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Choose Vehicle for your Vietnam Bike Trips

Meta: Cycle tour in Vietnam always provides the most comprehensive experience. Allow the bicycle to accompany you on your exploration of Vietnam.

Vietnam Bike trips

Backpacking is a type of discovery tourism that allows young people to learn about and experience many new places and things. However, many people, particularly young people, are responding to the present trend of cycling by bicycle. We will introduce everyone to the experience of planning for Vietnam bike trips in this article. A trip by bike will be fun and perfect when you prepare the experience. Here are some cycling experiences.

Choosing a dedicated mountain bike

Bicycles are indispensable in the trip. To be able to go well, you need to prepare a dedicated mountain bike. Bicycles are vehicles designed specifically for travel. The wheel of a mountain bike has a solid frame and runs smoothly on the road. The tire and inner lining of the bike are very thick. This dirt bike is suitable for all terrains and withstands high loads.

Vietnam bike trips

Plan a suitable trip

In any activity, it is necessary to define a specific plan. Whether traveling by car or bicycle, you need a plan. You can plan in detail how long the road is, where to stop and what difficulties the road will have. In addition, it is also important to watch the weather forecast and prepare cash if there is no ATM where you go. You can refer to the sample plans at the websites of tourism organizations or acquaintances to get a proper plan.

Knowledge of vehicles when preparing to travel by bicycle

Going on a road trip is a long journey, so it is necessary to learn about vehicles when preparing to go on a bike trip. There may not be a repairman on that stretch of road. Therefore, if you encounter a car problem, you can repair it yourself and continue going. It’s important to remember to bring repair tools with you. Check the tires, the inside of the car is firm, the chain is smooth. And especially check if the brakes are worn out because worn brakes will affect the safety while riding.

Khong Binh

Road Bike (Road Bike)

This type of bike is also known as a racing bike, designed to ride on flat asphalt roads. If you are a speed enthusiast then this beautiful car is a great choice.

The chassis, tires, and saddle are specially designed to help users create a posture when pedaling to reduce friction and improve speed.

Mountain Bike (MTB)

Mountain bikes are often used for riding on rough roads. Catering to adventure enthusiasts on steep mountain terrains.

Therefore, this car is designed with larger tires, with shock absorbers so that users can comfortably control on uneven terrain. If you want to conquer rocky roads, mountain bikes are always the best choice.

Touring Bike

Cycling is also known as a city bike. This type of bicycle is mainly used for tourism purposes, often used for long distances.

The mountain bike is designed with a long and sturdy frame that can withstand a large load. Wheels with less spikes to limit friction with the road surface.

You can easily use this bike in your daily exercise.

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Folding Bike

As the name suggests, this vehicle has a very flexible mid-body folding feature and is fixed with a locking pin. You can use folding bicycles on long trips with family and friends because of the convenience and compactness of the bike for users.

With this special design, you can easily park your bike in your house, car or bus.

Bike Motor Cross (BMX – Bike Motor Cross)

Performance bicycles are often used for bicycle performances on different terrains such as stairs or basins.

Normally, performance bicycles meet the requirements of compact design, have good grip on the road surface to best serve the performance needs of users.

Street Bike (Hybrid Bike)

Street bikes are a suitable product line to serve the needs of going to school or cycling down the street with friends. This vehicle can both move quickly on flat roads and move smoothly through bad and rocky roads.

You can also use this car to go to work, exercise or travel on short roads.

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Suitable for the target audience

In addition to the purpose of using sports bicycles, today’s bicycles are also designed specifically for each different audience. When choosing the right bike for your age, gender, and bodybuilding, it will make the races much more comfortable, so this is also an important factor that users need to consider.

If you are a man and love sport, you can opt for cars with unique styling, outstanding design and quality and you will be in control of your track.

Other designs specifically for women are more minimalist than lightweight frames and look more feminine. As for children’s bicycles, size is a factor you need to pay attention to when choosing for your baby.

In the elderly, often weakening joints, cycling is also a solution to improve health and these bikes will be designed to be lighter and the neck will also be more flexible.
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Here are some tips to help you choose the right bike for your Vietnam Bike trips. We always provide the best bikes, reasonable plans for your trip in our Country. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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