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Biking Tour North Vietnam – Challenge Yet Worthy Itinerary

Wonder what a unique biking tour North Vietnam looks like? The trip is the destined biking tour for you. The cycle tour will have good food, friends, culture, and even good talk.

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Biking tour North Vietnam

You will not only enjoy every mile of it, but you can bring home the specialties of Vietnam too. Don’t look anywhere. The itinerary is about to start right now!

Biking Tour North Vietnam – Challenge Yet Worthy Itinerary

Preview Of The Tour

Your vietnam bike tour will begin at the old yet modern Ha Noi. Still, Vietnam’s capital does not hold your feet long. We will use the shuttle bus to go to Song Thao to start our seven days of cycling

The cyclists have a fantastic opportunity to cycle through and photograph the seven outstanding places of the North on the journey.

Route: Ha Noi – Yen Bai – (Yên Bái) Nghia Lo – (Yên Bái) Tu Le – (Yên Bái) Mu Cang Chai – (Lai Châu) Than Uyen – (Lào Cai) Sapa – Ha Noi

Duration: 7 days

Accommodation: Hotels, homestay

Day 1: From Hanoi To Yen Bai

Distance: 87 km

Let’s fill in your stomach to kick off the most wonderful north Vietnam bike tours

After a substantial breakfast, we will come to Song Thao. You are treated to stunning views and enjoyable sightseeing along the route. We eat lunch at a nearby restaurant when we get to the riding location.

After lunch, we will start riding down the Sông Hồng (Hồng River) to a northern province of Vietnam – Yen Bai city. On the road, let’s savor the tranquility of the sloping concrete road when we pass several rice fields. 

We will come to our destination in the late afternoon. Your smelling supper is waiting for you at the hotel. Take in your dinner and rest well.

Day 2: From Yen Bai To Nghia Lo

Distance: 78 km

Don’t sleep too late. The cycling tour north vietnam is ahead of you. You start by early departing from the hotel, riding on a side road, crossing the bridge once again, and exiting onto Route 37 at Nghia Lo. 

The highlights of our cycling tour today include the cinnamon tree, gum tree, rice field, and green tea plantation. We ride bikes along the bank, gradually climbing halfway, then descending to the hill for lunch. Then, after a short rest, we will ride downhill to Muong Lo to enjoy the rice terrace. On the trip, you will enjoy the expansive, lush rice and the breathtaking scenery.

Till the twilight time, we will come to our second-day destination. 

Day 3: From Nghia Lo To Tu Le

Distance: 56 km 

The third day is the leisure day of our bike tour north vietnam, including a 45 km bicycle ride through a gorgeous valley and intriguing rice terraces.

We spend the morning taking part in and exploring the vibrant local market close to your accommodation. You get an excellent opportunity to travel and purchase goods made locally. The market serves as a gathering place for ethnic minorities in the North.

We will then begin traveling to Tu Le. Before riding up an 8-kilometer slope to observe the magnificent Tu Le village and spectacular surroundings, we may make a lunch stop along the way.

You can enjoy the hot spring water while socializing with locals on a relaxing day. Have supper and spend the night in the beautiful and tranquil homestay we have prepared.

Day 4: From Tu Le To Than Uyen

Distance: 89 km

The 4th fantastic riding day of our bike tour north vietnam starts with a 25 km climb pass. Then, an uneven route across a river will take you to Than Uyen after you have cycled past three villages with really beautiful rice terraces. 

Although it is a tough route, we are treated to the spectacular view. When we get to the peak, you can enjoy some refreshments. After that, we will go down to Mu Cang Chai. We take a break at Mu Cang Chai and have lunch here before we start exploring the town and market and then continue our ride to Than Uyen.

Day 5: From Than Uyen To Sapa

Distance: 46 km

The most challenging work of our 5th day north vietnam cycling tour is the 46 kilometers longest pass. However, what is waiting for you is magnificent. That is the gorgeous limestone mountains and the Fansipan.

We begin riding through the gorgeous Fansipan limestone mountain’s breathtaking natural splendor before going to Sapa for lodging. You will have time to adore the lush rice terraces among both sites. Then, we set off to cross the pass and arrive at Tram Ton peak, where we regroup for a photo opportunity.

When we get to Sapa, we conduct a massage using natural remedies to unwind and we will rest at a homestay.

Day 6: Sapa – Your Day

Distance: 93 km

It is another leisure day of our cycle trip. You’ll begin pedaling down to Tavan, Lao Chai, Ban Ho, and Supan villages. You may also take advantage of the opportunity to display your talent at shooting photos.

When you reach Ban Ho, halt at a small guesthouse for lunch. Then, we take a back route on a narrow trail descending towards Sapa town.

You can feel free to use your time for the rest of the day. You can go through the Sapa market, chat with locals, or rest in homestays. They are both good as the atmosphere is fresh and sweet.

Day 7: From Sapa To Hanoi

Distance: 300 km

The best itinerary for bike tours in the North is the 7th day. 

Starting from Sapa, you’ll cycle along the scenic route that descends steeply to Lao Cai. You won’t need to pedal for the following 1.5 hours. Instead, pay attention to the route and take in the breathtaking scenery.

After briefly passing through Lao Cai, you will find yourself back in the rural Hồng River (Red River) area. As you move to different places, the temperature starts to change too. Then, we unwind while loading our bikes onto the truck. 

That’s it. You complete your once-in-a-lifetime trip to North Vietnam by bicycle. The shuttle bus will take you back to the S-shaped land capital. 


One week of the biking tour north vietnam itinerary is a reasonable time to discover the North scenery of Vietnam. This is a trip that is not too long for you to agonize over your homeland, nor is it a trip too short of making you unable to feel the landscape and people of Northern Vietnam. We hope you had a peaceful and fun time on this bike ride.

Don’t forget to check out other cycling tours on our website. The rich suggestions of itineraries will surely suggest the most suitable itinerary for you. We look forward to your visit!

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