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Cycling From Mekong To Siem Riep Trip – Biking Across The Border

The drive via South Vietnam’s rural roads and Cambodia’s countryside will allow you to fully experience the local culture and way of life beside the great Mekong River.

Starting in Saigon and biking gently through the picturesque riverside scenery, you should exploit this cycling from Mekong to Siem Riep to immerse in lush paddy fields, lotus flowers, and tropical sugar palms. Plus, visit breathtaking pagodas and speak with knowledgeable monks to learn the history and cultures of these two fascinating nations.

Cycling From Mekong To Siem Riep Trip - Biking Across The Border

Boat ride in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta

Cycling from Mekong to Siem Riep – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Start From Ho Chi Minh City

The guide and driver from MTB Vietnam will meet you at Tan Son Nhat International Airport and transport you to your hotel. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is known as “the gem of the Far East.”

There are also wealthy colonial French avenues and structures for sightseeing. The Cathedral, riverside, and peaceful moments are worth viewing at a sidewalk cafe. Here, take time to watch life pass you by at breakneck speed.

You can spend a half-day exploring the city’s top attractions if time allows. The War Remnants Museum, Independence Palace, Saigon Central Post Office, Ben Thanh Market, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City – Ben Tre – Tra Vinh Bike Tour

Our shuttle bus will drive you southwest of Saigon, more than an hour away from the city. Starting on a paved road, you travel through rural villages, various canals, and endless rice paddies. 

Along the journey, take the chance to talk to locals or stop by a school, hospital, or shrine. Moreover, our advisors will inform you of the rural Mekong Delta’s educational system.

Day 3: Tra Vinh – Can Tho Biking Tour

Start the day by traveling through many rice paddies. You get the opportunity to discover the second-largest rice exporter behind Thailand. 

Then you will pass through traditional Khmer villages, where most of the population still maintains their traditional life. Within these groups, tatch homes are still widely utilized and linked. 

At colorful Khmer Buddhist temples, one of our bike experts will explain the key distinctions between two Buddhist schools: Theravada and Mahayana. 

Afternoon cycling excursions should include touring tropical fruit orchards and mingling with the crowd on orange, pomelo, and longan islands.

Day 4: Can Tho – Chau Doc Bike Trip

An early-morning boat journey includes visiting Cai Rang’s famous floating market. Boats on the canals carry tropical products from all corners for exchange. 

This is a fantastic time to observe and engage with the inhabitants of the Mekong delta in their daily lives. After the boat tour, we’ll continue our experience by biking to Chau Doc. 

This morning’s cycling tour from Mekong to Siem Riep excursion aims to uncover unexplored territory while pedaling by picturesque towns and irrigation canal networks. 

After lunch, we ride our bikes via quaint roads and brilliantly green rice terraces to a stork garden.

Day 5: Chau Doc – Ha Tien Biking Trip

It’s time to discover Chau Doc’s incredible riverfront market. There are various bustling activities and a kaleidoscope of noises, colors, and fragrances. Here, the boat proceeds past fish farming communities to a community of Cham ethnicity.

This is home to the famed Mubarak Mosque. Around the mosque, you can observe ladies weaving with ancient techniques. Moving closer to Cambodia, you will cycle over nice roads, lush paddies, and limestone formations. You’ll get to Ha Tien late afternoon to check into your hotel.

Day 6: Ha Tien – Kep (Cambodia) Bicycle Tour

After a leisurely breakfast in the hotel, we will ride pleasantly down the border between Vietnam and Cambodia toward the ocean. After clearing customs at the Xa Xia border gate, we continue pedaling for another hour to Kep. 

During this Vietnam bike tour to Cambodia, take time off to visit a tiny fishing community on the Gulf of Siam. We spend the night at a luxurious beachside resort with spacious bungalows. This way, we can dive into the water and enjoy the vibrant sunset.

Day 7: Boat Trip to Kep 

This location is a gem on the Gulf of Siam and worth a two-night visit. We will travel by boat today to the island known as “Rabbit Iceland”. Let’s spend the day relaxing on the dunes of palms here. Enjoy a freshly prepared picnic meal while taking in the scenery.

The seafood is super fresh and delish. Paired with some coconut, it will delight your every single taste bud. Sunbathing under the sun also boosts your energy to continue the last leg of the biking journey.

Day 8: Kep – Elephant Mountains – Sihanouk Ville Cycling Tour

The support van will drive you to the base of Elephant Mountain to start the biking day. You will easily find a historic chapel and a sizable modern casino at the summit. 

The vista is breathtaking with favorable weather. On our way to Sihanouk Ville in the late afternoon, we will ride our bikes down the beach, past a coconut grove and a Chinese village. The late afternoon is reserved for paying guests to unwind at a secluded beach.

Day 9: Sihanouk Ville – Fishing Village – Rubber Plantation – Waterfalls Cycle Tour

Today we begin early and ride on the path alongside the “Riviera of the East,”. Prince Sihanouk established this white sand beach in 1965. The start location is close to the airport. 

Thus, you will see many tourists worldwide spending their summers here, including wealthy Khmer. Our first stop is the finishing village. You may meet local fishermen and tour their homes before continuing to the green of a rubber plantation. 

The journey ends at the waterfall, where you may unwind and eat a quick lunch before returning to the hotel to spend the rest of the day at the beach.

Day 10: Sihanouk Ville – Fly To Siem Reap

After breakfast, let’s prepare for the quick flight to Siem Reap. It is  Angkor Thom’s birthplace and home to the renowned Angkor Wat. Our driver and guide will pick you up at the hotel when you arrive.

Take a leisure bike to Angkor Wat or Bakheng later in the day to watch the sunset and enjoy a panoramic view of the region. The local guide will tour the abandoned temples via lesser-traveled paths to learn more about the Khmer civilization.

Day 11: Angkor Wat Bike Tour

Angkor has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. An unusual temple building with astounding size and extension is waiting for us amid a green forest. Don’t miss out on its beautiful stone carving.

We cycle to the imposing Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Angkor Thom. Get a full view of the Srah Srang, the “pool” of the monarch, and Ta Prohm, the ethereal structure partially submerged in a lush forest and covered with enormous trees. 

Day 12, 13: Angkor Mysticism, Temples, Grand Circle, Jungle, And Gods Bicycle Trip and Back to HCM City

We leave early and ride through the forest to a secluded part of the Angkor complex. The way opens to the Bantay Srey, which was thought to have been constructed by women artisans. 

Passing through the Khmer countryside, observe the production process of local vodka and sugar from “tnoat,” or Khmer sugar palm. 

The excursion concludes with lunch at “Bong Thom,” a long home in the center of an organic rice field. The afternoon is free for you to relax by the hotel pool or go shopping with our guide. 

The last morning comes with a superb breakfast. After that, you can spend time on personal activities until the departure to the airport.


It’s time to get a close-up view of the villagers’ straightforward way of life and indulge your taste buds in some local cuisine. The cycling from Mekong to Siem Riep trip ends in Siem Reap with a two-day exploration tour that explores every part of the renowned Angkor complex.

We’ve selected the top lodgings for your comfort and enjoyment throughout your vacation. The itinerary is variable and can start in Saigon and conclude in Siem Reap or the other way around.

Are you filled with excitement yet? Hesitate no more but plan the bicycle trip now!

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