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Cycling Vietnam coastline – Savor Dynamite View In 12 Days

Steel yourself. The best cycling Vietnam coastline itinerary is in the article. 

In the 12 days, you got an opportunity to witness the mind-blowing landscape, challenging yet interesting coastline routes, and delicious food of the most famous province and cities of Vietnam, for example, The Vietnamese capital, Quang Ngai, Hue, Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa. 

Don’t let you wait any longer! Let’s begin!

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Cycling Vietnam coastline

Cycling Vietnam coastline – Savor Dynamite View In 12 Days

Preview Of The Tour

We will start from Ha Noi, then take a train to the middle region of Vietnam. Then, we snake along the beautiful coastline to enjoy the unique routes, outstanding scenery, hospitable people, and delicious foods. They are just a preview of some things you are about to encounter in the next 12 days.


Hanoi – (Hanoi ) Bat Trang – Hue – (Hue) Lang Co – (Quảng Nam) Hoi an – (Quảng Nam) My son – Quang Ngai – (Quang Ngai) Sa Huynh – (Bình Định) Quy Nhơn – (Phú Yên) Tuy Hoa – (Khánh Hòa) Nha Trang


12 days


Hotels + Guest House

Day 1: Welcome To Vietnam

Distance: 35 Km

Our members will pick you up at the airport and then drop you off at your hotel to prepare for the biking vietnam beach journey. The time difference will probably make you want to rest a bit more. However, as soon as you feel you charge up enough energy, let’s check our bikes and hit the road right away!

On this first day, you must familiarize yourself with Vietnamese people’s streets, movements, and travel styles. If you can get around Hanoi easily, we believe you have a knack for cycling in Vietnam. No road can make it difficult for you when you are firmly on the wheel in the capital of Vietnam!

Take some time to stroll through the old town, enjoy the modern urban atmosphere mixed with a bit of antiquity and get ready for the next day!

Day 2: From Hanoi To Hue

Distance: 45 Km

Our 2nd day on the vietnam coast by bike destination is Hue. However, before taking a train to the Middle region, you will have more time to discover Ha Noi.

A bus will take you to Long Bien (the biking cycling point). Then, you snake along the Hong River route to Bat Trang village. For 11 centuries, it has been recognized for producing high-quality ceramics. When in here, you get time to look around expertly made items or capture some breathtaking photos of these locations. 

Then, we continue riding through typical vegetable villages to Van Giang and Kim Lan villages. 

We will have lunch on the road and keep riding to discover Khoai Chau and some temples. We will return to the Hanoi center late afternoon to get to the night train to Hue.

Day 3: Dreamy Hue Tour

Distance: 56 Km

Welcome to the 3rd day of biking vietnam coastline

After arriving in Hue, you can pedal slowly to discover Hue city and its other famous architectural artwork. The place is a UNESCO site with a long history. From education to culture, you will feel the sophistication of each masterpiece here. You certainly also love the Hue people’s gentle, poetic, sweet voice.

You can visit the imperial citadel, the mausoleums, and the tombs to see how the kings of Vietnam used to live in the citadel. Besides, don’t forget to try on some royal outfits and take commemorative photos. Coming to Hue without a few photos of the architecture here and being a real Hue person is extremely regrettable for any cyclist!

Day 4: From Hue To Lang Co

Distance: 78 Km

We continue your vietnam on bike journey by exploring more of Hue’s countryside places. 

The first one is the Thanh Toan bridge. The usual imagery of traditional Vietnamese homes, communal homes, and local marketplaces are fascinating.

Then, you will cycle to Thuan An Beach by going over the tranquil villages and towns. On the road, there are a hundred great museums to appreciate. After stopping at Tu Hien to enjoy the landscape around here, we cross a bridge and ascend a little hill before reaching QL1. 

And, you come to Lang Co beach. Dine and relieve oneself in the beachfront hotel.

Day 5: From Lang Co To Hoi An

Distance: 75 Km

The 5th day will be the most amazing in our discovery of vietnam by bike trip. Before tackling the spectacular ocean cloud peak of the famous Hai Van Pass, we refuel with plenty of water and energy.

Then, you begin biking on the tarmac road and turn left at QL1 before climbing the 13 kilometers to the peak. Stunning clouds, ocean, and surrounding landscape will be your gem on the road. On the peak, you can see Lang Co and Da Nang in the gorgeous scenery. Some refreshments are available for you when you are on the top. Let’s dive in and enjoy your front views. 

After that, you will descend to Da Nang, riding down the coast, and come to Hoi An in the late afternoon.

