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Cao Bang Cycling & Kayaking – Discovering Cao Bang In 8 Days

Cao Bang is a must-visit site when you travel to Northern Vietnam. Due to its strategic position, Cao Bang has participated in several eras of the nation’s history and continues to play a significant role in modern administration. 

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Cao Bang Cycling & Kayaking

If you want to discover this majestic land, the Cao Bang Cycling & Kayaking tour is the way to go. You will have the best experiences and recollections of Vietnam with this tour.

Cao Bang Cycling & Kayaking – 8 Days Exploration

Day 1: Hanoi Transferring To Cao Bang

After a filling breakfast in the hotel, we departed for North East Vietnam, leaving the busy city behind. Before going to Cao Bang, we headed to Thai Nguyen and visited the Ethnic Minority Museum and learned about the 53 Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities.

Then, we carried on with our cycling Vietnam journey to Cao Bang City after lunch. Once we arrived at our destination, we unpacked and took a stroll down the streets.

Day 2: Cao Bang – Pac Bo – Tra Linh Bike Tour

After a filling breakfast, we start pedaling to Pac Po. While biking on tarmac through quiet villages, we took in the unspoiled countryside and breathtaking landscapes. Pac Po is situated at a milestone of 108km between rugged mountain ranges, streams, and rivers.

Seeing this historical site, we gained more knowledge about Ho Chi Minh’s Life and the Post-Vietnamese Revolution. After visiting, the crew continued our cycling in Vietnam tour to the Gate of Heaven. Following lunch on the peak, we biked to the top, then rode down to the Tra Linh Town ship.

Day 3: Tra Linh – Trung Khanh – Ban Gioc Waterfall Biking Trip

We started our cycling day by riding out of town and descending to Trung Khanh. Took in stunning views and incredible vistas as we biked through the heart of the Global Geopark in Vietnam. We continued our journey and left the lonely track to reach Quay Son River.

While riding through the border belt, across a bamboo bridge, and cycling past charming villages and green rice paddy fields, we took in the breathtaking and lush scenery. Following lunch at Ecohomestay, we took our first kayak ride on the Quay Son river.

Day 4: Quay Son Kayaking And Cycling Tour

Our brand-new multi-adventure Vietnam cycle tours began at the hotel. From there, we cycled on the tarmac to Dam Thuy Commune, where we turned onto a single track that led to a kayaking location. To reach Ban Gioc Waterfall, we started paddling our kayaks down the Quay Son River.

Then, our crew continued our Vietnam cycling tours to the hotel through gorgeous towns and lush green rice paddies after enjoying the kakaying session. After lunch, we biked to a neighboring guesthouse to see Nguom Ngao, a unique and enigmatic cave in Cao Bang.

Day 5: Ban Gioc – Ha Lang – Quang Uyen Cycle Tour

Today, we woke up early to visit the breathtaking Ban Gioc Waterfall, the fourth-largest border-crossing waterfall in the world. After seeing the fall and massive limestone mountains, we headed back to the hotel to have breakfast. Then, we started our new cycling day by traveling along the border to Hanh Lang town.

We pedaled along a river through rice fields, quiet villages, and other undulating terrains. Then, the journey became more difficult since we had to cross three mountain passes. After lunch, we cycled downhill on a newly paved route that led to Quang Uyen town.

Day 6: Quang Uyen Loop Biking Tour

After breakfast, we rode on a single-track road from Quang Uyen to ecovillages to take in the breathtaking views and beautiful green rice paddies. Biking through charming towns, over rivers, streams, and a hillside to reach Hong Dai and Thoi Nhang. We continued cycling to Phia Thap village, home of the Phia Thap Epic Loop.

In this 40-kilometer trip through dirt roads, our crew visited a small basket-weaving village, observing the process of manufacturing a basket. After that, we traveled through the loop’s southern half before stopping at a refreshing spring, where we had a quick dip in the water to cool off.

Day 7: Quang Uyen – Phia Thap – Trung Vuong – Cao Bang Cycling Trip

Our day started with cycling around Cao Bang City and stopped at a paper-producing village. We had the opportunity to witness how locals make paper while listening to the explanation of the tour guide. Interestingly enough, this method has been inherited and utilized for decades.

Following this incredible experience, we continued traveling along the same narrow road that led to Phia Thap, Trung Vuong Commune, and Tu Do Commune. While stopping by a hill tribe village, we met Ms. Ling, a local woman with the brightest smile. Listening to her stories about her hometown and people was the best part of our Vietnam biking trip today.

Day 8: Cao Bang Transferring To Hanoi

Our cycling tours in Vietnam were coming to an end. After a hearty breakfast, our crew was ready to return to Hanoi. The ride took us five and a half hours. Stopped for lunch and refreshments along the way. 

Once we arrived in Hanoi, we went to our hotel. Then, we had a farewell dinner with other crew members, closing our fantastic journey.


Cao Bang mountainous province is among the most beautiful regions in Vietnam. This Cao Bang Cycling & Kayaking tour is ideal for venturesome and nature lovers. Sign up now to have a thrilling Vietnam exploration. Also, do not forget to follow the site for more exciting Vietnam motorbike tours and cycling tours.

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