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Cycling Hoian To Da Lat: 15 Exciting Days To Wander In The Poetic Scenery

We joined in exciting Vietnam cycle tours to the Northern valleys and mountains. Good things during these journeys motivated us to spend more time in this hospitable country. Following a long series of adventurous activities, cycling Hoian to Da Lat took place in 15 days. Needless to say, this trip did not let us down.

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Cycling Hoian to Da Lat

Cycling Hoian To Da Lat: 15 Exciting Days Of Adventure Tour

Day 1: Da Nang – Hoi An Bike Tour

From Hanoi, we took an early morning flight to Da Nang. Immediately after hotel check-in, we assembled our bikes and started Vietnam bicycle tours along the beach. To the south, we visited the Marble Mountains and My Khe beach. These sceneries have been put into tourist exploitation, but fortunately, they still preserved their original charm.

Our bicycle tour continued to pass many incredible scenes, and approached Hoi An. The ancient temples show a long development period associated with the rich Vietnamese history and culture.

Day 2: Hoi An Town By Bicycle

Hoi An, a world cultural heritage, serves a unique ancient character. While the skyscrapers encroach on the big cities, this small town possesses hundreds of low-lying tubular houses with yellow brick walls and tiled roofs. Though it attracts many tourists, the slow and peaceful pace of life continues the daily activities of the locals.

We wandered the old town, which was laid out in a checkerboard style. The Cau Pagoda, with its curved roof and wooden planks spanning the creek, is the anthill complex that stole the most attention. Besides, we had a great time with aged houses and delicious street food.

Day 3: Hoi An Countryside Cycling Trip

Do the outskirts of Hoi An inherit its characteristics? We set out to find answers. The further we pedaled from the central area, the fewer tourists and traffic we encountered. The travel distance became charming just by the rustic beauty of nature.

We observed the horticultural activities of the natives on the fields and vegetable farms. Some friendly friends invited us to eat organic food from their own gardens. Besides, they also took us to the nearby residential market for local delicacies.

Day 4: Hoi An – Phuoc Son Cycling Trip

The shuttle bus took us 70km from Hoi An to the drop-off point. We cycled another 60km to reach our destination.

We did not participate in any cultural activities today but devoted the entire bicycle trip to the scenic spots along the way. We passed through dense forests and sparse villages. When our toes hurt, we camped out for lunch by a waterfall. The magnificent scene with its clean water seemed to strip off our tiredness.

Day 5: Phuoc Son – Ngoc Hoi Biking Route

We crossed through forest roads dotted by a few minority villages. The shadows of ancient trees blocked the sun and cooled the air. We filled our lungs with fresh air that seemed impossible in busy cities.

The hardest part of our Vietnam bike trip is the curvy hills following Ngoc Linh mountain. Afterward, we moved to a section of the Ho Chi Minh trail and arrived in Ngoc Hoi in the afternoon.

Day 6: Ngoc Hoi – Pleiku Bike Path

Previous bike tours in Vietnam to historical sites left a deep impression on our minds, and it finally arrived on this tour. After a morning visit to Ba Na ethnic village and the famous wooden church, we stopped at Charlie Hill. 

The effects of chemical weapons still progress heavily around this area. The soil surface is devoid of vegetative growth. Some locals, including children, suffer from deformities because of the remnants of the poison.

We rode a little further forward to Dak To Base Camp. Several artifacts belonging to the 1960s told a brutal but heroic war story of the Vietnamese army and compatriots.

Day 7: Biking From Pleiku To Buon Me Thuot

After a tight night’s sleep, we woke up hearing the birds singing and the wind whispering – that was the sound of Mother Nature. 

Today’s biking route was divided into three segments with different vibes due to the proximity of the attractions. For the first 30km, we pedaled over undulating hills to coffee farms. Meanwhile, the 25km back road cut through the rubber plantations. The final leg spaned 10km in a peaceful rural area.

Day 8: Buon Me Thuot to Lak Lake By Bike

Our wheels rolled evenly on the flat roads to Lak lake. Check-in was earlier than usual as we decided to spend the night here in the minority village of Jun.

In the afternoon, we walked to the resting palace of Emperor Bao Dai. An enthusiastic local suggested a boat trip around the lake and took us around for a big circle. The setting sun casting colorful rays of light on the water is ideal for a romantic date.

Day 9: Lak Lake – Dalat Cycling Route

We conquered Phu Son pass in the morning. Though it was not as rugged as the Northern mountains, an early start drained our energy pack. After a picnic at the top, we dropped downhill and struggled on the dirt roads to the Elephant waterfall.

We were served a tasty snack in Ta Nung village. A typical Central Highlands beverage is “weasel coffee” from famous farms. Bold drinks stimulated us to climb the last 17km to Van Thanh before the bus transfer to Da Lat.

Day 10: Dalat By Bike

Today’s bike tour recalled the rough route in the north. It breathed a sense of stimulation as we went up and down the hill non-stop. However, the landscape of Da Lat reminded us of European countries. There is no doubt as the architecture here was deeply influenced by the French during wartime.

Our bicycle rolled from flower greenhouses to towering pine forests. We also visited popular tourist sites, including Victory Lake, Valley of Love, Van Hanh Monastery, etc.

Day 11: Da Lat – Mui Ne Biking Path

Saying goodbye to the city of love, we turned on the springboard from Di Linh and headed to Mui Ne. Temperate pine forests transformed into tropical jungles follow in our footsteps. 

We saw the beach after a long hike. In front of the entrance of National Highway 1, we loaded up the support vehicle and moved to Mui Ne. The paved road stretching between the white dunes looked like excellent visual effects from movies shot in the desert.

Day 12:  Relaxing On The Beach

The tour guide gave us a free day with no pre-arranged schedule. After more than ten days on the roads, we finally laid down to sunbathe and swim at the beach.

At 4 pm, our group gathered and commuted to the typical dunes of Mui Ne. We rented jeeps to conquer the top and struggled with quicksand that brought the ultimate excitement.

Day 13: Mui Ne –  Binh Chau Hot Spring Water Bicycle Tour

We spent a long day under the hot sun to reach the coastal city of Phan Thiet. Despite the harsh weather conditions, this area still draws many tourists due to its jade-colored beaches and long white sands. 

We, sometimes, sensed a strange odor on the way to the suburbs. Local people told us that it came from factories producing fish sauce – a popular condiment in Vietnamese meals. We added a few more places to our map of Vietnam cycling tours without a long stop, including Ke Ga, La Gi, and Binh Chau hot springs.  

Day 14: Binh Chau – Vung Tau Cycling Route

We woke up early to stroll along the beach and to the nearby seafood markets. Fishermen returned from a night out at sea with baskets of fish. Women sorted them and sold some to locals and tourists. The rest was purchased by traders and transferred to restaurants or manufacturing companies.

As the sun emerged from behind the clouds, our journey continued towards Vung Tau. We prepared a small campfire by the beach to review our memories and say goodbye to other members.

Day 15: Back To Ho Chi Minh

We packed up and gathered at the cafe for the last time. At 10 am, the bus came to take us back to Ho Chi Minh City. This 3-hour move put an end to our Vietnam bike tour.

Because we had to come back for work, we missed the chance to explore Ho Chi Minh City – the sleepless metropolis. Our itchy feet weren’t pleased with that, so we will come back soon. See you, Vietnam!


Cycling Hoian To Da Lat was a refreshing experience compared to our previous bicycle trips. To be honest, no flowery words can accurately describe the beauty of nature in this journey. Therefore, go to Vietnam and sign up for bike Vietnam tours. Good things should be felt with one’s eyes and heart.

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