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Central Highland Bike Tour – Discovering Central Vietnam In 9 Days

The Central Highlands of Vietnam is home to thundering waterfalls, huge longhouses, and several minority cultures. Yet, they are among the least frequented regions of the nation. If you have a sense of adventure, why not join our Central Highland Bike Tour to discover these unexplored regions?

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Central Highland Bike Tour

Central Highland Bike Tour – Cycling Through Outstanding Mountains

Day 1: Da Lat Arrival Cycling Tour

It’s our first day of our bike tours in Vietnam. We started biking for around 30 kilometers to Elephant waterfall. Here, we took in the stunning views of the jungle, the woodland, the coffee plantations, passion fruit farm, mushroom farms, flower and vegetable fields, etc., on both sides of the road.

Our first stop is a coffee plantation and a farm where weasel coffee is grown to see how it is made in the Central Highlands. The coffee here has an unmatched, unique flavor that we’ve never tasted before.

Day 2: Da Lat – Lak Lake Biking Trip

Today we biked from the hotel to Phi Lieng Village, where the vehicle was ready to take the whole crew to Lak Lake. The route is very calm as it winds through the jungle and offers stunning views of Langbian in the distance.

Once we arrived, we were stunned by the exotic longhouses of the tribe’s people. A local person named Oeng even invited us into his house. He also told us stories about his family and village, giving us a better understanding of the local life.

Day 3: Lak Lake Bike Trip

This is the Gong cultural area in the Central Highlands of Vietnam includes seventeen minorities from the Austronesian and Austro-Asian linguistic families. Every Gong conceals a god or goddess who grows more potent with age. The Gong is used in all communal rites as the primary ceremonial instrument.

As we went along the lake, we were treated to beautiful views of the eco-lodge, surrounding mountains, and several crops, including corn, rice, coffee, etc. We came across Mr. Long, a local farmer herding his calves to the pastures.

Day 4: Lak Lake – Dray Sap Fall – Buon Me Thuot Cycle Trip

We started today’s Vietnam bike tours by pedaling to see the fantastic natural beauty and unspoiled hill tribes of Jun Village. After lunch, we returned to the long house at Lak Lake to rest before the 50 km bicycle journey to Buon Me Thuot.

We also visited the magnificent Dray Sap fall, the biggest fall in Central Vietnam. The waterfall appeared more remarkable due to the sunlight filtering through the greenery, giving us the chance to take stunning pictures to save memories.

Day 5: Buon Ma Thuot – Pleiku Cycling Tour

After the delicious, we headed on another biking session of 30km through coffee farms and rolling hills before diverging onto a real backroad. This route brought us to a 25 km long, breathtaking rubber tree plantation.

The final 10 kilometers were on a lovely country road that finally got wider and meandered through a few tiny towns and farms. Finally, the crew arrived at Pleiku.

Day 6: Pleiku – Kontum Biking Tour

After recharging, we got up early and enjoyed a hearty breakfast. Then, we were ready for our bike Vietnam tours exploring Pleiku City, the Central Highlands’s capital, before traveling to Greenfield, home to the Ba Na and Gia Rai people, to visit their farms and listen to traditional music.

We even encountered Mr. Peng, an ethnic Gia Rai, who welcomed us with the biggest smile on his face and played a music piece that he had learned from his father.

Day 7: Kontum – Kham Duc Cycle Trip

Today was a challenging day for us. After breakfast, we biked on the Ho Chi Minh trail to Kham Duc. As we went, we had a chance to see lovely scenic views and ethnic minority villages such as Tay, Ba Na, Nung, etc. 

The highlight of our Vietnam cycling tours is the visit to the Phoenix Airport, a historical site in Kham Duc, to learn more about the tragic Vietnam War.

Day 8: Kham Duc – Hoi An Bike Tour

After breakfast with our live host, we traveled down to Hoi An on a paved road while passing through tea, rubber, and cashew nut plantations. I hadn’t ever seen the cashew apple in person before, so it took me by surprise seeing the scarlet fruit with the nut growing outside.

The most exciting part of the Vietnam bike trip was observing the contrast between the deforested mountains and jungle forests, which directly resulted from the American War. Then, we left the highland region behind and pedaled down to the coast.

Day 9: Hoi An Biking Tour

This is our last day on this Vietnam bike tour. Hoi An, a Vietnamese world heritage site, has long served as a crossroads for cultures and has managed to maintain its antiquity.

We cycled and were amazed by this unique cultural monument’s architecture and street layout, demonstrating the blend of indigenous and foreign influences. After the ride, we returned to the hotel and ended our incredible journey.

Wrapping Up

Central Highland Bike Tour should be on top of your to-do list when traveling in Vietnam. The typical tourist routes in Vietnam frequently omit the unexplored and enigmatic Central Highlands region. So, do not miss the chance to discover this land.

It is a region with vast forests and majestic mountains where ethnic minorities live and have always upheld their traditions and identities. Follow our site for more information about Vietnam motorbike tours and bicycle tours.

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