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Cao Bang Bike Tour: 10 Memorable Days 

For people who desire even better physical activity and are interested in Vietnamese culture, our knowledgeable team has planned and tested the 10-day Cao Bang Bike Tour. From Hanoi, this private journey transported us to Northeast Vietnam’s breathtaking scenery. We also had the chance to learn more about the fabled city’s distinctive culture and ethereal atmosphere. 

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Cao Bang Bike Tour

This bicycle tour undoubtedly took us by surprise and filled us with memorable experiences. It led us from one surprise to another, so don’t miss it for the world but enjoy it with us now!

Cao Bang Bike Tour: Our 10-day Vietnam Bike Tour Details

Day 1: Hanoi – Ba Be Bike Tour 

We kicked start our bike Vietnam tours at Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam. Asking some locals there, we were introduced to a cyclo tour discovering the city, passing the charming and vintage Old Quarter.

We also stopped in the paper-making village along the road and pedal to Ba Be town to take in the beauty and the rich local life.

Day 2: Ba Be – Hua Ma Cycling Tour

We embarked on a cruise along the Nang River after breakfast to see Ba Be Lake, Puong Cave, Dau Dang Waterfall, Little Widow Island, and the enormous Hua Ma Cave. 

Along the way, our eyes were glued to these gorgeous scenes that made us forget about the time. Of course, we couldn’t forget our camera, and we took tons of beautiful photos of these poetry sceneries, which also gave us some relaxing time with fresh air and a natural setting. 

Day 3: Ba Be National Park – Cao Bang Bicycle Trip

We cycled up the undulating road and various hills to Cho Ra, passing several passes before turning down the picturesque road to the main road. We made many stops at picturesque towns and settings throughout the trip for pictures. Believe it or not, our photos could even make a full album. After lunch, the car took us back to Cao Bang city.

Day 4: Cao Bang – Pac Po – Tra Linh Cycling Tour

On our bicycle trip to Pac Po, our team took in the unspoiled landscape and breathtaking views as we passed through quiet settlements. Bordering China, Pac Po is surrounded by towering mountains and rivers. Dotted on the lush jungles were stilt houses of Nung people – a Vietnamese ethenic minority.

We were told that Pac Bo cave was a location of huge historical significance, as this place marked the starting point for President Ho Chi Minh’s campaign to liberate Vietnam from French colonialism. 

Day 5: Tra Linh – Trung Khanh – Ban Gioc Waterfall Bike Trip

We continued our Vietnam bike trip to the Quay Son River after taking a break in Chongqing. We went along the border belt, over the bamboo bridge, and then cycled past charming villages and rice terraces. 

On the way, the breathtaking scenery and the luscious rice fields stole our hearts for its pristine, tranquil, and poetic charm. We found peace in our inner selves.

Day 6: Ban Gioc –  Ha Lang –  Quang Uyen Biking Tour

Getting up early, we strolled around the homestay and came to Ban Gioc Waterfall to enjoy its freshness. Our biking journey today was divided into 3 legs, with the first destination being Hang Lanh Town. There was a picnic lunch after 2 legs, and we headed to the final spot – Quang Uyen town.

We had another fantastic day today, overcoming several challenging passes and jutting curves. However, beautiful scenery and magnificent flowers were our best reward.

Day 7: Quang Uyen Loop Cycle Tour

After breakfast at the hotel, we continued our Vietnam bike tours by heading out to see the picturesque landscape and lush rice fields by riding the paths from Quang Uyen to the ecological villages. 

When we reached the fresh spring where you can swim or cool off, we then cycled along the southern half of the detour. 

Day 8: Quang Uyen –  Phia Thap –  Trung Vuong – Cao Bang Bicycle Tour

After cycling on the main road for a while, we took a left down the village road to the paper-making village, where we learned how to produce paper using a method that the inhabitants had been inheriting for decades. 

While we pedaled through the villages, we stopped to admire the serene ambiance and magnificent views. As the sun went down and the night wore on, a troop of children came back from their farms with a big bag of straw on the bag. That taught us to treasure what we were having.

Day 9: Cao Bang – Bac Son Biking Trip

On the ninth day of our bike tours in Vietnam, we mounted our bicycles and caught the train to Bac Son Town after lunch. 

This breathtakingly magnificent photo location, where we could catch the vista of Bac Son Valley, left us speechless and enthralled. If you have a chance to come here, you will be in awe of the idyllic surroundings and charming village life just like us. 

Day 10: Bac Son – Hanoi Cycling Tour

To enjoy the beauty of Bac Son Valley, we got up early. We went up to Viba station, which is a great spot to take pictures. From the hotel, we started our last day cycling on an asphalt road that took us to Thai Nguyen City. The day’s highlight was cycling through a picturesque path acrossing verdant rangelands and karst mountain ranges.

After our morning bike ride, we took a brand new highway back to Hanoi. Upon arrival at our hotel in Hanoi, we checked in and had a farewell meal at a traditional restaurant.


Do you love Vietnam cycling tours? With our detailed itinerary, you’ll be astounded by how much there is to see and regret that there isn’t enough time. 

Why are you putting things off? Prepare today for our Cao Bang Bike Tour! Depending on how much time you have, you can choose from a variety of other Vietnam bicycle excursions. To see them, go to our website right away!

Thank you for reading. Find out what cyclists said about MTB Vietnam on Tripadvisor!

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