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Cycling Pu Luong: 8 Days To Travel Beautiful Lands on Pedals

Cycling Pu Luong Tour by Snail Adventure is interesting. If you are a nature lover who is spending your extended time traveling in our beautiful Vietnam, you should not miss it.

It is a tour on bicycles designed for those preferring to savor slow travel through dirt paths through less-known villages or untouched alleyways.

Excitingly, you enjoy it, even more, supposing you are an enthusiastic cyclist. From Mai Chau to Ha Long, there are various trails for you to conquer: undulating rough jeeps, climbs, ride passes through lush paddies, etc.

Explore now!

Cycling Pu Luong

Cycling Pu Luong

Cycling Pu Luong – 10-Day Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival

We haven’t been to Vietnam yet, so our friendly tour guides picked us up at Noi Bai International Airport and were with us right at our first step in the country.

We were accommodated at a beautiful hotel inside Hanoi’s Old Quarter, where we relaxed after the flight and then took a cyclo ride around the antique and dynamic capital city of Vietnam. In the meantime, our guide briefed the Cycling Pu Luong itinerary in the upcoming days.

In the evening, Snail Adventure welcomed us with a typical Vietnamese dinner at the local food restaurant. We had a chance to try Bun Cha – the dish that President Obama used to savor.


  • Activities: Transfer and briefing itinerary
  • Accommodation: 4-star The Light Hotel
  • Meals: Dinner
  • Cycling distance: No

Day 2: Hanoi – Da Bac Ecolodge Bike Tour

65 kilometers to the South of Hanoi is Da Bac Ecolodge – our destination on the first cycling day after having a hearty breakfast at the hotel.

Half the way, we mostly pedaled on tarmac roads along lush rice paddies and across the Da river, so we were able to cycle relaxingly and capture the views on two sides. We could blend into the rural town for a while. Lunch was served in Hien Luong village with a local family. 

In the afternoon, we kicked off our pedals again and rode another 30 kilometers to Da Bac Ecolodge, homestay village of the Muong. The town is located between marvelous limestone panoramas and magnificent lake views. You can explore nature there or spend your time with the minor ethnic, listening to their music performance or learning interesting customs.

There, we joined a campfire where the locals danced and sang along the “Khen” ( local word – sounds like a flute but with a unique shape that we have never seen before).


  • Activities: Transfer and Cycling
  • Accommodation: 2-star Da Bac Ecolodge
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 65 km

Day 3: Mai Chau Cycling Tour 

Getting up early, we witnessed the peaceful sunrise in the remote area and had local breakfast. There was no rush, so we could even wake ourselves up in the cool lake water at Da Bac homestay.

Then, we headed on a boat trip across the Bai Sang river before cycling to Mai Chau province!

The paths in Mai Chau are harder to dry, yet no worries since we already got familiar with the bicycle and the roads. The best reward for all the sweats is the desirable, stunning nature on the way.

We arrive at a hotel in Mai Chau, have dinner and spend the night there.


  • Activities: Cycling and Taking Boat Trip
  • Accommodation: 3-star Mai Chau Ecolodge
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 56 km

Day 4: Mai Chau Back Road Bike Trip

The Thai breakfast cakes and hot beverages revised us with full energy for the very next day.

We found the way to Mai Chau Town 56 kilometers apart. We stopped at different villages along the back path. All those villages feature a peaceful blend of terraced rice paddles, springs, buffalo trails, and small houses with palm roofing. 

We remembered seeing a huge rice bundle moving slowly on the road. That was sick! When approaching that “moving object,” we found out that it was a little boy carrying a rice bundle that doubled his body, and we couldn’t even recognize him from behind. His beaming smile seemed to recharge our energy after a long ride, despite his heavy-duty job.

After lunch, you can take a tour around the bamboo forest and a chopstick production workshop nearby and ride back to have dinner at Mai Chau Ecolodge.

Have a sound sleep, then.


  • Activities: Cycling and Visiting
  • Accommodation: 3-star Mai Chau Ecolodge
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 56 km

Day 5: The Spotlight Pu Luong Retreat – Cycling Trip

As the tour’s name implies, our tour visits Pu Luong – an incredible natural ecology located in Mai Chat Valley. Thai and Muong people live next to each other, growing a mixture of rice paddies and terraces.

