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Cycling From Hue To Halong Bay: 10 Days For Stunning Scenery

As new adventure seekers, Vietnam bike tours are our first target. Cycling from Hue To Halong Bay takes place first in our long-term travel plan. We got off to a great start due to the little things along the way, especially the picturesque landscape.

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Cycling From Hue To Halong Bay

Cycling From Hue To Halong Bay: Hill Tribe Expedition 

Day 1: Da Nang – Hoi An Biking Route

We caught a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang in the morning. The tour guide came to pick us up at the hotel. A warm-up Vietnam bike trip followed along the coast to the Marble Mountains and My Khe beach.

We drove a long way to the South. Hoi An, a World Cultural Heritage, welcomed us on the first evening. Different from the bustle of Da Nang, this small town possesses an ancient and poetic charm.

Day 2: Hoi An By Bike

We rode our bicycles from the countryside into the heart of Hoi An on a beautiful day. We crossed the rustic villages and luxuriant nipa groves and crept into small alleys.

We did not set our expectations on a popular attraction because of the chaotic prospect of the crowds. However, time seems to have stopped in this dreamland.

The yellow houses still have the silhouette of the past, with tiled roofs, brick walls, and lanterns on the porch. Some unique spots, including the covered roof bride and traditional workshops, attract many tourists. However, we were impressed with the slow pace of life. The locals may have found simple happiness in their lives. 

Day 3: Hoi An – Da Nang

Returning to the original starting point of the Vietnam bike tour, we cycled further to the North. Our tour landed at Red Beach and Nam O bridge. We could not believe that war had ever ravaged these beautiful places.

For a free afternoon of bike Vietnam tours, we went for a walk on the beach and watched the sun go down. Stress seemed to be out of our minds at that moment.

Day 4: Da Nang – Hai Van Pass – Hue Cycling Route

Our bicycle made their way back onto asphalt roads through picturesque vistas. Before the Hai Van Pass, we checked the vehicle, filled the water tank, and ate a full breakfast. The long steep climb deserves the title of “spectacular route of Vietnam cycling tours“. 

We said goodbye to the jade green seas and entered Hue’s ancient capital. An Bang village served us with old temples, ancestral houses, and tombs. These structures still retain their ethnic designs after decades.

Day 5: Around Hue By Bicycle

The historical relics in Hue have won the test of time. We visited the imperial citadel and capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. It is not difficult to notice that there was once a glory period of an old regime at the center. This is reflected in the tombs of the rulers, which have charming landscapes with unique architecture.

We moved along the 11 km romantic bank of Huong River. Following the winding flow between the mountains and forests, we stopped at attractive attractions such as Truong Tien Bridge, Thien Mu Pagoda, etc.

Day 6: Hue – Ha Noi By Plane

The city was so peaceful that we slept too tight and woke up a bit late. The tour guide took us to a sidewalk eatery for Bun Bo and enjoying salt coffee – both being signatures in Hue. We spent the morning at Hue’s remaining royal museums of the rich system. 

After a royal-inspired lunch, our group was transferred to the domestic airport. A new city filled our map – Hanoi. The flight only took about 1.5 hours, so we set foot in Hanoi in the afternoon.

Day 7: Capital Tour By Bike

The heart of Vietnam welcomed us with a beautiful day. We gathered on the bus and headed to famous places. Like Hue, the capital has a long history of cultural, historical, and educational development. The flow of history is reflected in the unique architectural works, including the Mausoleum and Presidential Palace, One Pillar Pagoda, etc.

The tour guide led us to the Temple of Literature and the Museum of Ethnology. While the former reflects impressive educational improvement to modern times, the other exhibits the cultural diversity of 54 tribes.

We did not stop but continued the cyclo tour to the Old Quarter and Dong Xuan market. Our feet only rest when we attend the Water Puppet show of traditional artists.

Day 8: Ha Noi – Bai Tu Long Bay – Quan Lan Cycling Tour

We started the day with extreme excitement. The most awaited sightseeing destination arrived. Our tour departed for Ha Long Bay in about 4 hours.

We then boarded a yacht and rested in a picturesque setting. A waiter told us about the legend associated with the name of this World Heritage. A dragon landed on the clear blue water and released precious gems as towering peaks.

In the afternoon, we went kayaking close to the limestone mountains and nearby small islands. How wonderful Mother Nature is to create a masterpiece that combines sea and mountain.

Day 9: Tra Ban – Quan Lan Island Biking Trip

The yacht docked, and we returned on the asphalt roads to Tra Ban. Bicycles filled with meaningful gifts for kindergarten, elementary school, and the infirmary. The locals invited us home as a sincere response.

We floated on the water again to reach Quan Lan island. Our Vietnam cycle tours slowed the cycling pace around the village, unspoiled sands, traditional temples, and vegetable farms. Our stomachs were treated to an appealing BBQ of fresh seafood.

Day 10: Bai Tu Long Transferring To Ha Noi

We navigated to some other great scenery in the bay. A few team members bathed in the crystal clear water while we got on the kayaks and paddled around. Either way, we’ve all felt the wild beauty of nature.

With indescribable regret, the time of Vietnam bicycle tours came to an end. We went back to Hanoi and called it a day.


Cycling from Hue To Halong Bay effectively eliminates stress and gets close to wild nature. Despite being domestic citizens, we had our first time visiting the beautiful sights of our country. 

Bike tours in Vietnam ignited our love and pride for the scenic spots and the rustic locals. Without a doubt, we will soon conquer new lands, and so should you. Plan your bicycle tour now and hit the road!

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