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Experiences of traveling with Bike tours in Vietnam

Meta: Bike tours in Vietnam – An experience worth trying for those who plan to travel to Vietnam. This article will help you better understand these trips.

Traveling through Vietnam on a motorcycle is a unique and unforgettable experience. Furthermore, this type of tourism has benefits such as cost savings, convenience when traveling, the ability to actively stop wherever to enjoy the scenery, rest, and so on, which is why many visitors like it. To have an interesting trip, remember you need to equip yourself with experience when choosing Bike tours in Vietnam.

Bike tours in Vietnam

Prior to touring through Vietnam on a motorcycle, you should have some experience.

1.1. Plan the best journey possible

To be proactive in their journey, visitors should plan a motorbike trip in Vietnam ahead of time, including where to visit, where to rest, what to eat, and so on.

A bike tour across Vietnam usually includes 10 to 12 provinces and cities, including Ha Long Bay, Quang Binh, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Quy Nhon, Phu Yen, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phan Thiet, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Kien Giang, and so on. Backpackers can change their schedules according to their own time and money.

Because the locations are typically 200-300 kilometers apart, travelers are advised to begin their journey between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. to arrive before dusk. Drivers should also fill up their tanks to avoid running out of gas on less inhabited highways.

2. Estimated journey duration

A motorcycle tour around Vietnam normally lasts 10-20 days in order to see and experience as much as possible. As a result, travelers must factor in the length of their stay at each location as well as time for unforeseen events in order to return on time. This is to avoid being late for work, school, or other obligations.


3. Plan ahead of time and prepare for a long journey.

Visitors should consider the allocation of time and personal tasks when arranging a motorbike journey through Vietnam. This makes guests feel more at ease when traveling.

4. Make sure you’re in good health.

​​Visitors who choose to travel by motorcycle must also be in high physical condition in order to cover vast distances. Backpackers should also bring common medicines such as fever reducers, headache relievers, stomachaches, allergies, etc., as well as first aid items to be prepared in case of an emergency.

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5. Gather all of the necessary items.

Backpackers going through Vietnam by motorcycle should bring only the essentials and pack small luggage to allow for simple movement. The following are the essential goods to bring:

Motorbike riders should wear protective armor, knee and elbow protectors, and standard travel helmets (should be full-face, off-road, .. .).

The phone is always connected to 4G and activates the GPS (or handheld GPS device) to navigate and arrange scenic routes.

Clothing that is light and airy.

Raincoats and umbrellas that are waterproof are essential.

The shoe is durable enough to protect the foot while remaining lightweight and portable.

Face covering and eye protection (or sunglasses).

Drinks and on-the-go snacks

mtb viet nam bike tour

7. Before going on a journey, thoroughly inspect and maintain your motorcycles.

In particular, when traveling across Vietnam by motorcycle, the driver must thoroughly inspect and repair the vehicle before departing. The driver should check that the vehicle’s machinery is steady, that the brake system is in good working order, that the sprocket, chain, and disc parts are not worn or broken, and so on. Tourists should also bring a compact motorcycle repair kit with them in case of an emergency.

Should you travel through Vietnam by motorbike?

Have more experiences when traveling by motorbike

Unlike traveling by bus, plane or train, when traveling through Vietnam by motorbike, tourists can stop anywhere to admire the scenery. In addition, visitors can also actively visit places to visit, and enjoy a variety of local specialties on the way.

There will be many difficulties during the trip

When making a trip through Vietnam by motorbike, visitors will face a number of difficulties such as: going through dangerous passes, affecting health when they have to regularly drive long distances. bad weather conditions,…

Therefore, to have a trip with interesting experiences, visitors should pay attention to the experiences of traveling through Vietnam by motorbike shared above. Besides traveling by motorbike, tourists can consider traveling by car to ensure safety and bring comfort and convenience.



The experiences listed above will help you have a great Bike tour in Vietnam and create lasting memories. If you choose a reliable and suitable travel service center, the feeling with your companions traversing the highways in Vietnam will be fantastic. Allow us to accompany you. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you.

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