And know what? Ethnic people have lived there for hundreds of years, and scenes remain untouched and have panoramic beauty.

The guide brought us to the local Pho Doan market to have lunch and buy souvenirs before we passed the bamboo forest to Nue village. Gathering together to have cold beers, we shared our feelings about the cycling Pu Luong tour so far.


  • Activities: Cycling and Visiting
  • Accommodation: 3-star Phu Luong Retreat
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 70 km

Day 6: Pu Luong to Cuc Phuong, Ninh Binh Bike Tour

The distance between Pu Luong and Cuc Phuong on the 6th day is the longest, and the trails mix paved tracks and undulating paths. Hence, we tried to sleep well and pull ourselves together – have a full breakfast at the homestay and start cycling early.

Passing the corridor path of Pu Luong Reserve, then through the sugarcane fields, we arrived on Ho Chi Minh Trail at noon. Took a nap, and we continued to cycle 45 kilometers more, where we reached Cuc Phuong National Park in Ninh Binh.

It was quite a late afternoon; thus, we checked in and rested well.


  • Activities: Cycling and Short Transfer
  • Accommodation: 4-star Cuc Phuong Resort & Spa
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 90 km

Day 7: Ninh Binh Bicycle Tour: Cuc Phuong – Tam Coc

The guide reserved minibus tickets for us to go deep into the Cuc Phuong forest.

We brought your bicycles along since we would cycle from the center of the Cuc Phuong Park along a tourist-free route. Our journey headed to the pineapple plantation Dong Giao, then to Tam Diep township. 

We stopped for a refresh anytime on the way and arrived at Tam Coc for lunch. While we were taking a break, one of our fellas rode up to Tram Chim Nature Reserve and admired the home of different birds of Vietnam. I was so regretful not going with him to plunge myself in the symphony of those “singers.”

Then, it was time to return to the resort, have dinner, and spend our night.


  • Activities: Cycling and Boat Trip
  • Accommodation: 4-star Hidden Charm Hotel
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 78 km

Day 8: Tam Coc – Hai Phong Bike Trip

From the resort, we rode back to Tam Coc and took a two-hour boat trip around three grottos. The rest of the paths through Trang An, Bai Dinh, and Kenh Ga were on our bicycles.

We had a rare chance to get very close to nature while on the boat. Imagine you floating on water and taking in the intact beauty of nature. Only when you experience this can you really know what we felt at that time!

After that, the guide booked a van transfer for three hours, and we reached the neighboring province – Hai Phong City.


  • Activities: Cycling and Transferring
  • Accommodation: 4-star Huu Nghi Hotel
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 54 km

Day 9: Cycling Halong Bay

From Hai Phong, we kept cycling to the North across the bridge to Quang Ninh. We set our bicycle aside, enjoyed the panoramic view along the way, and had a small chat with the locals. 

The road was a little bumpy, yet it was well worth experiencing to contemplate vegetable gardens, peaceful countryside, and a ferry separating two provinces.

Pedaling a little farther to Highway 18, we arrived in Halong Bay. The bay is one of the World’s Heritage, so it is undoubtedly magnificent. Thus, we decided to book a cruise tour to explore this place.


  • Activities: Cycling and Transferring
  • Accommodation: 4-star Pelican Cruise
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: 67 km

Day 10: Returning to Hanoi By Bike

We have finished many Vietnam bike tours. On the last day, we enjoyed a relaxing journey in the car instead.

Remember we checked in on a cruise the day before? In the morning, we woke up on the bay, did a Tai Chi exercise session on the sundeck, and then were served a delicious breakfast.

The cruise took us around the famous bay before we said goodbye to the crew and got back to Hanoi in the afternoon.


  • Activities: Transferring
  • Accommodation: 4-star The Light Hotel 
  • Meals: 3 meals
  • Cycling distance: No


There you have it, the cycling Pu Luong tour to conquer Northern Vietnam. Not car, not bus, not motorbike, a bike trip will not only unwind your mind but also your muscles. Take it slow to breathe in all the fresh air along the way. We are sure that you will come back home with a rejuvenating soul.

Want to explore more regions in this Southeast Asian country? Follow our website to behold the beauty of this land.

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