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Cycling Halong Bay – A Must-Try Experience In 3 Great Days

Exploring the beauty of Vietnam through biking is one of the most attractive activities to many tourists. The reason is that they have the opportunities to enjoy simple rural life, nature’s beauty, and local hospitality. 

Therefore, our post would like to recommend to our beloved readers one of the amazing locations for the above type of tourism, cycling Halong bay.


Ha Long is a small bay on the west coast of the Northeast Sea of Vietnam, about 165km from Ha Hoi. It has a coastline stretching approximately 50km. It is a familiar destination for both internal and external tourists coming to the gulf of Tonkin.

This place captivates visitors with its majestic and unique natural scenery with images of hundreds of islands of different shapes, green vegetation, and clear, calm seawater. This bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site in 1994 and 2000, thanks to its picturesque natural beauty.

Biking Halong Bay Details

Let’s start with our recommended itinerary for the cycling tour Ha Long bay, which includes exciting, unique, and beautiful destinations.

Note: During the trip, there is support for transportation to the cycling points. Depending on the tour service providers, these points may slightly differ, so let’s take this recommendation as a reference.

Day 1: Hanoi – Phu Lang Village – Ha Long Bay

We start our trip east from Hanoi to Phu Lang Pottery Village, then Ha Long. On this route, tourists will be amazed by large paddle rice fields and lovely peaceful villages. In addition, don’t be surprised if anyone on the road randomly says hello and smiles at you while riding.

Biking to the Phu Lang Village, people can contemplate and buy skillful paintings and pottery items from traditional handmade businesses. Later, we head to Halong and check in the cruise accommodation. We can enjoy tourist activities in the afternoon, such as paddling kayak, swimming, etc.

Day 2: HaLong Bay – Thien Canh Son – Vung Vieng Village

Let’s start our second day by exploring Thien Canh Son cave on Bai Tu Long and Halong Bay in Cong Do Nature Reserve. Its pristine natural beauty is described as a pearl of the ocean.

After that, we should start cruising to the Vung Vieng fishing village. We may find it amazing as local fishermen live and farm on floating houses and farms. Besides, the fresh seafood with Vietnamese recipes is delicious.

Day 3: Hon Gai Harbour – An Lap Village – Hanoi

On the last day of biking Halong Bay tour, after having breakfast with the bay’s beautiful scenery, we head out to the Hon Gai Harbor. Arriving on land, we continue to reach An Lap village. It’s time to take a ride from here. 

This village emerged in a rural, peaceful, long-lasting atmosphere. Moreover, this place is gifted with the view of breathtaking scenery, including karst mountains, lush forests, rice paddles, etc. Buddhist temples are also attractive here as they highly value history and culture. Lastly, we’ll go back to the capital of Hanoi.


In conclusion, cycling Halong bay would satisfy the desire and curiosity of nature explorers. Besides those majestic views of mountains and caves, tourists will understand more about historical and cultural values through the locals’ daily activities. Hope everyone will have a memorable trip after reading this post!

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