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Cycling Trail In Vietnam – Your Designated Journey With 12 Exciting Days

The cycling trail in Vietnam offers cyclists a picturesque natural North Vietnam scenery and the exotic cultural diversity of Pu Luong, Mai Chau, Cuc Phuong, Cat Ba, and Vịnh Lan Hạ (Lan Ha Bay). 

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Cycling trail in Vietnam

You will love every kilometer you pass by and mark new, interesting, memorable milestones of your biker’s life here in the S-shaped land.

Let’s dive into the itinerary now!

Cycling Trail In Vietnam – Your Designated Journey

Preview Of The Tour

You will have 12 days of vietnam trail biking to challenge yourself in a single track, dirty/buffalo road, undulating trails, and backroad and meet a brand new culture of ethnic communities. Enjoy their differences and awaken your soul to the fresh air and happy moments.


Hanoi – Mai Chau – Pu Luong – Lo Nua – Cuc Phuong – Thung Nham – Tràm Chim – Hai Phong – Cat Ba – Lan Ha Bay – Hanoi


12 days


Hotels + Guest House

Day 1: Hanoi

Greetings from Vietnam. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. On the first day of our vietnam cycling tour, you will discover the capital of Vietnam.

Rest, eat and then spend the rest of the day learning the safety rules of cycling, getting used to the roads and the Vietnamese style of travel and movement. If you like, call a cyclo to see Hanoi too!

Day 2: From Hanoi To Mai Chau

Distance: 75km

Our second day of the Vietnam biking tour starts at Luong Son. 

We ride on a cement road and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of valleys, sugarcane plantations, rice paddies, and mountains. When lunchtime comes, we will stop by a booked local restaurant. 

After lunch, we go back to our tracks. We sneak along Da river to go to Thung Khe. On the way, small villages of the Thai and Muong ethnic groups intertwine between the valleys. The children are going to school or herding buffaloes along the way, waving hello. 

You will feel the friendliness and warmth of the people around here. And then, when you haven’t yet noticed, you have come to Mai Chau. Tonight, you stay here. Rest well, and prepare for sweet things tomorrow morning.

Day 3: Mai Chau Discovery

Distance: 56km

The third day of our biking tour Vietnam will be the Mai Chau discovery. This rare area still preserves the old features and customs in Vietnam.

You will spend time cycling through hamlets to explore the whole of Mai Chau. Believe us at every step of the way. You will witness new things that you have never experienced. Fresh air, friendly people, delicious food, and catchy music will blend into a full day with the locals while you’re here. 

If you have more time, don’t be afraid to chat more with the people, they will tell you how their ancestors lived here for 100 years. You will have memorable moments with a delicious cup of tea plus a historical story!

Day 4: From Mai Chau To Pu Luong 

Distance: 87km

The 4th day of our cycling tour in Vietnam will be pretty challenging. You will experience a long climb to the top of the mountain on a mixture of single-track trails and dirt routes. 

In return, the majestic views from above will make you feel that all the effort to cycle to the top is well worth it. In front of your eyes are a limestone mountain range and the sprawling terraced rice fields are as eye-catching as the photos spread around the Internet that you’ve ever dreamed of seeing with your own eyes! Everything is true.

Then, you will stop here for a while before descending for lunch. 

Today’s lunch is at Pho Don. It is small but the most famous in the area. The rest of the day is a short ride. Lo Nua is your final destination. Stay and enjoy your evening here.

Day 5: From Lo Nua To Cuc Phuong

Distance: 90km

Let’s continue our cycle tour. After a night of rest, we will continue to follow the path along the corridor of the Pu Luong nature area. 

Along the way, the colors of Muong and Thai ethnic groups, idyllic villages, and images of vast sugarcane fields will bring you wonderful memories. We will reach Ho Chi Minh road at noon, just walking and enjoying the natural landscape.

We will stop at a small town named Kim Tan to fill our stomachs. Rest for a while to resume our energy. 

After that, we will continue to travel another 45 km to Cuc Phuong in the late afternoon. You will check-in and rest. Then it is a sumptuous dinner. You will eat fragrant wild boar and delicious sticky rice. Enjoy!

Day 6: From Cuc Phuong To Thung Nham

Distance: 75km

We call the sixth day of our biking tour – the forest day because we can see the most amazing primeval vegetables and wild animals by our eyes at the national park of Vietnam. 

