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Cycling Across Vietnam: Two Weeks From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh

After the memorable graduation, we planned a trip to celebrate our new milestone. Many options were on the table, but we fell for a long domestic tour. Cycling across Vietnam took us to beautiful scenes that could only be seen through screens before. They are much more stunning than expected and definitely worth your visit.

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Cycling across Vietnam

Cycling Across Vietnam: A Beautiful Country Worthy Of Recognition

Day 1: Dong Hoi – Phong Nha National Park Cycling Route

We gathered at Dong Hoi station to meet other members and the tour guide. Not long after the brief biking Vietnam schedule, we headed to Phong Nha by bus. Leaving the bustling city, the high-rise buildings disappeared. Through the window, we witnessed the peaceful countryside of the North Central region.

Phong Nha Natural Heritage won our hearts at the very first moment. It looked like a harmonious painting between mysterious caves and jade green water. We boarded a boat to begin our exploration. Mother Nature awarded human stalactites and stalagmites with many eye-catching shapes. “Wonderland” was the only word to describe this spot.

We got off at the cycling point and continued to Chay Lap village. Free of smog and heavy traffic, the village roads followed us from rustic houses and farms to our destination.

Day 2: Phong Nha – Dong Ha Biking Tour

The host invited us to join a pancake-making class for breakfast. Our outcome was not very good at appearance, but the taste. We ate several plates with hot coffee in the charming natural surroundings.

The overflow of energy prompted us to pedal fast. Our vietnam biking tour passed through ripe rice fields and dense rubber forests. A few dozen kilometers before Dong Ha, we stopped at Truong Son National Cemetery. More than 10,000 graves of martyrs indicated the undying patriotism of the Vietnamese and the ruthless devastation of the war against the US.

Day 3: Dong Ha – Hue By Bicycle

Our heart rate had increased since the first steps toward the DMZ. Along the 17th parallel, it represented the division between the two regions of our country during wartime. We cycled past ruins, observation posts, and battle bases.

When our cycling trip passed milestone 17, we reached the Vinh Moc tunnel. We could not believe that such a great underground structure could withstand the terrible bombing and save many innocent lives.

The respect for the previous generation lasted until Ai Tu airport and Quang Tri ancient citadel. The tour guide told us about the fierce 81-day battle in 1972. Along with the story of the “terrible road” to Hue, we deeply felt the meaning of sacrifice for the first time. Cycling Ho Chi Minh road left us with many emotions.

Day 4: Hue Tombs – Lang Co Beach – Hai Van Pass – Da Nang Beach – Hoi An Ancient Trade Port Cycling Tour

Our bike tour traveled on various terrains to typical traditional houses in the countryside. We stopped at Thanh Toan covered bridge, a unique architecture from the 1700s.

At Tu Hien lagoon, we recharged with cool coconut water and tropical fruits. We then crossed short passes and entered highway No. 1. Our feet worked harder than the previous days. Another short rest at Lang Co beach was essential to recovering before Hai Van passed.

The 13km climb took up all of our lunch. However, we were rewarded with panoramic views at the peak. Clouds and oceans seemed to merge into one. We went downhill to the city of Da Nang. The sea breeze blew our hair until Hoi An town.

Day 5: Hoi An Bike Tour

We heard about Hoi An as a world heritage site and felt concerned about the chaos of tourist hordes. Unexpectedly, life in this romantic town was slow and quiet. Locals have lived in old tiled houses with red lanterns on the eaves. According to the chessboard construction, we found peace of mind while wandering the streets.

Unique architectures such as Japanese-covered bridges or ancient communal houses attracted much interest. However, our attention fell to the long-established villages. Despite the development of the smoke industry, skilled artisans preserved the traditional craft as the pride of their family and beloved Vietnam. 

Day 6: Hoi An – Duy Nghia – My Lai Massacre – Quang Ngai Bicycle Trip

We took a short cycling trip to the marina and loaded the bikes onto the boat. Watercraft moved along the Thu Bon River and dropped us off at Duy Nghia. Our delegation continued through endless white sand beaches to Tam Ky.

We floated to some new territories, such as Chu Lai and Dung Quat. Back to the pedal, we visited the My Lai Massacre. Once again, the shocking stories of war captured our hearts. Videos showing the tragedies of civilians perpetrated by foreign troops haunted us.

