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Biking Tours Far North Vietnam – 15 Memorable Days

Cycling is one of the most effective and reliable methods to explore Vietnam independently. There is no better way to engage with rural residents or experience the magnificent sights, smells, and sounds of Vietnam.

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Biking Tours Far North Vietnam

In this article, we’ll share the special 15 days of biking tours far north Vietnam, which feature breathtaking scenery and an unending range of landscapes, including rice paddies, towering mountains, and steady ascents. Scroll down for more!

Biking Tours Far North Vietnam: Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi – Bac Can – Na Pac – Ba Be Cycling Tours in Vietnam: 54km

We departed Hanoi’s bustle early in the morning and traveled far north in search of the breathtaking tranquility of the countryside.

The infrastructure of North Vietnam is still developing. New highway construction was clearly visible, and some small sections of unmade roads were built; riding a bicycle was more difficult.

We traveled on clean roads past houses on stilts, water buffalos, pigs, and friendly dogs.

Our first night’s stop was at Ba Be National Park. We were taking in the stunning natural environment and the lake’s specialties, including fish, shrimp, and many other delicacies, such as hill chicken, wild veggies, and highland sticky rice.

Day 2: Ba Be lake – Bao Lac Biking Tour: 86km

Early in the morning, while the fog was still clinging to the mountains, we spent more than an hour on a boat ride to explore the magnificent Ba Be lake and take in the gorgeous view.

After that, we got off the boat, turned off the provincial road that led to Nguyen Binh district, and began riding on the inclining route to Cho Ra.

Ate lunch along the way, then continued riding upward to the summit of Pia Hooc. In the late afternoon, we cycled on a hilly path to Bao Lac.

Day 3: Bao Lac Cycling Tour To Meo Vac: 74km

The second day was busier as we cycled extensively through the valley’s rice fields, communities, hot springs, and overpasses on a mixture of smooth single-track pathways and rocky, undulating trails.

On the way, we stopped to chat with the people and shot many amazing pictures of the magnificent scenery. When we arrived at Meo Vac, a picturesque mountainous district in the north of Ha Giang province, we got off our bikes and wandered around the Meo Vac night market. 

We enjoyed various activities, including drinking coffee, eating Thang Co, drinking corn wine, and seeing musical performances and the flute dance of the Mong ethnic group.

Day 4: Meo Vac – Biking Dong Van – Ma Le – Sa Phin – Yen Minh Bike Trip: 78km

After a full breakfast in the hotel, we set out to conquer Ma Phi Leng Pass, the most hazardous of Vietnam’s “four big mountain passes” of Vietnam. From the pass’s summit, we admired a panoramic view of the Dong Van Karst Plateau, the spectacular terrain and rough mountain range, and the emerald water of the Nho Que River.

We then continued on a winding road to Ma Le and Xa Phin Valley. Stopped to visit the former Hmong King’s Palace, the ancient trading hub of Pho Bang, and the Hmong village of Sung Muoi. 

After lunch, we rode our bicycles downhill from Pho Bang to Yen Minh.

Day 5: Yen Minh – Quan Ba – Ha Giang Vietnam Bicycle Tours: 87km

On day five, we crossed two significant mountain passes – Yen Minh and Quan Ba – and went to the Zao town of Nam Dam.

Although the steep road had some abrupt bends, the lovely valley below was well worth the biking trip.

We traveled 25 km to Ha Giang after the arduous pedal of difficulties, where we were free to explore this lovely city. As we were all exhausted after a long day of pedaling, we just stayed in the homestay and enjoyed a warm dinner with the friendly host. 

Day 6: Ha Giang Bike Tour To Hoang Su Phi: 83 km 

On day 6 of the bike tours in Vietnam, we left Ha Giang at 8:00 and cycled 3 kilometers to the Tay village of Ban Me. 

Then, after traveling 45 kilometers on decent tarmac along National Road 2 to Tan Quang Junction, we changed lanes and traveled 17 kilometers up a steep mountain pass to the top of Hoang Su Phi pass, where we had a picnic lunch. 

At five o’clock in the evening, we checked into the hotel and rode bikes for an hour to explore the surrounding Giang village.

Day 7: Hoang Su Phi – Bac Ha Bicycle Tour: 104km

There were not many stops on our schedule today because we were primarily moving. After breakfast, we cycled for another 29 kilometers to Hoang Su Phi Town before continuing on a rather flat 40 kilometers down the Chay River to Xin Man.