You will go deep into the forest, cycling around the dense trees. Fresh air and cool, beautiful vegetation will make you not want to leave. You will not be able to help but look around a few times to see what kind of animal sounds are coming out. If you go to Cuc Phuong in the summer, you can also witness colorful butterflies flying in flocks that you think you are in a Disney fantasy movie. At the stop, you can also visit endangered animals.

After that, you continue to move to Tam Coc for lunch. The afternoon is time for Tram Chim. This is a place with many kinds of precious birds. The scene in this place is also a rare and beautiful item of Vietnam! You will rest and have dinner here!

Day 7: From Tràm Chim To Hai Phong

Distance: 65km

Today’s cycle trip is when you can visit several provinces in North Vietnam. 

From Tram Chim, you continue cycling to Tam Coc. Then you spend a little bit of the time enjoying the three famous caves in the area. As you may go by a small boat, just prepare yourself to be surprised. 

If you go in the ripening rice paddies season, you will witness the golden carpet extending along both river banks. People refer to it as heavenly scenery.

After that, you will visit other Ninh Binh breathtaking and beloved places such as Bai Dinh pagoda, Trang An, and Kenh Ga. When you finish your lunch at Kenh Ga, it is time to catch the van to come to Hai Phong. 

The most modern city and the best food are in this place. Let’s spend your night here.

Day 8: From Hai Phong To Cat Ba

Distance: 65km

After breakfast, we start by reaching a ferry station named Dinh Vu, where we will take another ferry trip to Cat Hai. Then we bike to Cai Vieng and Cat Hai. The two places are famous as historic fishing areas, and they produce a fish sauce.

When you arrive at Cat Ba, we don’t stop but bike through some hilling roads. The terrain is a bit difficult. However, the sight is unrivaled. We will recommend some places for you to stop for lunch, but if you want to stop at any eye-catching scene, we will eat there, no more questions.

After stopping for lunch along the way, we will go straight to Catba Town. You will have the rest of the day to check in at the hotel, rest, have a bath, and explore Cat Ba on your own.

Day 9: From Cat Ba To Lan Ha Bay

Distance: 30km

Our cycling today is the most relaxed day! Cat Ba is one of the most lovely spots in the S-shaped land because of the magnificent primeval forest. We will bike at Cat Ba for a half day, stopping at the fishing harbor and visiting the Cat Ba market and the Cat Ba national park.

Then, we will enjoy the Lan Ha Bay beauty via a boat trip. The bay is gorgeous and less crowded than other places in the same area. When tourists come to Ha Long, Lan Ha becomes the inevitable choice because of its outstanding geography and stunning limestone outcrops.

A meal of fresh and delicious seafood awaits you at dinner. Tonight is the peaceful night of the sea. Wishing you a good night’s sleep.

Day 10: Full day at Lan Ha Bay – Kayaking

Distance: 0 km

Today is all about kayaking. First, we paddle to a cave named Me Cung. Its cave name in English is a maze. It indicates the same thing. There is a garden at the top of the mountain. Therefore, we must traverse a zigzag path to get there. The routes seem difficult. However, the scenery is awesome.

Then, we will move to a dark cave. It depends on the current scenario. We will be allowed to go further to see the fairy lake inside the mountain or just stop there. 

Our 9th lunch on the cycle trip is at the boat, and you can swim on Ba Trai Dao beach later on. 

Your dinner is also on the boat. Congrats! You have the most beachy day ever!

Day 11: Lan Ha Bay – Kayaking (cont.)

Distance: 0km

Don’t you think your best day ever finished? Well, it does not. Today you still have a chance to paddle kayaks around this area. After that, you can go to a pearl farm to see how they produce pearls. You can buy some of them as souvenirs too. 

After your stomach is full from a delectable lunch, we paddle to Nam Cat island and the bay’s shoreline. One of the highlights of today’s excursion is the mountain range that emerges from the ocean. After a day of traveling here, we will come back to Cat Ba town. Your delicious dinner is ready for you.

Day 12: From Cat Ba To Hanoi

Distance: 45 km

Today is the last day you are at Cat Ba. 

Let’s spend time chatting and enjoying the day-to-day activities of the neighborhood fishers. We will begin riding along the coast to the fishing villages of Viet Hai and Cai Vieng. Then we will catch two ferries to return to Hai Phong. 

After lunch, we quickly leave the busy city & cycle through Hai Duong to return to Hanoi. Farewell dinner is ready for all of us. Your once-in-a-lifetime adventure stops here. 


That’s all about our cycling trail in Vietnam. Are you excited and want to get on your bike and start riding right away? We have prepared for this journey with all our hearts. Hope you will like it.

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