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Cycling Central Highland Vietnam – Unwind Mysterious Area In 7 Awesome Days

Central Highland, or Tay Nguyen in Vietnamese, is a must-visit in any off-the-beaten-path travel guide for Vietnam. It provides some of the most genuine cultures and is renowned for its excellent Vietnamese tea and coffee. 

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Cycling Central Highland Vietnam

If you want to discover this region, sign up for our Cycling Central Highland Vietnam is the way to go. You will have the best experiences and recollections of this magnificent region from this trip.

Cycling Central Highland Vietnam

Day 1: Da Lat – Lak Lake Cycling Tour

Starting off our first day of the bike Vietnam tours, we cycled to Elephant waterfall, a must-visit site in Da Lat. The first rest was at a Weasel coffee farm to learn how it is made in the Central Highlands.

After cycling to the summit, the crew stopped for a quick picnic lunch in a little coffee shop. Then, we continued biking to Phi Lieng Village, where the vehicle was ready to drive you to Lak Lake before dusk.

Day 2: Lak Lake Discover Biking Trip

The Gong cultural area in the Central Highlands of Vietnam includes 17 minorities from the Austronesian and Austro-Asian linguistic families. We pedaled for another 6km on a moderately challenging track to get to Yang Tao village from Lak Tented Camp.

Cycling along the lake opened up beautiful views of the nearby mountains, the eco-lodge, and local crops like corn, rice, cassava, coffee, and many more.

Day 3: Lak Lake – Buon Me Thuot Bike Tour

Another fantastic day of our bike tours in Vietnam. We pedaled from the village of Jun Minority across rice fields and a tiny cement road before arriving at a local ferry to Lieng Commune. 

The crew continued to cycle on cement roads through several M’nong rural settlements. Following lunch, we continued biking to E Rang village, where the support vehicle was ready to drive us to Buon Me Thuot City.

Day 4: Buon Me Thuot – Nha Trang Cycle Trip

Following breakfast, we went roughly 80 kilometers to Chu Kuk from Buon Me Thuot City. Arriving at your destination, we continued riding down a peaceful country road past farms growing coffee, cacao, and cassava roots.

Cycling on a cement road after lunch as we ascended a hill to Heaven’s Gate; it’s a challenging last obstacle to your adventurous Vietnam cycling tours. Took a short rest at the summit of Heaven’s Gate, then kept riding down to M’Drak, where our vehicle transported us to Nha Trang.

Day 5: Dam Mon Island – The Light Coral Resort Cycling Tour

After breakfast at the hotel, we were free to explore Van Phong Bay’s clear water and vibrant coral. 

Since the Hon Lon and Hon Gom peninsulas form a bow around Dam Mon, its beaches are protected from strong winds and waves throughout the year, making it easier for us to rest and engage in leisure activities. We also cycled around the fishing village to have a closer look at the local life.

Day 6: Dam Mon Island – The Light Coral Resort Bike Trip

Today was another day of Vietnam bike tours. We got to spend our time freely. The crew biked to the sites where lobster, cobia, grouper, and other species were raised. We even had an opportunity to touch up-to-40-kilogram cobias and some-kilogram lobsters. Then, we talked to Mr. Long, the owner of this lobster farm, and listened to the stories about his fishing village and people.

Afterward, we kicked off our pedals and headed to the beach to swim. It’s a beautiful place to soak in crystal-clear water beneath the glistening sun.

Day 7: Dam Mon Island – The Light Coral Resort – Nha Trang

It’s our last day of this fantastic Vietnam bike tour. After breakfast at the resort, we were free to do as we chose until we departed for Nha Trang City. We took a short stroll on vibrant streets, went to a local fish market, and looked at all the fresh goods.

Then, we made the most of the brief amount of time we had left by visiting the beach to take one more look at the pristine white sand and deep blue ocean.


The enigmatic Central Highland region of Vietnam is frequently overlooked on the typical tourist routes around Vietnam. It is a place populated by mountains, sparse forests, and ethnic minorities that are clinging to their cultural identity. Join our Cycling Central Highland Vietnam to make the most out of your discovering Vietnam journey.

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