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Cycling Central Vietnam To The Coast – Enjoy the Beautiful Sights in 10 Days

Nowadays, many people, including locals and foreigners, favor biking across Vietnam, thanks to its reasonable price and great convenience. 

Cycling Central Vietnam to the coast is the most popular trip model as people can stand a great chance of adoring the stunning beauty of the natural settings. During this cycling Vietnam trip, travelers can also widen their social circles by making more friends along the way. 


cycling Central Vietnam to the coast

Below is the detailed tour itinerary for you to consider before deciding whether to launch this wonderful journey or not.

Cycling Central Vietnam To The Coast: Cycling Itinerary In 10 Days

Departing from Ho Chi Minh City, we cycle to Dalat – Buon Me Thuot before descending to Whale Island, where you can revel in the scenic beauty of underwater creatures. Eventually, we will finish the journey by riding along the coast to Nha Trang city. 

During these ten days, you may have wonderful opportunities to explore magnificent tourist attractions from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City, namely the famous Flower garden, Lak Lake, the untouched beauty of Jun Village, and Dray Sap Fall. Stay tuned, and keep scrolling down!

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City Arrival

The biking journey starts in Ho Chi Minh city. It is the largest and busiest city in Vietnam, outstandingly shown by its fast-paced and modern lifestyle. 

Hundreds of exclusive restaurants, elegant new international hotels, and trendy bar clubs are side-by-side with common countryside sights, namely noodle stalls or paddle fields, which create a striking contrast. 

Undoubtedly, bustling, booming, crowded, and noisy are all correct words to describe this addictive and mesmerizing city.

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City – Da Lat Bicycle Tour

Our first stop of  the mountain bike tours Vietnam is Da Lat, famous for its comfortable climate and breathtaking beauty of pristine nature. The atmosphere and environment in Da Lat will effectively help you let off steam by alleviating stress and mental pressures.

Indeed, this is an ideal outlet for people to sway from the city’s hustle and bustle. Arrive here, peace your mind and recharge your batteries after a stressful period. 

Day 3: Da Lat And Outskirts Bike Tour

It is a misery if you forget Da Lat outskirts. There are plenty of back roads with green vegetables and diverse flowers along the side for you to adore and chill while cycling. 

Ride alongside Xuan Huong Lake before turning off to pedal in the shadow of Langbiang Mountain. The ride will lead you to flower farms and gardens planted by locals here, through small villages, past ornate cemeteries, and historic churches. Enjoy them all! 

Day 4: Da Lat – Lak Lake Biking Tour

At this phase, it is highly recommended that you catch a shuttle bus to the summit before embarking on a riding trip from the top of Langbiang mountain. 

The road is very quiet, and the breeze gently sways the jungle with superb views of Lak Lake from a great distance. Chill and enjoy this marvelous and unforgettable scenery. 

Day 5: Lak Lake – Dray Sap Falls – Buon Me Thuot Cycle Trip

Our next stop on the biking tour is Jun village, where you can explore the unique cultures and customs of the Ede tribe, which surely comes as a pleasant surprise for you. Besides, you can also learn how to feed and care for wild elephants with the assistance of local people. 

After visiting Jun village, you will head to Dray Sap waterfalls and have an opportunity to contemplate magnificent flows of water falling, surrounded by the mysterious mist. Take a deep breath and let your soul harmonize with mother nature.

Day 6: Dray Sap Falls – Yok Don Park – Buon Me Thuot Cycle Tour

The itinerary also includes Yok Don park as an amazing destination for you to get more in-depth knowledge about animals’ habits and plantations exclusively growing in Vietnam.

You can also visit the Museum of Ethnic Minority Cultures, which displays a vital collection of ethnological artifacts related to the region’s minority communities, a wonderful chance to know more about Vietnamese ethnic cultures. 

Day 7: Buon Me Thuot – Nha Trang – Whale Island Bike Tour

Leaving Buon Me Thuot, you will head to the coast. During the cycling trek, you can experience the contrast between two roadsides, the jungle of the old days and deforested mountains, testaments to the terrible effect of the American war on Vietnam’s nature.

Along the biking route, you can also be mesmerized by stupendous hills, picturesque plains, and classic views of historical buildings. All combine to create a captivating charm of this grandiose mountainous area. This mountain bike tour Vietnam is awesome, right?

Day 8: Whale Island Free And Leisure Cycling Tour

Whale Island is an eco-friendly resort surrounded by crystal clear seas and colorful sea life. It is also home to thousands of marine creatures, such as dolphins and sea fishes.

It would be best if you experience activities served on Whale Island, such as windsurfing, snorkel diving, or simply strolling along the coast to admire the beautiful aquatic nature.

Day 9: Whale Island – Nha Trang City Biking Tour

Leaving Whale Island, you ride 60km to Nha Trang city center with busy daily lifestyles. Don’t forget to visit the night market in Nha Trang, as there are so many delicious traditional dishes symbolizing Vietnamese culture.

If you want to rest after a tiring day, check in at the hotel for a well-earned recuperation. Afterward, enjoy a seafood dinner here, as Nha Trang is famous for its abundance and high quality of seafood.

Day 10: Nha Trang Departure  

After a hearty dinner and a tight sleep, you will wake up with a refreshing mind. Try the last-ditch effort to capture all the beauty there before coming back home.

The Vietnam bike tours have come to an end. You can purchase souvenirs or specialties as gifts for your family and friends at home before departing on a safe flight.


Hopefully, this article has provided all the necessary information about Cycling Central Vietnam to the coast tour. Unforgettable experiences and gorgeous scenery are waiting for you to savor.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Book and enjoy a wonderful Vietnam cycling trip right now if you don’t want to regret it! Thanks for reading.

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