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Cycling Northeast Vietnam: Interesting Experience Within 10 Days

Have you ever taken bike tours Vietnam in the North East that is rewarded as the most breathtaking location? 

The adventure theme permeates this trip. Joining this cycling tour will allow you to witness the bottoms of valleys, ascend through karst hills and rice farms, traverse breathtaking mountain passes, and discover stunning terrain.

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Cycling Northeast Vietnam

If you have never tried the cycling Northeast Vietnam tour, let’s take the time to browse our post to learn more about this exciting tour.

Cycling Northeast Vietnam: Detail Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Hanoi

When you arrive at Hanoi’s international airport, our tour guide and driver will encounter you there and take you to your hotel in Hanoi city’s center. Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and an ancient but vibrant place with some of the region’s most remarkable colonial buildings.

You will have some time to unwind by yourself after checking in and meeting with our guide to discuss the northeast Vietnam bike tour itinerary for the following days. Then, it’s time for our cycle trip to ride around the Old Quarter’s busy streets.

Our vietnam biking tours will serve you a special greeting meal at a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant after the visit. Finally, spend the night in Ha Noi.

Day 2 -3: Thai Nguyen – Bac Son – Quang Uyen Biking Tour

We’ll begin riding on our first day in Thai Nguyen and go toward Bac Son Town. The picturesque Bac Son village is located in the northern highland of Lang Son province. You will explore a large valley encircled by soaring mountains. Stay overnight in a hotel.

On the 3rd day, observe locals going about their everyday lives by waking up early to view the tranquil countryside. You’ll sample a pancake from the area in the morning time. 

We will set off on a biking tour through an amazing landscape to see one of the relics of ancient times – the Bac Son Museum – presents records, images, and some artifacts related to the Vietminh uprising against the French on September 27, 1940.

We keep going until we reach the That Khe confluence, where we will take a lunch break. Next, travel on route 3 to Cao Bang after lunchtime. When arriving in Dong Khe, the shuttle bus service takes us to the hotel. Dine and spend the night at the Hung Dzung Hotel.

Day 4: Quang Uyen – Ban Gioc Bike Tour

We load our bikes and ride on asphalt and rough terrain as we leave the accommodation. We’ll take a 17 kilometer cycle trip on an uneven route with beautiful scenery and stilt houses with thatched roofs from hill tribal settlements.

After turning right at the meeting point, we prepare our bikes for the first 7 km of a high pass with severe turns. When we reach the hill, we reassemble for refreshments before continuing our ascent through a lovely valley to the second pass. 

We cross a 5km-long pass in the Lang Ha Town area before turning right into the boundary route between China and Vietnam. 

After successfully completing challenge passes, we will be rewarded with a spectacular picnic lunch on the peak. Following the meal, we will continue riding down the Quay Son River and taking in the views of both nations.

Continue traveling on the damaged road until you reach the waterfall at Ban Gioc. Eat supper and spend the night in Sai Gon Ban Gioc Resort.

Day 5: Ban Gioc – Trung Khanh – Tra Linh Cycling Tour

After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll start our riding day by cycling through Non nuoc Cao Bang UNESCO Global Geopark on the approach to the border. 

Enjoy breathtaking scenery and luscious terraced rice as we ride along the border fence, cross over a bamboo bridge, and then bike through charming towns and rice paddies. 

Our team will then go through dirt paths and single-track trails from place to place. We reach the center of the Global Geopark in Vietnam, admire the stunning sights and fantastic vistas.

Rejoin the group and take a break for some refreshments when you reach Trung Khanh. To reach Tra Linh Town, we carry on our biking vietnam journey by detouring from the main route. 

After eating lunch, we ride over a dirt road that leads to Tra Linh Town after passing a tranquil town and rice fields. As soon as we arrive at the facility, we register and unwind. Stay a night in Tra Linh Town after having supper.

Day 6: Tra Linh – Cao Bang Cycle Tour

Returning to the hotel to enjoy breakfast, we will begin riding toward Pac Po, where Ho Chi Minh president lived and worked for three years ( 1940 – 1943 ) after spending 30 years overseas.

Taking the opportunity to see historical sites in Hochiminh, such as the Pac Po Cave, the Lenin spring, and the Carcmark mountain. After lunchtime, keep on cycling the Ho Chi Minh Road back to Cao Bang.

When you get to Cao Bang, spend a little time strolling through the city and the surrounding villages.

Day 7: Cao Bang – Ba Be Bicycle Tour

You will eat a hearty breakfast in the hotel. Then, we shall begin traveling by car on a paved road from the hotel to BaBe National Park. After passing under the bridge and turning off the rural road, we’ll ride down a paved village road until reaching National Road 209, turning right.

Continue traveling along the river’s tarmac road to Bac Can and have a meal on the way. We will start riding down the crooked route to Ba Be Lake to pay a visit to Ba Be National Park. 

This is one of Vietnam’s oldest parks, home to the Tay, Red Dao, Coin Dao, and White Hmong, and has one of the country’s largest natural freshwater lakes.

Day 8: Ba Be – Na Hang Nature Reserve – Vinh Loc Biking Trip

Enjoy Ba Be National Park’s natural surroundings early in the morning. Next,  let’s eat breakfast at the hotel. We will then bicycle from the hotel, cross the national park to the boat pier, and spend more than an hour exploring Ba Be Lake’s beautiful surroundings.

Dau Dang Waterfall can be reached by bicycle via a solitary dirt road. You may travel by boat to Da Vi and Na Hang Water Reservoir. On the approach to Vinh Loc, we must conquer various slopes and pass on asphalt roads. Upon arrival in Vinh Loc, check-in and eat supper at a nearby hotel.

Day 9: Vinh Loc – Tuyen Quang – Vu linh Bike Trip

Start your last day of the Vietnam bike tour on a tarmac road. This path will lead you to Thac Ba Water Reservoir and Tuyen Quang. You will be enthralled by the verdant landscape and hill tribal communities along the route and meet lovely students on the way.

We take biking trips from one community to another to see how members of ethnic minorities live their everyday lives. Our crew will arrive at Thac Ba Reservoir Lake in the late afternoon.

Our final stretch of cycling is on a village road surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush green pastures when you go to My Lam Hot Spring Water. Check in and unwind in the hot spring pool.

Day 10: Vu Linh – Son Duong – Hanoi Cycling Trip

Today, we will cycle through the charming village, leave it to take a side route to the town, and stop to explore the local marketplace in the early morning. 

Then, ride a bike across the bridge, following the river on a paved route to Son Duong. After lunch, take a shuttle to Hanoi. Here we finish our Northeast Vietnam bike tour.


After reading about the cycling northeast Vietnam trip, perhaps you will feel prepared to pack your belongings to discover and tackle this intriguing adventure biking tour. 

Enjoy your cycling Vietnam journey in the North East, and thanks for following our mountain bike tours Vietnam!

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