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Cycling Central Highland To Coast – 10 Great Days to Enjoy All

Cycling central highland to coast tours have been gaining the attention of many tourists. Driving the bike through unique alleys and interesting trails brings the explorers unforgettable experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to contemplate the marvelous sights, from local crops to mountainous walls and sparkling beaches.


Cycling central highland to coast

This post will clearly show you about this trip. Let’s see what is waiting for us on this amazing tour!


Lots of foreigners still recognize Vietnam through the prism of war. However, the fact that it’s a nation characterized by stunning natural beauty and peaceful life. Moreover, Vietnam has gradually become a must-try Asia destination, known for its spectacular natural beauties, locals’ hospitality, incredible legacy, and well-preserved history.

Vietnam’s landscapes come from the rough Northern mountains, the South’s featured rice fields, and the beautiful beaches that encircle the nation’s curved coastline.

Therefore, cycling is unquestionably a fantastic way to experience breathtaking natural beauty and unique, interesting activities. For example, explorers can swim in cool water on a crystal-clear beach or enjoy the gorgeous mountainous cliffs of the South Central area.

This tour will go through well-known and attractive destinations, including Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, Buon Me Thuot, Nha Trang, and Phan Thiet.

Cycling Central Highland To Coast Details

Day 1: Welcome to Ho Chi Minh

You land in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, at Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is also known as “the pearl of the Far East.” 

One of Asia’s most memorable places from the early days is Saigon, Vietnam’s biggest and bustling city. This city has a more Western vibe than any others in the nation. 

It is a city of stunning contrasts, such as upscale eateries, international hotels, and modern clubs coexisting with street food stands, old local houses, cyclo drivers, etc. Flea markets, karaoke services, pagodas, golf, bowling games, malls, etc., all operate with each other interestingly. The bustling and congested atmosphere contributes to the city’s attraction.

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City – Dalat

Now, let’s start enjoying a four to five hours transportation to Di Linh, the town with a fresh atmosphere of Lam Vien highland. Then, we head to Dalat. We will continue for approximately 30 km cycling on the beautiful tarmac road to Dalat City. 

We will have the opportunity to contemplate mesmerizing scenery, from lush pine forests to coffee and pepper plantations or local farms spread out the hills.

Day 3: Explore Dalat – The City Of Love

Once people are in Dalat, it’s hard for them to control their exploration desire. Dalat is called the city of love as it brings a certain romantic atmosphere. The cool temperature, along with alleys and roads surrounded by lush trees and various flowers, makes the city ideal for tourism and exploration.

Take a long ride from the central flea market to Xuan Huong lake, then head to the suburban area. You’ll be amazed by picturesque combinations, such as churches, pagodas, small streets, houses, colonial buildings, etc. Moreover, many coffee shops offer great views to admire the sunset.

Day 4: Dalat City – Lak Lake

Now, we head to Lak lake, a dreamy destination among the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, described as a pearl in the middle of thousands, possessing a poetic beauty that is extremely charming, attracting anyone from the first time they arrive.

The road is peaceful, descending through the pine forests with beautiful sights. The ride down the tarmac road that leads to Lak Lake may bring you unforgettable experiences. When arriving, don’t forget to photograph the breathtaking natural beauty.

Day 5: Lak Lake – Buon Me Thuot City

At this point, we’ll travel by boat to a secluded community on the opposite side of Lak Lake. We can take a short trek from this village. Additionally, tourists can ride elephants here. After exploring the area, we’ll ride around 50 kilometers to Buon Me Thuot City.

Continue a flat ride for another 20 kilometers to reach the Dray Sap Falls. At the falls, swimming and relaxing are irreplaceable activities. Then, let’s stay in Ban Me Thuot City for the evening to explore local foods.

Day 6: Ban Me Thuot – Yok Don National Park –  Don Village

After breakfast, we start riding to Yok Don National Park by turning off the road and passing villages, plantations, and cashew farms. We’ll reach the national park before arriving in Don village. Let’s start by visiting the unique hanging bridges and local hunter’s houses when you get there around noon.

There are approximately 60 kilometers of biking on this day. Pay a visit to the Museum of Ethnic Minority Cultures. This museum is located in the former French Consul’s residence, which dates to 1927. 

It is home to a significant collection of cultured costumes and ethnological artifacts from the area’s minority communities, particularly the M’nong and the E-de. The region’s revolution is summarized and visualized for guests. One of the most interesting activities is visiting the Buon Me Thuot market to observe the locals going about their daily lives. Trying local foods is a must-try thing.

Day 7: Buon Me Thuot – Khanh Hoa – Ninh Van

From Buon Me Thuot, we’ll take a quick transport to Ea Kar. Then, we set out on our amazing cycling Vietnam trip by biking from Ea Kar to the eastern coast.

The most exciting part of the ride is when you experience the marvels from the forests, lush and fresh air, and background natural sounds. A 10-kilometer descent route features views from the plains to the stunning sea.

When arriving in Khanh Hoa territory, we head out for about 6 kilometers to Doc Let beach. This is one of the attractive destinations of the coastal city, possessing a long coastline, fine white sand, and clear blue water. We can participate in joyful activities like swimming, windsurfing, snorkeling, or taking a stroll around this lovely beach.

Day 8: Ninh Van  – Nha Trang

The route from Ninh Van to Nha Trang is worth-to-try for many bike tours Vietnam lovers. We start cycling for approximately 30 kilometers on a breathtakingly beautiful road. We’ll pass fishing villages, small towns, and local flea markets during the trail before reaching the major road.

The path is lovely and attractive as it curves down the sea. However, it can get crowded at times. There will be brief transfers at certain roadways to avoid traffic jams. As a result, we may arrive in the city of Nha Trang in the late afternoon. Then, let’s spend time exploring the bustling vibe of Nha Trang city and having dinner at local food shops, which may amaze you.

Day 9: Nha Trang – Phan Rang

From Nha Trang, let’s spend more than an hour transferring to Cam Ranh town. On the way, tourists can see the breath-blowing beauty of Mother nature. When we get to the cycling location, we start riding on the good paved road that leads to Ninh Chu, a beautiful beach located in Phan Rang city’s territory. 

This cycling route is considered as one of the greatest rides for bike tours Vietnam. While biking, impressive scenery combined with breezy winds from the sea will make you feel fresher than ever.

It’s a good idea to relax on Ninh Chu beach. People can swim, try seafood with locals’ recipes, admire the sunset, etc.

Day 10: Phan Rang – Phan Thiet

In our cycling central highland to coast details, Phan Thiet City is the last destination. The last great day would bring you unique experiences before returning to Saigon.

We’ll ride southeast comfortably on the newly constructed road in the morning. The good thing here is that it’s uncrowded. In addition, most bikers like the locals’ hospitality here a lot. You can meet friendly people on the way who randomly say “hi” or “hello” to you.

Phan Thiet is a famous beach tourist destination in Vietnam with long white sandy beaches, a blue sea, and soaring coconut trees. Arriving here, you can enjoy stunning landscapes and sunbathe on pristine sandy beaches. Phan Thiet is also well-known for its beautiful red sand dunes, attracting many people to take photos. Local fruits and seafood in the region also gain lots of fans.


Taking mountain bike tours Vietnam is ideal for exploration lovers. We hope that after spending time on this “cycling central highland to coast” article, you’ll pack it up and start an unforgettable trip.

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