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Cycling North Vietnam – Fascinating Journey Of The Lifetime Within 8 Days

Cycling North Vietnam is a tour that any cyclist wants to experience once in a lifetime.

Mountain bikers will like this journey for its various tracks, ranging from excellent single-track routes to rough, uneven jeep roads to steep peaks greeted with exhilarating descents. 

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Cycling north Vietnam

Besides, you get to meet ethnic people in remote mountainous areas and experience their culture and life. Enjoying and experiencing their specialty foods, such as bamboo rice and roasted meats, as well as the traditional dance and music shows, are included in these 8-day trips.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it now.

Cycling North Vietnam – Fascinating Journey Of The Lifetime

Preview Of The Tour

An excellent opportunity to see the amazing natural beauty and vibrant culture of 6 renowned regions in North Vietnam is provided by an 8-day cycling activities itinerary.


Hanoi – Hoa Binh – (Hòa Bình) Da Bac – (Sơn La) Moc Chau – (Hòa Bình) Mai Chau – (Thanh Hoa) Phu Luong– (Ninh Binh) Cuc Phuong– (Ninh Binh) Tam Coc– (Ninh Binh) Trang An – (Ninh Binh) Van Long.


8 days


Homestays + Hotels

Day 1: From Hanoi To Xom Bia 

Distance: 65km

Today, our team will support you in going to Hoa Lac and kick off our north vietnam bike tour

Once there, we start cycling through asphalt roads, passing beautiful rice paddies and spectacular surroundings on our way to the nearby ferry. Then, we move to Hoa Binh and keep cycling on the beaten path taking in the rural life as well as the spectacular scenery.

After a delectable lunch at the local stop Hien Luong, we resume our cycle and will cover the 30 kilometers on a dirt road to come to Da Bia village. Stunning lake views, magnificent limestone vistas, and spectacular landscapes reward us along the route. 

The first night of your cycle tour will be in the Muong host family. You will love the atmosphere and people here.

Day 2: Xom Bia To Moc Chau

Distance: 56 km

When you are on any bike tour north vietnam, never sleep in. Clean surroundings, tranquil atmosphere, and sunrise are the most amazing things you should see and feel with your naked eyes every day.

You can spend an hour paddling a raft around the lake after breakfast to enjoy the gorgeous view. Then, we will pack and continue traveling along the beautiful path to witness the breathtaking scenery from the lake’s opposite side.

Cycling over excellent single-track pathways, rocky, uneven jeep tracks, and up several slopes that are welcomed with panoramic views of Moc Chau. When you get there, settle in and chill on your own way.

Moc Chau will treat you very nicely this second evening.

Day 3: From Moc Chau To Mai Chau

Distance: 87 km

Even travelers who find it difficult to have fun might enjoy Moc Chau’s wonderful attractions. That is the specialty of this destination of our bike tour northern Vietnam

The route between Son La and Moc Chau is breathtaking, with a variety of gorgeous natural scenery. We will start our cycle trip by visiting green tea fields. Then, a tea workshop is available for some interested people to display how tea is produced.

We travel on a narrow, dirt road while passing extensive green tea plantations, vibrant flower gardens, and tropical fruit orchards. More interestingly, you can also enjoy a stop along the way to experience cow’s milk (fresh and warm from the cow) and some green tea! Then, we will continue riding along the QL6 to Mai Chau.

On the way, you see a magnificent limestone mountainous region and a charming landscape populated with Muong and Thai tribal communities. Eating delicious supper while listening to live Thai music performances when you are in town.

Day 4: The Amazing Mai Chau

Distance: 56 Km

Your 4th day of the Vietnam bike tour will start after being awakened early by the sounds of chickens and birds. Thai traditional breakfast and hot beverages are waiting for your present.

After that, you can discover everyone’s favorite Mai Chau. The views are breathtaking as we bike by lush rice terraces, as we travel through several communities on a variety of nice single-track routes that connect one hamlet to another.

Fan palms, which were planted expressly for roofing, are distinctive to this region. We ride through hot springs, pass suspension bridges, and around gorgeous terraced paddy fields.

When you feel full after a mouth-watering lunch in a local restaurant and rest enough, we cycle back to Mai Chau town and finish the 4th day’s adventure.

Day 5: From Mai Chau To Nua Village

Distance: 70km

We continue our biking tour in the breathtakingly beautiful Mai Chau, studded with Muong and Thai villages amid rice crops. As we go through the Phu Luong – Thanh Hoa (the Nature Reserve), we stop to take in the beautiful limestone outcrops, breathtaking views & Phu Luong’s magnificent splendor.

We take a break for refreshments on the summit before heading to a typical fair named Pho Don Market to enjoy lunchtime.

When you rest enough, we take a leisurely bike to the village of Lo Nua via a combination of buffalo paths, paved roads, and bamboo forest shadows. 

We take a bath when we get there and then enjoy some cool beer or soft beverages. Supper and a night’s sleep at a Thai guesthouse.

Day 6: From Phu Luong To Cuc Phuong

Distance: 90km

One of the best cycling tours in Vietnam has come to the last stage. Be awakened. You can see a new breathtaking scene today. 

Before arriving in Cam Luong, we travel through the Nature Reserve’s corridor and walk past rice paddies, cornfields, and Muong and Thai Tribe communities. We are welcomed with breathtaking views and amicable interactions with the locals.

At lunchtime, we arrive at Ho Chi Minh Road. Then, on a combination of excellent undulating routes and a single track, we will ride another 45 kilometers.

When you get to Cuc Phuong in the late afternoon, relax until it’s time for supper.

Day 7: From Cuc Phuong To Trang An 

Distance: 78 km

The most remarkable destination for cycling vietnam trips is Cuc Phuong National Park. 

Today, a minibus transports us deep inside the jungle. You will feel the fresh air in every body cell and the pleasant cool feeling that makes you want to stay at Cuc Phuong forever.

Then we bike along a pineapple field, move to Tam Diep, and stop at Tam Coc at lunchtime. When you recover your energy, you will have a chance to witness the stunning limestone mountains on the way biking to Tram Chim. When we arrive, we may either rest or explore the area in search of various birds.

A peaceful and friendly resort is waiting to serve you dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Day 8: From Ninh Binh To Hanoi

Distance: 55km

Eight days in the chain of our North bike tours end today. We return to Ha Noi through Tam Coc road, but three picturesque grottos are a reward on the way back before we leave. If you have seen videos, photos, or paintings of Tam Coc, now is the time to witness that famous beauty firsthand. Wide, beautiful, isolated, and wild are adjectives for Tam Coc. 

Then, you cycle through Bai Dinh, Trang An, and Kenh Ga. All are famous destinations that you will never forget. You can have the last lunch at Kenh Ga before getting in a van to go back to the S-shaped land’s capital.


Those are the highlights of our eight-day cycling north Vietnam tour. There will be many other interesting things and surprises waiting for you ahead of the actual journey. Prepare physically and mentally to receive them on every kilometer of cycling with us.

Check out other bike rides on our homepage for more unique, weird, and exciting trails. Wishing you a safe journey.

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