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Cycling Saigon To Hoian: Explore The South Central Coast In 10 Great Days

Cycling Saigon to Hoian often goes through moderate passes and peaceful villages. That trip gave different vibes from our bike tour to the North, where the minority tribes nurture majestic nature. It has in common with other Vietnam cycling tours: good food, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals.

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Cycling Saigon To Hoian

10 Days Of Adventure Cycling Saigon To Hoian

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh – Cu Chi Tunnel Bike Tour

As soon as we landed at Tan Son Nhat airport, we were transferred to the hotel and the bike fitting shop to prepare for our Vietnam bike tour. After lunch, the bus took us out of the city and headed to Tan Phu Trung village.

Located among rubber plantations, Cu Chi Tunnels is a complex system of tunnels. We crept into the narrow underground passages. The lack of light, space, and even air compared to normal conditions reflects the problematic life of Vietnamese people during the war against America.

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh– Vung Tau – Phan Thiet Cycling Route

The noise on the streets heralded the awakening of a bustling city. We fueled the day with banh mi and coffee – a popular local breakfast. The bus then took us to the new highway and dropped us off at the biking point. Our first destination of Vietnam bike tours was Vung Tau and Phan Thiet. 

It seemed that the primary vegetation of the Southeast region was rubber and longan. We got closer to beautiful coastal cities when small fishing villages appeared on both sides of the road. As the sun went down behind the white dunes, our bikes stopped at Phan Thiet.

Day 3: Phan Thiet To Da Lat By Bike

We woke up early to walk along the beach, swim in the pool, and have a hearty breakfast. After that, we started the pedal towards the Central Highlands.

We passed coffee farms and tea hills and conquered a few passes in the middle of the pine forest. When we noticed a significant drop in temperature, we arrived in Dalat. This city possesses a poetic charm with French-style architecture, countless flower gardens, waterfalls, and lakes.

Day 4: Biking From Da Lat To Nha Trang

The fog clouded our windows early in the morning. To ensure safety, our Vietnam bike trip only started when the sun’s rays dispelled the cold air. Our wheels rolled down the slopes leading to Nha Trang. 

It was a unique cycling trip due to the transition of natural landscapes. The pine forests on the mountains’ high hills turned into fishing villages by the sea. We were served a sumptuous seafood dinner, especially the charcoal grilled dishes.

Day 5: Nha Trang Boat Discovery

We let our feet rest and used the boat to explore the beauty of the coastal city of Nha Trang. Instead of hanging around the city, we set sail to the bay and some small islands.

The most exciting activity was diving to see the natural coral reefs. A small boat took us a little further from shore. The instructor, who was very dedicated and attentive, helped us put on the necessary equipment and get acquainted with it. When we jumped into the sea, a magical undersea world opened up. The emerald green sea water gave us a clear vision.

Day 6: Nha Trang – Tuy Hoa – Quy Nhon Biking Route

The shuttle took us to the drop-off point in Vung Ro in the morning. We drove on tarmac roads, past white sands and fish farms.

We stopped at several fishing villages in Phu Yen to rest and chat with the locals. They are not fluent in English but enthusiastic about communicating through body language. The route running through the peaceful villages brought us to Quy Nhon. 

Day 7: Quy Nhon – Quang Ngai Cycling Tour

On the newly paved road, our bike Vietnam tours headed North. We slowed down to live our best days in the wild. We cycled through rustic villages and fishing villages. The path along the coast led us to unspoiled areas to admire the clear sea color and enjoy fresh seafood.

It was a long journey to Tam Quan Bac, then Quang Ngai. On the bright side, the beauty of nature filled us with an inexhaustible source of energy.

Day 8: Quang Ngai – My Lai Massacre – Hoi An Bike Path

We had a long day reminiscing about the fierce historical period in Son Tinh town. The war against America in the 1960s left a significant pain for this fertile land. When we visited the memorial at Son My, the long list of massacred civilians represented a dire consequence of the war.

Leaving the story of the past behind, we headed to Hoi An. We struggled on paved roads to arrive in the Duy Hai district and switched to boats for a stroll on the Thu Bon river. 

We reached our destination when the yellow houses in the old town lit up with red lanterns hanging in front of the house steps.

Day 9: Hoi An Bicycle Tour

Hoi An is a small town, but its unique beauty held us back for a whole day. The one-of-a-kind combination of traditional charm and modern appeal has become a world cultural heritage. Time seemed to freeze in this area as the city’s noise was locked outside the entrance.

We visited many unique constructions, such as covered bridges and ancient communal houses. The guide told us that this bridge was printed on the VND 20,000 banknote. How wonderful! Another traditional aspect of Hoi An is the old craft villages, such as herbal tea, ceramics, and light bulbs. 

Though the famous eateries always have a long queue, we had great patience to try these typical local dishes. Fortunately, we made the right decisions. 

Day 10: Ending

We went back to the banh mi shop yesterday to enjoy the delicious taste only available in Vietnam. We also spend a little time remaining shopping for souvenirs in the old town.

At last, our Vietnamese bike tour came to an end. We have been blessed to discover unique landscapes, cultural activities, and delicacies. We will come back to this beautiful country soon.


Cycling Saigon to Hoian took ten days, but the good things that filled the way seemed to shorten it. Goodbye and see you again! We hope to be back soon. Believe us; you should try bike tours in Vietnam at least once in your life. Every moment of the journey is worth your salad days. Let’s share this post with your buddies with the same interest and see how you make his day!

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