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Far North Vietnam Biking: 12 Wonderful Days Pedaling 

With intriguing backroads, welcoming locals, and diverse landscapes, far north Vietnam biking is among the incredible Vietnam bike tours to take part in. 

It’s a great way to venture off the usual path, see how people live in rural places, and test your mettle on some challenging bike rides. 

If you’re seeking a unique, fulfilling way to travel, then such cycling experiences might be perfect. Let’s see!

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Far North Vietnam Biking

Far North Vietnam Biking Tour: Detail Itineraries

Day 1: Hanoi Vietnam Bike Tour

Our trip began in Hanoi, where we took a cyclo through the busy streets of the Old Quarter to take in the city’s historic and contemporary splendor. 

Walking through its many tree-lined boulevards reveals that Hanoi is an old city.

Everywhere I looked, I could still see remnants of Chinese and French colonial influence, especially in the Old and French Quarters, which are filled with thousands of structures from that era.

Whether it was trees, lakes, or interesting architecture, there was always something visually intriguing to keep me intrigued.

Day 2: Hanoi – Thai Nguyen – Bac Son Cycling Tour: 72 km

From the meeting point, the shuttle bus drove us to Thai Nguyen. There, we went to an incredible hill tribal minority museum, where we learned more about 54 different Vietnamese ethnic minorities.

Our first cycling day began with a Thai Nguyen – Bac Son Town bike tour in the Lang Son province’s northern, mountainous region. Along the way, we saw beautiful rural scenes with broad valleys encircled by soaring mountains.

The first night of Bac Son cycling tour was very special to me. I had a very warm experience at a homestay, sleeping on mattresses on the floor covered in mosquito nets and dining at a big table in the traditional family style.

Day 3: Bac Son – Quang Uyen Biking Trip: 72km

After a hearty breakfast served by the hosts, we hopped on our reliable steel horse and set out to discover the locals’ way of life.

Today’s first stop was the historical relic Bac Son Museum, which features records, photographs, and some artifacts related to the Vietminh uprising against the French. We then continued the steep ascent to the junction of That Khe for a picnic lunch.

After lunch, we rode Route 3 till we reached Cao Bang. The shuttle bus transported us from Dong Khe to the hotel.

We’d had a nice few hours of an adventure cycling tour over dusty roads, and now we were finally at the hotel, enjoying supper with beer.

Day 4: Quang Uyen Cycle Tour To Ban Gioc – Bike Vietnam Tours: 82km

Today, with the sun and wind on our backs, we went to the local market to learn about local production and to take pictures with friendly people. There was a pottery stall where we could join hands to make our own item. Sadly, these things are fragile, so we couldn’t bring them home but gave them to the locals.

Following the tarmac route, we witnessed beautiful kast mountain ranges interspersed with hill tribal communities.

After that, we overcame a challenging 7 km cycling tour and rode our bicycles through various hill tribal settlements and a lunch stop before reaching Quang Uyen.

We cycled, gawked along the freshly paved road to Ban Gioc Waterfall, and stayed at Ban Gioc Resort. 

Day 5: Ban Gioc – Trung Khanh – Tra Linh Bike Trip: 76km

Feeling refreshed, we cycled along the Quay Son River’s unpaved road, which runs along the Vietnam-China border in the morning. 

Instead of snapping, we relished the lush meadows, limestone mountains, and the authentic rural life of hill tribe people.

After having lunch at Trung Khanh, we resumed our journey, leaving the single track and taking a dirt road to Tra Linh Town, passing through the breathtaking scenery of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark.

Day 6: Tra Linh – Cao Bang Bicycle Tour: 94 km

Being ready, we started on day six to visit Pac Bo, where President Ho Chi Minh used to dwell and work for three years, from 1940 to 1943.

It was wonderful to stroll down the Lenin Stream, which runs past the Pac Bo cave and has the bluest water. We felt at ease thanks to the peace and quiet we encountered here.