Day 7: Quang Ngai – Sa Huynh – Quy Nhon Biking Path

Biking Ho Chi Minh trail brought us to the root of untouched nature. As scheduled, we went to fishing villages and vast lagoons. The daily life of the locals was associated with the sea. After her family’s offshore fishing trip, a woman bragged about a good harvest. If we treat nature well, it will give back more.

The wheels rolled on the paved roads further away from the town. We slowed down to meet friendly strangers. Sometimes, we stopped for a casual chat with the kids coming home from school. We arrived in Quy Nhon after sunset.

Day 8: Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa Bike Route

The emerald green beaches followed us throughout the day. We passed Highway 1 and turned left into the suburbs. We left the chaos of life out of our heads and enjoyed the quiet on the undulating roads. Only unspoiled nature was on our minds at that time. From Xuan Hoa, we cycled through rustic villages by the sea. One by one, the members crossed the small wooden bridges over the canals.

After lunch, we got on the bus to Tuy Hoa. An impressive stop in the middle was Ghenh Da Dia. From a distance, we envisioned it as a giant beehive standing out in the middle of the blue sea. The closer we approached, the more the rocks were lined up or tilted as if arranged by a god.

Day 9: Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang Bicycle Tour

We proceeded to Tuy Hoa beach on the other side. The country road was dense with bridges and went straight to Vung Ro Bay. This Vietnam biking route served rows of green trees, vast grasslands, and simple houses in the middle of large land.

We started the pedal from Dai Lanh beach to Nha Trang. The gentle breeze and small waves on the sea surface create a large and soothing space.

We started the pedal from Dai Lanh to Nha Trang. Surrounded by mountains, the beaches had gentle rolling waves. Soft breezes, fluffy clouds, and a glimpse of the blue sea on the left wing made our cycling pleasant.

Day 10: Nha Trang – Phan Rang Cycling Trip

We commuted for 1 hour to Cam Ranh. The harsh temperature took a toll on us. On the bright side, the stunning landscapes gave a lot of motivation. For instance, the sun shone its rays on the sea, creating brilliant scenery. The shining waves sparkled as if they carried countless crystals. 

The enchanting landscape stayed still along the coastal route to Ninh Chu. When the sun went down, this town took on a poetic look. The yellow and purple colors that covered the scene give off a slightly sad vibe.

Day 11: Phan Rang – Phan Thiet Biking Trip

To the southeast, we entered a new road with little traffic. Fortunately, we came across several bike tours with the same schedule. We got close to each other, made a few new friends, and shared our wonderful experiences over the past few days.

We gathered in a large group, like a professional bicycle race. Our cycle tour went past the deserted sands and then to the tall dunes. This feature indicated that the territory of Phan Thiet was not far ahead.

Day 12: Phan Thiet – Ke Ga – Binh Chau Bicycle Path

We woke up early to wait for the sunrise and jump into the sea. We also took a quick visit to the golden sand desert called the Rose Hills before it suffered from the scorching heat.

We cycled along the coast to get around Phan Thiet. It was easy to notice that resorts dominated the central area. The blue beaches and white sands attracted a lot of tourists.

Out of the city, we encountered many fishing villages and fish sauce factories. Some foreigners might be annoyed by the strong smell, but it was reminiscent of cozy family meals.

Day 13: Binh Chau – Long Hai  – Vung Tau Bike Tour

Our morning was spent leisurely on a beach teeming with fishing boats. The fishermen returned from a long night out in the ocean. Most were satisfied with their baskets full of seafood. A spontaneous market took place right here among the local women.

We were back on our way after lunch. Vietnam biking tour from Long Hai to Vung Tau ran along jade-colored beaches. No words can describe the picturesque landscape unless you feel it on the spot.

Day 14: Transfer From Vung Tau To Ho Chi Minh

We went for a stroll on the beach of Vung Tau while waiting for the bus. Locals gathered here for exercise and picnics. A few nice friends invited us to join their activities.

Around 9 o’clock, the support vehicle arrived and transferred us to Ho Chi Minh City. We enjoyed a free evening in the bustling streets until midnight.

Day 15: Ending

We took advantage of the remaining time to shop for souvenirs at Ben Thanh market. Then our wonderful biking Vietnam journey came to an end. We got on the plane and went back to Hanoi. However, the memorable experiences of the past 14 days will never fade.


Cycling across Vietnam opened a new page in our lives in a way that could not be better. We became stronger and more optimistic about our plans with memories beyond imagination. Mental improvement is a promise for the Vietnam bike tour as long as you dare to try. Make it a reality today!

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