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Cycling Tours In Vietnam – Guide book

Meta: Cycling tours in Vietnam are very interesting and safe. Let’s find out with us in this article.

Cycling Tours In Vietnam

Going backpacking is a form of discovery tourism, for young people to learn and experience many new lands, many interesting things. However, currently the trend of cycling by bicycle is being responded to by many people, especially young people. In this article, we introduce everyone to the experience of preparing for Cycling tours in Vietnam.

What makes you choose to travel by bicycle through Vietnam?

There are many great advantages to cycling. Here are the great advantages that backpacking brings:

Cycling is good for both physical and mental health: Countless scientific studies have shown that cycling every day can help prevent heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity, muscle weakness and sleep disturbances while also improving overall mental health. Thanks to the energy consumed during the ride, the brain produces chemicals, such as endorphins, that improve overall mood.

  • Cycling increases productivity and attention: People who choose to cycle for at least half an hour a day not only halve their disease risk compared to people with a sedentary lifestyle, but they also build their minds more active and engaged. In fact, workers who commute by bicycle are harder and more productive than those who commute by car or public transit. This is because physical activity increases oxygen in the brain and blood circulation, activating neural circuits associated with attention, focus and creativity.
  • Cycling is a way to integrate with nature and the street: Cycling allows you to blend in with the bustle of the city, roads, etc. Modern bicycles are increasingly comfortable, convenient and fast, bringing riders interesting experiences to avoid traffic jams.
  • Cycling saves money: Choosing to cycle instead of driving will save significantly. Fuel costs, parking (usually there is a free place specifically for bicycles).
  •  Environmentally friendly: Bicycles do not use fossil fuels, helping to cut carbon dioxide emissions and reduce smog. You can ride your bike around the place you are exploring without fear of adding air pollution.
  • Flexibility: A bicycle can take you into narrow alleys and crowded markets that cars can’t get into. There are some areas that can only be explored on foot or by bicycle.

Cycling Tours In Vietnam

Make sure your health is good before going on a trip

Biking requires energy and good health. Therefore, to prepare for a fun and comfortable trip, it is necessary to have good health before going on a trip. But for good health, you should practice yoga exercises for the back or practice sports. This will help you get used to and be able to ride better. In addition, you should eat nutritious foods such as chicken, beef, or human fish. In particular, water plays an important role, so it is necessary to add enough water every day.

BikCycling Tours In Vietname Tours

Comprehensive bicycle inspection

Due to this overtaking, the bicycle is a companion, so it is necessary to thoroughly check the bike for a more perfect bike trip. Comprehensive check from the tire to see if it is flat or not, the car’s brakes, etc. However, during the trip, it is necessary to bring repair tools to prevent in case the car has a problem, it can be repaired immediately.

Bring versatile car repair tools

The backpacking trip will be a long road trip. There are parts of the road where there will be no mechanic or deserted roads. Therefore, carrying multi-function car repair tools is extremely necessary. You can bring screwdrivers to screw, pump the car, etc. When the car is suddenly damaged, there are tools to fix it right away. Avoid losing fun when cycling.

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Join racing bike forums

If you are interested in cycling, please participate in racing bicycle forums. This will not only satisfy your passion but also be able to interact with friends from all over the country and abroad. When participating in forums, you will learn from the experiences of those who have gone before. In addition, you can find companions when participating in this forum. Therefore, you should find a cycling association right away to join.

Check the route you will travel by bike

How to have a safe cycling trip for yourself? First you need to have a close inspection of the road that you go through. Because this is really important, if the road is too bad or too deserted, it will be very difficult during the trip. Remember to check the route you will travel carefully and make the right choice for you.

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Should you go cycling through Vietnam

Cycling has been a popular pastime among the general public in recent years. So, should you cycle across Vietnam or should you not? Bicycling will provide you freedom and independence from anything else. Cycling also allows you to immerse yourself in nature, which relaxes and comforts your spirit. Furthermore, when you get to your destination, you will feel delighted and fulfilled, as if you had just completed a race to the finish line.

This trek should be taken in a group. This will make you feel more energized and inspired. You will learn and meet many people along the trip, as well as immerse yourself in the roadways. Cycling is also beneficial for body toning and fitness. If you’ve never had this sensation before, you could be exhausted. The pleasure of completing such a lengthy journey, on the other hand, will be unforgettable.

Biking in Vietnam


You should be ready for further bicycle travel after reading this article. We hope the information provided above assists you in having a pleasant and relaxing Cycling Tours In Vietnam. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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