Have lunch while traveling the Ho Chi Minh Route back to Cao Bang. When we got to Cao Bang, we took some time to stroll around the city and the adjacent villages.

Day 7: Cao Bang – Ba Be Bike Trip: 131 km

Saying goodbye to Cao Bang, we headed to Ba Be National Park. Amazing scenery, a breathtaking vista of a limestone mountain, and exquisite rice terraces await us along the road.

Ba Be National Park is one of Vietnam’s oldest parks, boasting spectacular mountain landscapes covered in semi-tropical monsoon rainforest. All year long, the air is cold, breezy, and pleasant here.

In the evening, we enjoyed communal meals with the locals while relaxing on rafts and in boats on the still, serene lake. 

Day 8: Ba Be Lake Trip – Na Hang Nature Reserve – Thuong Lam Eco Village Cycling Tour: 129km

We left the village and cycled along the lake before embarking on a boat tour to see the magnificent surroundings and lake. 

Before grabbing onto our bicycles and cycling to Na Hang, we took turns visiting the widow islet and a magnificent waterfall.

On the way to Long Lake, we admired the ancient forest, the Tat Ke – Ban Bung environmental reserve, the Tin Tat waterfall, Den, and stalactites, and we also saw and heard about the legends behind each location.

Day 9: Na Dong – Khuoi Ha – Kayaking And Cycling Tour: 45km

As we spent the entire day participating in various adventure activities in the village and on the lake, it was the most fascinating on our trip.

Following breakfast, we set out from our accommodation to visit quiet areas. We cycled through breathtaking rice paddies and corn farms to see beautiful waterfalls, meet and interact with hill tribes, and hear their adoring origin stories.

We pedaled to the boat dock and boarded the boat to explore the lake’s many breathtaking sights, including the Phien Bung forest and famed waterfalls like Khuoi Sung, Khuoi Nhi, and Pac Ban.

To appreciate the splendor of the lake’s 99 islands, we also kayaked on it.

Day 10: Khuoi Ha Bike Tour – Vu Linh Cycling Trip: 136 km

On day ten, we began the journey on a paved road to Thac Ba Water Reservoir. While traveling, we were enthralled by the beautiful landscape and the hill tribal communities. 

We also encountered schoolchildren on their way to or from school, who always greeted us with a “hello” and a beaming smile. They took us by surprise as they could speak a little English. Though in the 4th grade, they were so small and skinny.

Kissing goodbye to those down-to-earth locals, we spent the night at a homestay with a lovely view of the Dzao people’s Lake.

Day 11: Vu Linh – Thuong Lam – Son Duong – Hanoi Bike Tour: 87km

Bidding farewell to the very nice host and the gorgeous Red Dao village, we pedaled through the picturesque village. Then, we turned off onto the asphalt road to the town, stopping to see the early morning local market on a sideroad.

Before leaving here, I took a ton of photos of the area, the people, and the scenery because it was so rich in naturally stunning and distinctive vistas, including numerous winding passages through rocky mountains.

We crossed the bridge and cycled down the river on paved roads to Son Duong, where we had lunch and got the bus back to Hanoi. Our bicycle tour in Vietnam has come to an end.

Day 12: Hanoi Onward

Enjoy a lay-in on our final morning; we treated ourselves to some coffee and cake at the local cafe. The transfer car picked us up at 10 am and drove us to Noi Bai Airport so we could catch our next flight. The Vietnam cycling trip was over.

Of course, we will continue our bike tours in Vietnam to explore other pristined and magnificent places in this beautiful land.


Honestly, I’ll remember the views, encounters, and individuals I encountered on this journey for a very long time.

So, if you want a challenging situation in a beautiful nation while knowing you have a reliable team in case something goes wrong, this far north Vietnam biking is ideal. The itinerary provides a unique look into a country that few people can encounter in twelve days.

Now, it’s time to take your bike and explore these interesting places!

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