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Best Cycling Tour North Vietnam – 6 Amazing Discovering Days

Travellers may see some of North Vietnam’s most breathtaking natural beauty on this cycling tour north vietnam

You get to discover Mai Chau’s breathtaking natural beauty and cultural diversity, its picturesque rice terraces, and the stunning limestone of Pu Luong. Besides, you also have a chance to enjoy the famous Cuc Phuong national park. You will be amazed by Thai and Muong ethnic people’s colorful culture, eating traditional cuisine, and joining their exotic music show!

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Cycling tour north vietnam

Several cyclists say cycling is a unique method to see and experience North Vietnam’s secret charm pathways. That is why we bring our itinerary for you!

Read on to get your detailed activist on each day!

Best Cycling Tour North Vietnam – 6 Amazing Discovering Days

Preview Of The Tour

The vistas are breathtaking as the route passes through towns and gorgeous rice terraces while traveling on a mixture of excellent single-track roads and undulating rocky trails. Prepare to be surprised.


Ha Noi – Mai Chau – Phu Luong – Cuc Phuong – Tam Coc


06 days


Hotels + Guest house + Homestay

Day 1: From Hanoi To Mai Chau

Distance: 75 Km

We will head to the southwest to come to Luong Son, beginning the biking in north vietnam

Luong Son is the entrance to the breathtaking mountainous region north of the S-shaped land. We begin riding along concrete roads with spectacular views of the mountains, sugarcane plantations, valleys, and rice paddies.

On the way, we will enjoy a short lunch at any place we feel the charm to stay a bit longer. After our stomach is full, we quickly transition to the Thung Khe pass and kick off our 34-kilometer ride down the Da River’s bank.

Breathtaking countryside landscapes, Muong and Thai people waving and saying hello as you pass them will impress you. That’s right, that is the friendly Vietnam people that tourists always talk about.

Then, we move fast to Mai Chau in the afternoon. Today we will stay at Lac village and take part in the Thai ethnic community music night, where you can unwind and immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture.

Day 2: From Mai Chau To Pom Coong

Distance: 65 Km

The second day of the amazing bike tour north vietnam provides a chance to see the Mai Chau Valley’s breathtaking natural beauty, filled with Muong and Thai communities amongst rice paddies.

We cycle on a variety of single-track trails that connect different villages. Villages in the early morning are very serene! Then, we continue to ride into the village centre and interact with some locals along the route. Before travelling back to Hang hamlet, we will stop for lunch in Sam Khoe along the way.

A beautiful homestay here in the village will wait for your present. Avoid sleeping in because you have a marvellous journey ahead of you.

Day 3: From Mai Chau To Nua Villages

Distance: 70 Km

The early ascent to the peak on a combination of single-track and dirt roads makes the third day of cycling north vietnam challenging. However, the breathtaking limestone mountain vista and magnificent terraced rice paddies will be your reward. On the top, we take a break for refreshments before heading to Pho Don market to fill our stomachs. After finishing lunch, we will ride a leisurely bike to the village of Lo Nua via a combination of buffalo paths, paved roads, and bamboo forest shade.

You will have time to take a quick shower when we get there and then enjoy some cool beer or whatever suits you. Our final plan for the third day is to dine and stay the night together in a Thai homestay.

Day 4: From Nua Village To Cuc Phuong

Distance: 85 Km

Welcome to the last part of our amazing biking tour Vietnam. Today, we plan to come to Phu Luong township, Pho Doan. Before arriving in Cam Luong, we will go past maize fields, sugarcane fields, and villages of the Muong and Thai tribes on the Nature Reserve’s corridor. You are delighted with breathtaking surroundings and warm interactions with the locals.

We will continue our cycle tour at Ho Chi Minh road. Then, we cycle another 45 kilometers on a combination of a single smooth road and uneven trails. 

In the late afternoon, you will come to Cuc Phuong. You can settle in and relax until it’s time for supper when you get here. 

Day 5: From Cuc Phuong To Tram Chim

Distance: 65 Km

Cuc Phuong is the most peaceful place for vietnam bike tour routes. Today you will enjoy forest sightseeing. We will ride over shaded forest paths and through the unspoiled rainforest on an exclusive path. 

Cycling for the rest of the day takes you to Dong Giao, a pineapple field that allows you to purchase fresh fruit from neighborhood farmers sold on side streets.

Then, we will go to Tram Chim (Vườn quốc gia Tràm Chim – Tram Chim Nature Reserve) over spectacular limestone mountains that impressively rise from lush rice farms and streams. When we arrive, we may either unwind or explore the area in search of various birds. Meals and overnight lodging at a local resort.

Day 6: From Tram Chim To Kenh Ga

Distance: 45 Km

Let’s move up our biking tour by beginning the backroad ride to the picturesque Tam Coc. Here, we go on a boat excursion to explore three caves connected by breathtaking beauty. Then, you are struck by the breathtaking natural beauty of Bai Dinh temple, Trang An, and Kenh Ga.

Later on the sixth day, after having lunch at the floating village – Kenh Ga, we will return to Ha Noi. That is the end of our cycle trip.


Do you like our cycling tour north vietnam itinerary? 

North Vietnam is famous for all cyclists that want challenges on the road but also expect to experience peace and uniqueness. Although it is just about one week of cycling, we believe it makes a remarkable impression. We look forward to your feedback. If you scroll more, you can find our other biking tours that will intrigue you. If you need any assistance, leave a comment, so we can have a chance to support you.

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