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Cycling Across Vietnam Hanoi To HCM City – 17 Exciting Days 

The wonderful time spent in Vietnam two years ago nurtured our love for this country. Hence, we decided to go back and explore its picturesque landscapes in a different unique way: Cycling across Vietnam Hanoi to HCM City. Once again, we’ve had great experiences by biking North to South Vietnam with appealing foods, beautiful sceneries, and friendly locals.

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Cycling across Vietnam Hanoi to HCM City

Cycling Across Vietnam Hanoi To HCM City: Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival

We landed at Noi Bai airport one hot summer. How foolish were our worries about the devastating consequences of COVID 19? After two challenging years, Hanoi has achieved significant development, especially in infrastructure. 

In the afternoon, we had a cyclo tour and realized that this city still retained its ancient charm. When we stopped in the Old Quarter, we felt an old way of life in the colonial houses dating back decades.

Day 2: Hanoi To Mai Chau Cycling Tour

According to the Vietnam bike trip schedule, we began our journey to the Southwest. Passing the Luong Son gateway, we came to the wild mountainous areas of the North on undulating roads.

We dropped downhill to Thung Khe Pass and walked along the banks of the Da River. Our eyes captured the green valleys dotted by Muong and Thai villages interspersed with sugarcane farms. Meanwhile, our mouths occasionally said hello to schoolchildren and pretty girls we met along the way.

Day 3: Mai Chau To Pu Luong Biking Route

Leaving the skyscrapers behind, we cycled around Mai Chau in the early morning. Our pedals spun slowly on the trails, passing through some small Thai and Muong villages.

We walked out of the valley and went higher to the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. The scenery shifted into a breathtaking beauty created by the limestone mountains and limitless views from the top.

While the fresh air filled our lungs, we went to Pho Doan market for lunch and headed to Lo Nua for dinner.

Day 4: Biking Tour From Pu Luong To Cuc Phuong

We started the cycling trip to Phu Lung along the corridor path of the reserve. We sometimes pulled over at the local market, corn farm, and sugarcane fields to satisfy our curiosity.

We rested at the beginning of the Ho Chi Minh trail to recharge. Then this road led us to Cuc Phuong National Park. The 45km distance covering a variety of terrains would have turned us off without a fun conversation with our guide along the way.

Day 5: Biking Tours From Cuc Phuong To Tam Coc And Night Train to Hue

This day of our bicycle tours was packed with useful information and unique discoveries. After a tasty breakfast, a shuttle bus took us to every corner of the National Park. An accompanying staff member thoroughly explained the biodiversity population and rare primates at the rescue center.

Arriving in Tam Coc, we returned with our bicycles to visit the pansy plantation and Bich Dong temple. We also spent two hours going deep into the Trang An cave complex by boat.

As exciting activities drained our energy, we called it a day on the night train to Hue.

Day 6: Biking Tour Around Hue

As soon as we stepped out of the station, we fell in love with a peaceful lifestyle and poetic charm. Time seems to have forgotten Hue, where ancient architecture is scattered along the Huong River banks.

To the North, we reached the Imperial Citadel. Despite the severe devastation of the war, the thick walls surrounded by moats still stand as proof of a glorious dynasty in Vietnamese history.

A few kilometers away, the ancient citadel inhabited by the king and his entourage became a famous historical site. It is a large area with palace architecture that has won over time.

We sped up the pedal and got to the four tombs of the Nguyen emperors. If you pay close attention, the architectural arrangement and layout are different, reflecting the aesthetic taste of each dominator.

Day 7: Hue –  Lang Co Beach – Danang – Hoi An Bicycle Tour

Saying goodbye to the town, our bike tours in Vietnam went to the countryside. In contrast to the scattered tribes of the North, this route’s typical image was the communal and tiled houses. We took a group photo at a 200-year-old covered roof bridge called Thanh Toan.

Not long after that, we continued to roll over Thuan An beach, Tu Hien lagoon, and entered highway No. 1. To prepare for the 13 km long climb on Hai Van pass, we ate a full meal at a local restaurant. It was a tough challenge but also exciting.

When we reached the top, floating clouds surrounded us. On the descent, we captured the picturesque Da Nang city from above. Leaving our love of the beach aside, we rode to Hoi An suburbs for a night.

