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Cycling Far North Vietnam – 15 Great Days to Discover People & Sights

Vietnam is famous for captivating and breathtaking sceneries and great memories. It offers contrasting reflections of vibrant and bustling cities. At the same time, quaint and peaceful villages still bring peace of mind.

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Cycling far north vietnam

Two-week cycling far north Vietnam tour, one of the best bike tours Vietnam, will allow you to explore this attractive country in your unique style. Picturesque limestone mountains, fresh seafood, and breathtaking rice hillside terrace are just a few rewarding highlights.

Cycling Far North Vietnam – Detail Itinerary

Your tour will start from Hanoi to Son Duong and vice versa. Here is the detailed schedule:

Day 1: Arrive In Hanoi

Welcome to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, at Noi Bai International Airport. Here, you will be greeted and picked up by the tour guide and driver. Hanoi is a well-known dynamic yet antique city that boasts striking Asian colonial architecture and unique world charm.

A cyclo ride lets you enjoy the modern and ancient beauty along the bustling streets. On the first day, welcoming dinner and an overnight party are awaiting.

Day 2: Hanoi To Bac Son Bicycle Tour

The next day will kick start with a hearty breakfast and preparation for the cycling journey. We will take you to Thai Nguyen to visit a hill museum with tribal minorities. Don’t be surprised to find 54 different Vietnamese ethnic minorities with distinctive features.

You will start here and pedal to Bac Son town in Lang Son. This vast valley is surrounded by many mountains, which contributes to the poetic scenery.

Day 3: Bac Son To Quang Uyen Cycling Tour

Peaceful villages with daily local life are a special award for any early bird. You will also have a chance to have local pancakes in the early morning.

It’s time to cycle to visit the Bac Son historical relic museum. There displays pictures, objects, and documents of the Viet Minh revolution against the French in 1940.

Instead of having lunch in the hotel, let’s have a picnic in That Khe junction. Tonight, all members stayed in the Duy Huong hotel.

Day 4: Quang Uyen – Ban Gioc Cycle Tour

The next morning, you can visit the local market to meet friendly locals and learn about their production. 

Prepare to behold the spectacular ranges of karst mountain along the way. Sometimes, you will encounter some houses dotted on the lush jungle with some wisps of smoke coming up.

Then, we will head to Quang Uyen town after conquering a 7km stiff pass and take a break for lunch upon arriving in the town. After that, the biking trip takes you to the stunning Ban Gioc waterfall and great mountain ranges. You will spend the night at a resort in the town.

Day 5: Ban Gioc – Cao Bang Biking Tour

Kick off the day from the frontier road. Our next destination is Pac Po, where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked for nearly thirty years from 1940 to 1943. 

Pay a visit to Lenin spring water, Coc Po cave, and Caremark mountain. Then, continue cycling following the Ho Chi Minh route to Cao Bang to enjoy a delectable meal for lunch. The afternoon and evening is your me-time to unwind and explore the city.

Day 6: Cao Bang – Bao Lac Bike Tour

This part of the journey is tough and long, so you must conquer steep passes. Yet, the breathtaking scenery with fresh air will satisfy your sightseeing appetite. 

The only thing that accompanies you on the road is the wide range of flourishing rice paddies sandwiched among extremely large cliffs. After the first easy 25 km biking route, we will challenge ourselves with a steep road before stopping for lunch. Then, we head to Bao Lac and check in at a hotel in the afternoon.

Day 7: Bao Lac – Meo Vac Biking Trip

The purified nature is always the best motivation for a biking north Vietnam day. You can stop to take pictures of the Nho Que river and limestone panoramas along the way to Meo Vac. 

The limestone landscape, coupled with the dreamy sight of the Nho Que river winding off in the distance, is something you will always cherish. 

After having lunch in Meo Vac, we pedal along the wind, heading to the crowded town to enjoy our night.

Day 8: Meo Vac – Yen Minh Bicycle Trip

This is a great cycling day for our Vietnam mountain bike tour to explore Ma Phi Leng Pass. It is hard to resist the beauty of coin terraces, picturesque panoramas, and the daily life of hill tribes. Here, you can visit Vuong Palace, with well-preserved architecture.

Minority groups, notably the Hmong, comprise the majority of this area’s population. Play close attention since you will have a chance to encounter the national flag tower of Vietnam. As the sun goes down, you will reach Yen Minh town and spend a night here.

Day 9: Yen Minh to Ha Giang Bike Trip

Can’t wait to enjoy the colorful hill tribal market for some souvenirs. After that, let’s commence another great cycling day with two long climbs. 

Quan ba Twin mountains and Ha Giang Ecological park will surely welcome you with magnificent and pristine scenery. You have to go through pine forests and cross the bridge. The second mid-pass will be your lunch spot. 

Day 10: Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi Bicycle Tour

From the hotel, continue the journey to Tan Quang town on the tarmac and undulating road. This town captivates travelers with fascinating lush forests, rice terraces, and picturesque landscapes.

Before leaving this district, don’t miss out on two heavenly gates and head for Hoang Su Phi town. You will spend another night in Pan Hou ecolodge.

Day 11: Hoang Su Phi – Bac Ha Bike Tour

Off-road, single-track, and mixed road makes this day challenging and hard. You have to challenge yourselves with a naturally incredible pass. On reaching the summit, a superb picnic lunch is waiting for you.

We then cycle to our next destination after a hearty lunch with a visual feast surrounding us. We will choose to follow a single track leading to Lung Cai Commune. The final stop of this day is Bac Ha town, where we will stay at night.

Day 12: Bac Ha – Luc Yen Biking Trip

If you miss a chance to visit other previous markets, Bac Ha’s colorful one is an ideal destination for some shopping. You can enjoy local productions from pancake and coin wine to water pipe tobaccos. 

The special animal corner is also fascinating, including cows, pips, buffaloes, dogs, and chickens. If you are interested in fashion, colorful matrix pan and loin cloth attract your attention.

After having breakfast, you continue the trip along hill tribal villages. Here, enjoy the alluring rice terrace paddy and stunning landscapes. In Pho Giang township, let’s have a break for some tea and coffee.

Day 13: Luc Yen – Vu Linh Bike Route

No need to have a lot of money to visit a gemstone store. You can visit the local gemstone market in Luc Yen from 5 a.m to 7 a.m. This morning, all members will continue on a narrow country route.

This road leads to Thac Ba lake through lush and stunning valleys. Here, the Dao people live around, and you can visit them. Relax and walk around local villages to explore Ba Be lake.

Day 14: Vu Linh – Hanoi Cycle Trip

Early pristine nature is knocking on the window, from which you can view a picturesque lakeside. After checking out, let’s ride to Son Duong and meet hill tribal people. Their daily life is exciting to explore with a morning local sideroad market.

Green tea farms, palm gardens, and gum trees will bring you back to nature. Then, stop at Son Duong to have lunch. After that, head for the newly paved road to Tam Dao. 

Day 15: Come Back To Ha Noi

You will be served breakfast and leisure time in Ha Noi. Take a cycle tour to discover every corner of the Old Quarter to capture the ancient charm of this capital. Enjoy some delicacies like Bun Cha Obama, Pho, or egg coffee. It’s up to you.

Make sure to fill up your stomach before departing for the airport. It’s time to catch the flight and say goodbye. We are sure that finishing this cycling trip will endow you with a satisfying feeling and a sense of appreciation.


We are sure that the cycling far north Vietnam journey will offer you one of the best experiences when visiting this wonderful country.

The trip is worthwhile because of the rich culture of 54 different ethnic minorities and breathtaking sceneries with modern and antique feelings. So don’t hesitate to register for the journey.

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