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Cycling From Sapa To Hoian: 15-Day Majestic Sceneries To Win Your Heart

Cycling from Sapa to Hoian was reckless as we had never tried Vietnam  bike tours before. Fortunately, good fitness helped us through this bicycle trip, and had good memories. Despite the rough terrain in some parts of the trip, 15 days of traveling on the roads have ignited the fire of our love for this country.

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Cycling From Sapa To Hoian

Cycling From Sapa To Hoian: 15 Days Exploring

Day 1: Arrive in Hanoi

We arrived in Hanoi in a week of overcast weather. Summer rains made us concerned about the upcoming Vietnam bike tours. However, things got better in the afternoon. We rented a cyclo and explored the heart of Vietnam.

When the street lights turned on, the city looked modern and vibrant. Most of the roads are crowded with motorbikes. As we entered the Old Quarter, Hanoi switched to an ancient charm. We were amazed at how two contrasting vibes belong to the same city.

Day 2: Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sapa Cycling Tour

We were served a typical Vietnamese breakfast – banh mi and coffee- at the curbside eatery under the shade of old trees. Our meal took longer than usual to observe the daily activities.

Afterward, the bus came to pick us up and depart for Lao Cai. According to the guide, it is a border province with China that plays an important role in trade. We witnessed the transformation from high-rise buildings to green mountains and hills through the window. We knew that pollution-free nature was waiting for us ahead.

Day 3: Sapa – Tam Duong  – Lai Chau Biking Route

Our Vietnam bike tour continued with the conquest of towering passes. Leaving Sapa, our first target was Tram Ton peak at the height of 1979 m above sea level.

We split the ascent in half, with the middle stop being Silver Falls. Despite being experienced adventurers for years, we had to work hard to reach the top. The reward was a breathtaking view of Fansipan Peak and Hoang Lien Son National Park.

The route from Tam Duong to Lai Chau faced fewer challenges. Even so, the long pass drained our remaining energy.

Day 4: Lai Chau – Sin Ho – Muong Lay Bike Trip

We did a morning exercise by cycling to Phong Tho town. Then the single road continued to lead us to Sin Ho. The fresh cool air filled our lungs while the unspoiled mountain scenery stole our hearts.

After lunch, our bike tour carried on another 7km to Chan Nua. While waiting for the bus to Muong Lay, we met a lot of ethnic minority girls. They wore colorful dresses and wicker baskets to work on nearby farms.

Day 5: Bike Tour From Muong Lay To Dien Bien

We were very excited about the trip to Dien Bien, which witnessed a great struggle against the French army in the 1950s. Though the devastating relics of war had passed over time, we still felt the pain of those affected.

We visited some historical sites that show a heroic period of the Vietnamese. Not items of an old anecdote, we were moved by the effects of chemical weapons on the population. Even after decades, some people still bear the pain of war.

Day 6: Dien Bien – Tuan Giao – Son La Bicycle Tour

We spent an extra morning learning about past stories at the museum, national cemetery, and monument. Satisfied with curiosity, we boarded the bus and traveled for two hours to Tuan Giao.

We then went back to pedals and conquered the zigzag pass of the Northwest. The scenery on both sides of the road included green terraces and scattered tribes.

Following Thuan Chau, we passed through rice fields and coffee farms on the undulating road until we reached Son La.

Day 7: Son La To Moc Chau Cycling Route

The rooster’s crowing awakened as the sun’s rays crept through the window curtains. The features of the peaceful countryside followed in our footsteps to Yen Chau.

We stopped at a local market, shopped for souvenirs, and headed to the Moc Chau plateau. The road connecting these two places possesses a magical attraction for tourists. At an altitude of 1340m, Moc Chau welcomed us with a cool atmosphere and picturesque scenery.

Day 8: Moc Chau – Mai Chau Biking Trip

We had a cup of hot green tea and said goodbye to Moc Chau for Mai Chau. Our wheels rolled through each rustic village on single roads. We lived our best days in a countryside setting made up of suspension bridges, hot springs, and vast palm trees. 