We then ascended 18 kilometers to the altitude of 1,460 m and traveled 43 km uphill as well as back downhill to Bac Ha, where we spent the night.

Day 8: Bac Ha Bike Tours To Sapa: 104km

On this day, we decided to explore the Bac Ha Sunday market. Although there are many different colors and products in this market, the ladies’ exquisite and lovely brocade-woven goods are what most impresses us.

After a while of shopping and watching people bustling with business, we stopped at a small shop and enjoyed a bowl of hot thang co with a cup of fragrant corn wine.

Eating and drinking while listening to couples calling to one another on trumpets and flutes was an indelible memory of my cycling trip. 

Day 9: Sapa To Than Uyen Bicycle Tour: 98km

We began the day’s ride from Sapa with a 15-kilometer ascent to the top of the Tram Ton Pass, pausing en route to see the “Silver Waterfall.” We then went along the Hoang Lien Son mountain range from the Binh Lu confluence. 

There were several challenging climbs, but the breathtaking scenery made them all worthwhile. After that, we descended to Than Uyen for 20 kilometers before resting for the next day of our Vietnam cycle tours.

Day 10: Than Uyen Cycle Trip To Tu Le: 87km

In the morning, we followed the valley out of Than Uyen until the road began to spiral up into the hills. We came into contact with the enigmatic White Tay and Black Hmong people, who are known for their folk music, poems, and songs, thanks to this rough terrain and deep foliage.

Arriving at Tu Le around 5 pm, we had a chance to freely immerse ourselves in the clear blue water of the hot spring at Tu Le. The mountains’ extremely calming, cozy, and energizing atmosphere here seemed to take the place of worn-out stress.

Day 11: Tu Le Cycle Tours – Nghia Lo – Tram Tau Bike Trip: 72km

Bid farewell to Tu Le, we proceeded to Nghia Lo township for refreshments before returning to Tram Tau.

Located on a mountain crest near the Red and Black Rivers, Nghia Lo is home to the Nung, Thai, Nung, Ma, La Ha, and Hmong peoples. On our biking trip to Tram Tau from Nghia Lo, we rode over a meandering path past numerous hill tribes and stunning landscapes. 

Dinner at Tram Tau was delicious dishes of local people, such as fragrant sticky rice with five colors, coriander, shrimp paste, stream moss, bamboo shoots rolled with meat, Nam Thia fish, etc.

Day 12: Tram Tau Bike Tour To Phu Yen: 93km

Rose up early, we followed the village’s narrow trail and immersed ourselves in the mountainous area.

From Tram Tau, we headed to Phu Yen. Along the path, we saw rice farms and maize fields on the gentle hills with distinctive colors that resemble lovely oil paintings or spectacular brocade cloth. 

The majestic and poetic beauty that made me adore it so much is typical of the mountains in the Northwest.

Day 13: Phu Yen – Da Bac – Hoa Binh Cycle Tour: 135 km

Another difficult day of cycling Vietnam awaited us on day thirteen. We departed from the hotel and went on mixed roads to Da Bac. Challenging a 6 km steep pass to the first top, we descended to the valley and then climbed once more to the second peak. 

After 9 kilometers on the third pass for lunch, we cycled on a beautiful path with amazing views to Da Bac town and continued through the valley to Hoa Binh. 

Day 14: Hoa Binh Cycling To Hanoi: 45 km

Our final ride on Vietnam cycling tours came to an end today. We went down a tarmac road by the Da River to enjoy the enticing sights and surreal vistas.

After a fantastic breakfast at the hotel, we hopped on our bikes and rode to the Dong Quan bridge. From there, we continued cycling through many villages with gorgeous scenery and rice paddies.

We wrapped up our fantastic riding trip in north Vietnam after lunch at Ba Vi Eco House. After traveling for two hours by shuttle bus to Hanoi, our crew checked in at a hotel and unwinded on our own. We joined together for a farewell meal at a welcoming restaurant.

Day 15: Hanoi Departure

This morning, we took advantage of our remaining free time before saying goodbye to Hanoi by going on an orientation walk and visiting some of the city’s top sights, including Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, and Ngoc Son Temple. 

We also enjoyed some delicious Vietnamese cuisine at one of Hanoi’s best restaurants. It was time to kiss goodbye to our Vietnam bike trip.


The 15-day biking tours far North Vietnam were extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime nature. Both the priceless culture of the indigenous tribes and our insanity at riding bicycles up hills captivated us.

The markets, street vendors, colorful ethnic minorities, and, most importantly, the children and their families made cycling tours in Vietnam unforgettable.

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