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Cycling Hanoi Countryside – A Fascinating Adventure

Besides the city’s hustle and bustle atmosphere, Ha Noi does comprise peaceful, rustic, and beautiful vibes of the countryside. It’s said that exploring this opposite perspective of Vietnam’s capital is extremely interesting. Therefore, this post would like to present a recommended itinerary for cycling Hanoi countryside.

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Cycling Hanoi countryside


Vietnam’s capital is famous for its hundreds of years of architecture and rich culture influenced by Southeast Asia’s, France’s, and China’s features. The center is a bustling area with cultural and entertainment venues, sports facilities, political headquarters, large businesses, etc.

However, we are temporarily away from the hustling concept. Traveling to the outskirts is an ideal choice. Hanoi cycling tour suburbs will bring you unique experiences with Mother Nature’s beauty, including large plantations, diversity of flora and fauna, and unique cultural values.

Cycling Hanoi Countryside Details

We should leave at 7:00 because this Hanoi bike tour will last all day. After preparing the bikes, we leave the urban behind. To reach the Red River’s other side, we begin this Hanoi cycling trip by crossing Nhat Tan Bridge.

The stunning views and serene atmosphere gradually emerge. Beautiful farms and charming villages appear while we bike on a single track and dirt road, passing numerous kumquat and veggie gardens. We can speak with them to learn more about the farmers’ daily lives. While on this path, it’s a must-do to explore ancient temples.

Our next destination is Co Loa Citadel. It’s fascinating to learn about this Citadel’s development. An Duong Vuong Temple and Co Loa Citadel are 20 kilometers from the capital. The fame came from its construction. It’s estimated that more than two million material cubic meters to build the entire stronghold. The magic crossbow tale here is also quite interesting.

Later, we head to the Duong River and take a ferry back to the ward Ngoc Thuy. We bike through serene villages, over the Long Bien Bridge, and ride along the Red River’s slope. From this point, we can see Ha Noi’s stunning splendor fully. Lastly, we return to the center at around 5:00.


In conclusion, cycling Hanoi countryside is a worthwhile experience. All we need to prepare is good health with exploring spirit. Although bike tours in Hanoi are only one day, the beauty of green flora, fauna, majestic mountains, and endless farms won’t disappoint anyone. Let’s refresh ourselves by emerging into the simple but great moments from the suburb.

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