Following the paths around the rice terraces, trails, and single roads, we finally arrived at Phom Cooong village for one night. The local family treated us to an appealing meal and an exciting campfire.

Day 9: Mai Chau – Phu Luong – Yen Cat Bike Tour

We woke up early to walk around the village and admire the majestic limestone mountains. Another wonderful day began with a wander through the peaceful countryside.

Bamboo factories caught our attention. For about an hour, we watched artisans make chopsticks. Continuing south of the Ho Chi Minh trail, we followed the flow of the Ma River to Phu Luong Nature Reserve and Yen Cat town.

Day 10: Yen Cat – Tan Ky – Dien Lam Cycling Path

The 10th-day biking route required less effort thanks to the paved roads. New characteristic vegetation consisting of verdant tea and sugarcane showed a significant geographical displacement.

We reached Tan Ky when the sun was already setting. The tour guide introduced this area as a severely affected victim by the intense bombardment of the US army. Once again, we were grateful for a life of abundance in peacetime.

Day 11: Diem Lam – Thai Hoa – Pho Chau – Huong Khe Bike Route

Our pedal rotation slowed down to engrave ancient landscapes in memory. We discovered small villages interspersed with green rice fields.

We bumped into friendly locals, mostly kids. They greeted us with loud voices and bright smiles. The road to Huong Khe town was filled with laughter and poetic scenes.

Day 12: Huong Khe – Phong Nha Biking Path

We continued on the Ho Chi Minh trail and stopped at many historical sites. Out of the blue, we recognized that Vietnam cycle tours always offered moving stories of war and great sacrifice. Following Dong Loc junction, we left the city’s noise and entered a peaceful countryside.

We rested at a small cafe in front of the village gate. Time seemed to slow as we watched the activities of the locals and living creatures over a long period. Have we lived too fast and overlooked the wonderful little things in a crowded and hectic city?

Day 13: Phong Nha – Vinh Moc – Hien Luong Bridge – Dong Ha Cycling Tour

The host invited us to participate in making traditional dishes such as pancakes and banana cakes. Guess what the outcome was? Honestly, it was more difficult than steering the wheel on the passes. We had a hearty breakfast amidst a beautiful setting due to the finesse of bakers.

Passing through a carefully planned forest of rubber trees, our springboard was activated to reach Truong Son cemetery. We once again admired the heroic and resilient qualities of the Vietnamese people.

Day 14: Dong Ha – Quang Tri – Hue Biking Trip

We moved north across the Ben Hai River from Dong Ha to reach Vinh Moc tunnels. It is an amazing underground architectural complex. However, the sad story behind its birth is to avoid the relentless bombardment of the US army.

Turning the bicycle back to the south, we cycled to the Hien Luong bridge and Ai Tu airport. The attractions in this area still retain the deep holes created due to bullet retention.

After that, our bicycles entered the road leading to Hue. A natural poetic scene that wowed many of us about the bad times in the past. On every kilometer of Vietnam bike trip, countless refugees were massacred during wartime. Emotions drove us to visit other strategic bases in Hue before concluding this incredible cycling Vietnam tour. 

Day 15: Hue – Lang Co Beach – Da Nang – Hoi An Bicycle Tour

The last day of Vietnam bicycle tours started with a cycling trip to the Thanh Toan roof bridge. This unique structure is more than 200 years old but still in good condition.

Rested at Thuan An beach, we bought some tropical coconuts at an affordable price and enjoyed them right away. Then we conquered a few short passes before highway No. 1, which led us to Lang Co beach and Hai Van pass.

Unspoiled beauty and the challenging 13km road triggered our competitiveness. As soon as we descended the hill, we set foot on the territory of Da Nang. At the end of the day, we moved to Hoi An and ended the bike tours in Vietnam. 


Cycling from Sapa to Hoian brought us one of the greatest experiences in our life. We were blessed to discover the real beauty of Mother Nature, mouth-watering meals, and the hospitality of the locals. Despite the rough terrain, every moment of bike Vietnam tours is worth our effort. 

Only when you come to this beautiful country and capture its good things in your way will you share the same ultimate happiness. So don’t hesitate to register for the Vietnam cycling tours day as soon as possible!

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