Now, let’s get started!

The First Day: From Hanoi To Cuc Phuong National Park Cycling Tour

We depart from Hanoi by bus to reach Xuan Mai, where we will begin a cycling journey to Cuc Phuong Park. Before joining the trip, you need to know how to use a bike, its gear, and the rules of safe riding on the Vietnamese road in Vietnam. 

We start to pass many rice paddies and quaint villages on the main road to reach there. We’ll drop by a restaurant on the way to have lunch. Afterward, we will ride along the mountain range and riverside to Nho Quan. Following this, there are some resorts or guest houses there; we can choose one to check in and stay there for one night. 

The Second Day: From Cuc Phuong Park To Phu Luong Nature Reserve Cycle Tour

This journey gives you a chance to explore the Endangered Primate Rescue Center to learn more about the vital work to assist in protecting the species that are in danger of extinction in the National park. 

Also nearby is the Turtles conservation center, don’t skip visiting it to get more useful info about the diversity of flora and faunal of the park. Then we reach Kim Tan Town and break for lunch en-route when riding on the Park corridor.

After that, we will ride on the village and dirt roads to Phu Luong Nature Reserve. The place is home to spectacular rice terraces, picturesque scenery, and forest. Here, we can stay with a certain local family and spend our time one night with Thai people. 

The Third day: From Phu Luong Nature Reserve to Mai Chau Valley Biking Trip

Early morning in the pristine Phu Luong, nature is picturesque, so don’t miss that beautiful moment and enjoy the fresh air here. You can also stroll around Thai villages to explore local people’s daily life as well as their long-standing culture. Enjoy the local-style breakfast before saying goodbye to your host. 

We will begin a new biking day from our homestay at Phu Luong on paved roads to Mai Chau. Break for lunch en route. Then keep moving to the legendary journey- the Ho Chi Minh trail to Mai Chau Valley. Pick any homestay here to stay. Many recommend choosing Ecolodge to enjoy their night when they reach the Valley. 

 The Fourth Day: From Mai Chau to Buoc Village Bike Tour

Starting a new day here, we will be served with Thai local-style breakfast, including traditional cake and some hot tea and coffee. Then the ride passes track paths connected with various villages to others, which make some stunning and peaceful views crossing lush paddies. 

We can drop by any small food shop to get lunch, ride back buffalo trails, single tracks through fields to reach Phom Coon village, and stay at a local homestay. You should stroll the rest of the day or discover more of this trail by bike before enjoying dinner. 

The Fifth and Sixth Day: Mai Chau Valley – Moc Chau Plateau – Son La Bike Tour

We will move out of this town to reach Bai Sang. Here we commence cycling along the Da river, on the former National way for Dien Bien Phu victory. 

Stop over for lunch refreshment, then continue cycling to the plateau, which belongs to one of the most beautiful pristine ones in the North uplands area. Choose a hotel on the plateau and stay one night here. 

On day 6, you should have a light breakfast at the hotel and then start riding on asphalt roads. The trail will allow you to savor the spectacular mountain prospect of this Northwest. 

Son La is a nestled place of over 25 ethnic minorities. Biking belongs to one of the ideal ways to encounter and discover their daily life and culture on the cycling trip. 

The Seventh Day: Son La Province– Pha Din pass – Tuan Giao – Dien Bien Phu Bicycle Tour

The road belongs to one of the longest and most magnificent passes in Viet Nam- “Pha Din pass” around 32 km long, which is in contact between Tuan Giao and Son La (14 km descent, 18 km ascent). 

From the local homestay, we ascend around 6-8 km out of Son La town, descend the asphalt road, pass a rural, picturesque view, and encounter limestone uplands sticking out of the creek bottoms. 

Then, we have a break for refreshment to capture some photos of this moment at the Summit stop. Don’t forget to check brake gear before leaving down approximately 12 km to Tuan Giao town. 

Pick a local restaurant to break for lunch. Next, we begin the journey to pass undulating tracks to Dien Bien and stay overnight at a hotel in the town. Muong Thanh is a prevalent option many visitors choose for their stay when they reach here.  

The Eighth Day: From Dien Bien Phu to Than Uyen Cycling Trip

We will warm the day up by rolling down to Than Uyen town. The track from Tuan Giao will come over two long passes to Than Uyen, which is around 97 km long. The road is furnished by nature with limestone panorama, rice terraces, and rich forest. It all adds up to the magnificent scenery for your biking trip. 

After that, we cruise alongside the Da River bank. We’ll stop for lunch in Muong Ang. Next, we continue conquering the undulating track on the Nam Mit river’s bank leading to Ban Trat mountain village. With this pace, we will arrive in Than Uyen town in the late afternoon and rest for the night here. 

The Ninth Day: From Than Uyen To Hill Town Sapa Biking Tour

We will conquer the longest pass – 38 km long- of Northwest Viet Nam, also called O Quy Hoa, which connects Lao Cai with Lai Chau. Its peak is 2120 above sea level. You have a chance to pass through the mountain of Fanxipang, which is home to Nung, Tay, Day, Dao, and Hmong ethnic. 

There is a stop at Bing Lu T- Junction to rest for lunch. Then, we ride to Tram Ton Summit to capture some stunning views before rolling down to the next destination- Sapa town. Once you reach Sapa, don’t miss experiencing herbal- medicinal massage, a well-known service in the tourist place.  

The Tenth Day: Sapa Trail Cycling Trip

The last day is a discovering-enjoying day to cycle or wander into every nook and cranny of Ban Ho, Tavan, Supan, and Lao Chai mountain villages. 

Don’t forget to taste some Sapa speciality like Thang co (a dish with horse meat), com lam (sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes), thit trau gac bep (buffalo meat hung up in the kitchen), etc. 

Exploring Sapa night market to try some local food and buy some souvenirs, if you want. Here, you can also put traditional clothes of ethnic minorities in the Northern Mountains. 

These will be unforgettable memories for your journey. 

Wrap Up 

Each cycling route has its own experience and story. Picking any trail will deliver various unique moments, especially for cycle trips. And the journey of biking northwest Vietnam is not an exception. You will enjoy the pure air through stunning scenery on each and find out feeling cool.

Forward this post to your pals and plan a bicycle tour together now!

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