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Biking To PuLuong Experiences In 3 Wonderful Days 

Spending three days biking to PuLuong can be one wonderful experience for travelers. This tour allows people to explore the cultural richness as well as outstanding natural beauty in the Northwest of Vietnam. Follow the detailed instructions of a 3 – day cycling itinerary to Pu Luong.

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Biking to Pu Luong

Biking To PuLuong Nature Reserve – Overview 

The biking to PuLuong tour offers adventure lovers many opportunities to enjoy interesting outdoor activities. Biking on the roads to this land, travelers come across stunning rice terrace fields, hard-surface valleys, and a lot of narrow dirt tracks. All will add to an immersive experience for the journey to Pu Luong by cycles. 

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is situated in the Ba Thuoc and Quan Ha districts of Thanh Hoa. This is the living place of two ethnic minorities, namely Thai and Muong. People take part in Vietnam bike tours to Pu Luong to visit the traditional stilt houses and try specialty dishes from bamboo-cooked rice to grilled meat.

Cycling Pu Luong – 3 Best Days To  Experience

Biking to PuLuong has recently been considered one of the best journeys in Vietnam on a bike. Let’s take a deeper dive into the schedule below.

Day 1. Ha Noi Capital – Vu  Ban – Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong – Chieng – Mu Waterfall- Khuong Cycle Tour 

Before leaving the center of Ha Noi to the cycling point, travelers have hearty breakfast meals in the hotel. The first destination they visit is Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Conservation after enjoying lunch at Man Duc Section. All the cyclers have to overcome the Ngoc Son’s slope of 400 meters high to reach the wonderful beauty of nature.

They continue going to Khuong Hamlet on their bikes, then have a free ride around this area to explore the daily life of local people. At the end of the day, they have dinner with traditional dishes and enjoy the ancient dances of ethnic minorities. 

Day 2. Mu – Khuong – Sat Thuong – Mon – Phu Luong – Hieu Village Cycle Tour 

The second day starts with strolling around in the fresh air of this Nature Reserve before the travelers taste their breakfast to cycle to Coi Cao Hamlet continuously. They will pass through the most remote houses and catch sight of hard-working women and smiles of children on the way to this site. People will also take one biking trip off-road on a hidden trail toward the primeval jungle after that. 

Day  3. Hieu Village – Pho Doan Town – Cam Luong – Hanoi Cycle Tour

After having breakfast, the biking to PuLuong on the third day commences by riding around the Thai hill village and gaining experience in the paddy fields.  The travelers have a chance to pay a visit to the local market of Thai, Muong, and Dao people to buy souvenirs and chat with locals.


Cycling on the beaten track trail, coming across many sugar cane fields, the visitors will have lunch in Cam Luong. Before returning to the finishing point, they ride on the tarmac road leading to Ho Chi Minh Highway to take pictures. 


Biking to PuLuong in 3 days gives cyclists a lot of opportunities to reach outstanding landscapes and experience the new life in the new region. All will leave people with long-lasting and unforgettable impressions in their minds. Please check more information about Vietnam bike tours to preview the itinerary. 

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