Day 8: Hoian Discovery Bike Tour

We woke up in a peaceful village surrounded by coconut palms. After a hearty breakfast, we wriggled our way through the alleys into town. Most of the houses here are painted yellow lanterns on the front porch. The blend of local and foreign styles creates the unique look of this heritage site. 

We cycled under the luxuriant trees to some traditional villages such as potters, herbal teas, light bulbs, etc. We also followed the planned cycle route to Cua Dai beach. The clear blue sea and golden sand washed away the fatigue of the past days cycling Vietnam.

Day 9: Hoi An – My Lai Massacre – Quang Ngai Cycling Tour

We switched back and forth between boats and bicycles to get from Hoi An to Tam Ky. The water route moves along the Thu Bon River, while the overland one starts from Duy Nghia and follows the coast to the destination.

We visited the My Lai Memorial and listened to a heartbreaking story of war. The video showing the brutal repression of the US military against civilians left us sobbing and terrified.

Day 10: Quang Ngai – Sa Huynh – Tam Quan – Quy Nhon Bike Path

The sea breezes cooled our souls that day. We pedaled along the coast and saw fishing villages and aquaculture farms. The further away from the town, the wilder and fresher nature becomes.

The paved roads to the countryside lifted the pressure off our feet. We gathered cheer from the locals, who waved and said hello on a whim. Finally, in the late afternoon, we arrived at another coastal city – Quy Nhon.

Day 11: Quy Nhon To Tuy Hoa Biking Trip

We spent half a day cruising on the winding roads. The sun shined on the jade-colored sea, creating a sparkling spectacle. We passed some wooden bridges leading to the countryside and then back on the Xuan Canh highway.

After lunch, we traveled by bus to Ghenh Da Dia, where the flat black rocks were arranged in tall clusters. Our final destination was Tuy Hoa city. We had a swim first and a romantic dinner on the golden sand.

Day 12: Cycling From Tuy Hoa To Nha Trang

We went opposite the entrance to Tuy Hoa the day before. The coastline followed us every step until Vung Ro Bay.

We climbed a few medium passes and followed Highway 1 to Dai Lanh. The high temperatures interrupted our Vietnam cycle tours a few times, so we occasionally took a break at the roadside cafes.

Luckily, we reached Nha Trang before dark. A meal of fresh seafood was always the best way to regain energy.

Day 13: Nha Trang – Phan Rang Biking Tour

We seized the chance to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the seas. How strange the watercolor has always remained clear throughout the past few days. We believe that only unspoiled nature serves these amazing spectacles.

From Cam Ranh, we followed one of Vietnam’s most beautiful coastal roads and reached Ninh Chu. Watching the sunset on pedals gave us an unforgettable experience.

Day 14: Phan Rang To Phan Thiet Cycling Tour

Our bikes headed southeast and rolled on paved roads among golden dunes. Due to the hot weather, we envisioned this route as moving in the desert. Hence, it would help to prepare more drinking water bottles than usual.

Contrary to previous travels, not many vehicles joined the roads. However, we did meet a few other groups of bicycles with the same itinerary and had fun during the journey.

Day 15: Phan Thiet – Ke Ga – Binh Chau Biking Route

We got up early to stroll along the beach and watch the sunrise. Meanwhile, the locals have seen this activity as a habit. Many people gathered on the sand to exercise or swim. 

We also visited a sand desert called Doi Hong and tried a fun game: sit on the boards and slide down from the top of the hill. After that, we started long cycling consisting of two stages: 35km to Ke Ga and the next 48km to Binh Chau.

Day 16: Binh Chau – Long Hai  – Vung Tau Cycling Path

We have started a new day freely. The streets in the city were quite busy and crowded. However, the further we went from the center, the resorts gradually became sparse. We moved slowly on the coastal roads and admired the beauty of nature.

We stopped randomly at fishing villages and chatted with the fishermen. The last night of our tour was in Vung Tau. We had a wonderful dinner and reminisced about the great days past.

Day 17: Vung Tau – Hochiminh Biking Tour

Our group had a free morning before departing for Ho Chi Minh City. We shopped for souvenirs at the local market and had coffee at a popular store. Our return flight departed that same evening. We are happy with Vietnam bicycle tours for all the great things on our trip.


Cycling across Vietnam Hanoi to HCM city brings us great memories. Though it was a long and challenging route, we never felt regret for our efforts. Trust us, Vietnam cycling tours are the best way to explore this beautiful country. Get immersed in other Vietnam biking tours on our website and share this post with your fellas!

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