Some refreshing drinks at the hotel await your presence. Delicious meals are attached to the service. Enjoy!

Day 6: Ancient Hoi An

Distance: 45 Km

Hoi An is a most-wanted list of the most awesome bike tour in vietnam. It is a world heritage site so that we will spend some more time here.

You will feel the unique blend of ancient, modern, Vietnamese, and other cultures when looking at the masterpieces in Hoi An. The most impressive thing for everyone is planning the streets and buildings. It makes you want to buy a house right there or come live in Vietnam and fly to Hoi An for a weekend just to enjoy the street views and coffee.

We will cycle around Hoian’s ancient town. But not stopping there, we also go to the neighboring countryside, such as Thanh Ha and Tra Que. Then, we will ride back to town to eat lunch. In the afternoon, we go to Cua Dai to immerse ourselves in the ocean.

Day 7: From Hoi An To Quang Ngai

Distance: 85 Km

We continue our cycle tour by leaving the ancient town. We will ride across a river named Thu Bon, then to the Duy Hai fishing village. 

From here, we will have the chance to discover more and more fishing villages. After that, we will head straight to Tam Ky to enjoy lunchtime. After the meal, we will leave for Chi Thanh to explore a historical place named as Mỹ Lai massacre. The place is where war remnants of United States forces massacred several defenseless people in South Vietnam.

You will gain some new sharing when you are there. Then, on the last time of the day, you come back to the hotel and rest.

Day 8: From Quang Ngai To Quy Nhon

Distance: 87 Km

We will return to the coast on the 8th day of our biking tour

When we get to the biking location, we start riding down the coast. Then, we look at the gorgeous fishing farms, villages, and lagoons. Lunch is at the local restaurant.

We bike and see numerous seashore beauties, picture fresh, unspoiled environments and amazing hillsides. We continue cycling on a cement road via rural regions. If we are lucky, we can also encounter some schoolchildren on the way back home. 

We will come to Quy Nhon late in the day. Relax at a resort beside the beach.

Day 9: Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa

Distance: 79 Km

Wake up sooner on the 9th day of our amazing cycle trip to leave the bustling city behind. Then we will ride on an asphalt road coming to QL1. Our purpose is to reach the coastline as soon as possible. Immaculate, beautiful, and fresh nature will save on your memory. They are also a feature of today’s biking.

Besides seeing the peaceful coastal views with your naked eyes, you can also enjoy the delicious seafood dishes at lunch. Then, we will begin our journey to Gành Đá Đĩa and Tuy Hoa.

In Tuy Hoa, cold beer and a cool swimming pool are ready for your preference. You will spend the night at the beach hotel here.

Day 10: From Tuy Hoa To Nha Trang

Distance: 76 Km

One of the amazing cycling tours of Vietnam is about the last stage. Today, on the 10th day, we will start by crossing a bridge and come to Tuy Hoa’s opposite side. 

We snake along the coast side to find the intriguing seaview, get over several passes, visiting magnificent lagoons before arriving at Phú Yên bay, known as Vũng Rô. We will have lunch at Dai Lanh. Then, we will resume riding down the coast following lunch. 

In the late afternoon, we will come to Nha Trang. Check-in and relax. A delectable aroma seafood restaurant is available for your picking.

Day 11: Boat Trip At Nha Trang 

Distance: 0 Km

Yes, that’s right, 0 km riding. Today is not about riding. 

 You will spend the time boating. It is a surprise and a present for you on our vietnam cycling.

In the morning, we take the chance to tour the wonderful bay. The boat will carry us to 2 islands: Hon Mun & Hon Tam. Not stopping there, you can visit fishing islands as well as coral islands too.

When you are there, let’s jump into the ocean, swim, and snorkel to appreciate the variety of colorful coral. Lunch is on the boat. In the afternoon, you will have your own time to self-discover the city.

Day 12: Nha Trang

Distance: Depends on you

After a healthy breakfast at the hotel, our shuttle van will transport you to the airport to catch the flight home. Our cycling vietnam on the coastline ends here.

Don’t forget to double-check all your luggage, and take a deep breath to enjoy the last time you are in one of the best cities in Vietnam. If you like, buying some souvenirs here is also a good idea.


Did you enjoy the 12-day itinerary of our Cycling Vietnam coastline trip?

In the places you visit, there are not only beautiful scenery, friendly people, delicious food, but also historical sights. Enjoy every minute you spend in each region of Vietnam. If you want to explore even more, in addition to the 12-day trip, we also have other 7-day or 17-day trips. Check them out here. You’re sure to find the most suitable itinerary or the best combination trip!

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