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Cycling From Mekong To Siem Riep In 11 Days – A Full Guide

Cycling Mekong to Cambodia sounds interesting to many bike explorers. Many tourists have recently come to Vietnam and explored this kind of tour. Thanks to nature’s beauty in the Mekong delta of Vietnam, exploring the Mekong delta by bike to Siem Reap, a tourist attraction in Cambodia, is interesting and mesmerizing.

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CYcling from Mekong to Siem Riep

This post will recommend an itinerary for bike enthusiasts planning to cycling from Mekong to Siem Riep. Additionally, the below information can serve as a reference when choosing bike tours.

Cycling From Mekong To Siem Riep Details

Most tour services offer transportation to certain points for cycling bike tours. We’ll start this trip from Ho Chi Minh, the most hustling city in Vietnam.

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh Exploration

The first day is to help foreign tourists adapt more to Vietnam by exploring Ho Chi Minh, the busiest and liveliest city in the country. The city, formerly known as the pearl of the Far East, aims to emphasize the beauty and prosperity of Vietnam.

This is where many important historical events have been experienced, so this land is tinged with time. The city has unique and nostalgic architecture and culture that are meaningful for many Vietnamese people.

Some popular places visitors should visit are Saigon Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, War Remnants Museum, Independence Palace, etc.

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City – Ben Tre City – Tra Vinh

From HCMC, we go south to Ben Tre city and keep on until reaching Tra Vinh. Usually, the cycling total distance for this route is 50 to 65 kilometers. Ben Tre and Tra Vinh, located in the Mekong Delta area, are places famous for their lush tropical fields.

When coming there, visitors can see rustic and small villages, dozens of canals along the way, and enormous paddy fields. All the things that feature tropical climates will appear here. 

Moreover, the hospitality of locals here may surprise you. The farmers are willing to talk with you through smiles and even facial and body expressions because of the language barrier. We think it’s a unique experience when traveling.

Day 3: Tra Vinh City – Can Tho

We’ll leave Tra Vinh for Can Tho on the third day, about 80 kilometers apart. Briefly talking about Can Tho, this city, known as the West’s capital, always attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to travel and explore every year.

You’ll see unending rice paddies while cycling in Mekong delta, especially on this route. You may understand why rice from Vietnam is exported in the second position in the world. Later, you will pass by the typical Khmer villages. 

The good news is that most locals continue to live according to their traditional lifestyles, which glorify unique cultural features. Moreover, traditional houses are still widely used and linked within Khmer communities in Vietnam. 

During cycling, we can choose to stop at Khmer Buddhist temples. The religious life of locals has developed over time. You can explore the significant differences between the two streams of Buddhism here, Theravada and Mahayana.

Let’s take a bicycle trip to visit tropical orchards. Thanks to the favorable climate, pomelo, longan, orange, etc., grow in diversity and abundance. Later, we’ll take a boat across a crooked narrow river to the territory of Can Tho province.

Day 4: Can Tho – Chau Doc

On this day, we’ll enjoy one of the unique experiences of the trip, visiting a floating market. Start the journey earlier to visit Cai Rang, the well-known floating market in Can Tho. 

The floating market is always hustling as boats carrying tropical goods arrive and leave on the canals throughout the day. This is an ideal time to observe and learn more about the inhabitants of the Mekong delta in their daily lives. Watching and participating in commercial exchanges happening on floating boats are very interesting. 

After the boat tour, we’ll continue our experience by biking to Chau Doc. The morning cycling excursion aims to uncover unexplored territory while pedaling past picturesque towns. We keep on incredibly peaceful trails passing vibrantly green rice fields to a Bang Lang stork sanctuary, a must-see for nature lovers.

Day 5: Chau Doc – Ha Tien

When in Chau Doc, it’s great to discover an incredible riverside market with bustling activities. It’s like a feast of noises, colors, and fragrances. The boat proceeds past fish farming communities to a Cham community and the famous Mubarak Mosque. 

You’re amazed by observing local women weaving with traditional techniques. We’ll cycle over nice roads passing lush rice fields and beautiful limestone mountains. It’s recognizable that pagodas with Khmer influential factors as we move closer to the border.

Day 6: Ha Tien – Kep

We leisurely bike along the border of these two countries and head to the sea of Ha Tien. After finishing the custom at the Xa Xia border gate, let’s continue one more hour of biking to Kep. You’ll pass yellow, beautiful rice fields, small village schools, and sugar palm-lined paths on this route. Small fishing villages on the Gulf of Siam are nearby, so we can take a walk to explore more.

Day 7: A day in Kep

Kep is Cambodia’s smallest province, known as the hidden gem of the Gulf of Siam. The place is famous for its food, locals’ friendliness, and the wild beauty of nature. Therefore, spending around two days in this beautiful area is reasonable.

On this day, we recommend taking a tour to Kaoh Tonsay, meaning “Rabbit Island”. This small island has lush vegetation and little construction suitable for swimming, hiking, etc.

Day 8: Kep – Sihanoukville

On the second in Kep, we’ll head to Elephant Mountains. Let’s boost up the energy to bike up to the mountain. At the top, you’ll see the effort we make is paid off. The view is marvelous, especially on sunny days. Later, we head to Sihanoukville, a port city in southern Cambodia and the capital of Sihanoukville province.

When riding, lush coconut forests gradually appear in our sights. The beach here is attractive.

Day 9: A Day In Sihanoukville

Today, we ride down the road across the beach of the Riviera of the East, which Prince Sihanouk established in 1965. In history, affluent Khmers chose this place to enjoy their summer holidays. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of international travelers. Our first stop is the fishing village, where you can meet the residents, chat with them, and see their homes. It’s an activity to explore more about the culture. The lush rubber plantation is where we stop next. 

Lastly, we stop at the waterfall, where you can unwind, contemplate the beauty of nature, and have a nice lunch before riding back. In the afternoon, you can lie on the beach and enjoy your favorite activities, including swimming, walking, having a BBQ party, etc.

Day 10 : Sihanoukville – Fly To Siem Reap

It’s time to prepare for the brief trip to Siem Reap. The home of well-known Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. When we get there, we’ll take a relaxing ride to Angkor Wat or Bakheng to watch the sunset and explore the region.

Day 11: Angkor Wat Exploration

Angkor is recognized as a World Heritage Site. An unusual temple building that strongly struck us with its astonishing size and intricate stone carving elements is lying in a jungle. It’s recommended that we take a journey around the abandoned temples on some of the less-traveled roads to learn more about the distinguished Khmer culture.

We also bike to the Banteay Srei, considered the temple with the most sophisticated architecture in Cambodia. On the ride, passing through the countryside of the Khmers, let’s take time to observe the production of local vodka from Khmer sugar palm. Additionally, tourists can taste local foods here, which is impressive. That’s the end of our details for cycling from Mekong to Siem Riep.


In conclusion, cycling from Mekong to Siem Riep is a worth-to-try experience for any bike explorer. We’ll have the opportunities to approach ethnic history and cultures, visit breathtaking landscapes, and see other majestic things of the Creator. Hope that after reading this post, our beloved readers will head out on an interesting adventure!

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