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Grand Mekong Delta Cycling Tour – 11 Memorable Days

The grand Mekong delta cycling tour is also known as the cycle tour to the Vietnam rice bowl. Cycling across the famous Mekong is a fantastic way to learn about the culture, customs, and everyday lives of people in southern Vietnam. With our itinerary, you will have the most memorable 11 days of your life.

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Grand Mekong delta cycling tour

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Grand Mekong Delta Cycling Tour – 11 Memorable Days

Preview Of The Tour

The Mekong Delta is a water realm, a terrain carpeted with rivers and covered in a bewildering array of greens. The 11-day cycling Me Kong delta trip will take you through small village life, breathtaking scenic splendor, bustling floating markets, as well as swimming in the green sea on a pristine sand beach. 


Sai Gon – My Tho – Tra Vinh – Soc Trang – Bac Lieu – Ca Mau – Rach Gia –  Chau Doc – Cao Lanh – Can Tho – Sai Gon.


11 days


Hotels + Homestays

Day 1: Saigon Welcomes You

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh city. Our personnel will greet you pleasantly and transport you to your chosen hotel.

Today is orientation day. You will have an opportunity to get to know Saigon and Vietnamese transportation habits. Your bike will be ready for you to test and try too. 

After that, you have the rest of the day for yourself to get over jet lag and discover one of Vietnam’s biggest cities. 

Our delicious prepared dinner is available for you whenever you are ready. Let’s adapt quickly. A super interesting mekong delta bike tour ahead of you.

Day 2: From Saigon To My Tho

Distance: 75km

Our first day of the mekong delta bike tour is divided into two main parts: From Saigon To Can Duoc and from Go Cong to My Tho. We start on a bus that takes you to a highway to the Mekong Delta’s entry point – the Can Duoc.

We ride bikes through the beautiful countryside of Can Duoc in the fresh and sweet morning. Then, we will bike through fields of okra, squash, and jasmine rice (Nang Thom). We take a break for lunch at a little local village. 

After the enjoyable lunch, we ride our bikes to the ferry to cross the Vàm Cỏ river. Our leisurely cycle follows distinctive routes along the river. Then, we drive by farms in the area where shrimp and fish are grown. 

Your enjoyable cycling experience in Tiền Giang’s township becomes the feature of your journey today, thanks to the region’s beautiful scenery and nice locals.

Day 3: From My Tho To Tra Vinh

Distance: 75km

The countryside of Ben Tre is where we will be cycling to start and enjoy the 3rd-day awesome vietnam bike tour.

We bike through a shady path passing the banana and coconut farms. Its countryside is crisscrossed with bike trails that connect the villages. Local people will arrange lunch prepared in the area.

Here, you can nap in hammocks when your stomach is full, recover your energy and prepare for the ride in the afternoon. As we go through preschool, we will stop to play with kids, observing parents picking up their children for a few minutes. Then, we go over the water palm, and on beautiful concrete walkways, we continue riding to the Sông Cổ Chiên – Co Chien River.

Day 4: From Tra Vinh To Soc Trang

Distance: 70km

We will continue our bike tour Vietnam trip by following a narrow road, passing local markets and Khmer villages, and coming to a small town of Tra Vinh named Cau Quan. Your tour guide will take you through peaceful villages, sneak along sparkling rice terraces, pass farmers toiling in the fields, and pass Chinese, Vietnamese, and vibrant Khmer temples. After using two ferries to cross the Mekong River, we will eat lunch at a nearby restaurant. 

We ride through some of the most untamed and untamed countryside when noon time is over. The rural riding paths in the region are beautiful backroads. Our journey ends in a city district near Soc Trang. 

Day 5: From Soc Trang To Bac Lieu

Distance: 75km

Gear up your bike, and start our 5th day of the cycle trip. We kick off by going to Chua Doi. Chùa Dơi is a piece of Khmer heritage with distinctive Vietnamese architecture.

It is a pleasant bicycle ride across farmland with big fish and shrimp farms. Until you get to Vinh Chau county town, you will experience a slow style of village culture and pleasant people in rural areas.

After having lunch, we ride through lively riverbank markets and peaceful towns before arriving in Bac Lieu and continuing on peaceful seashore backroads.

Day 6: From Bac Lieu To Ca Mau 

Distance: 74km

The 6th day is the most lengthy and challenging day on this biking tour.

Before stopping for lunch in Ganh Hao, we cycle through shrimp farms, mangrove forests, and salt fields. You get to see daily life in locations where traveling by water is a common mode of transportation this afternoon.

Farmers may be seen laboring on farms with cows and buffaloes. Along the road, there are many shelters for cattle and poultry. You can stop for pictures too. Today’s adventure will end in the vicinity of Ca Mau City, where we will board a bus & travel there.

Day 7: From Ca Mau To Rach Gia

Distance: 80km

The 7th day is very interesting cycling as we travel on a nice route through untouched areas and a little jungle.

Numerous mangrove forests, stilted homes, and lumber mills are seen around this area. We pass by little settlements where Vietnamese, Chinese, and Khmers reside along the banks of rivers. You may observe inhabitants using boats as their primary mode of transportation, including water taxis, cargo boats, and fast boats traveling in opposite directions.

After eating to resume our strength, we return to the bicycles. We have two options:

  • Backroad to Tac Cau + ferry crossings + coastal road to Rach Gia or
  • Sneak through the cajuput forest + van to Rach Gia.

Whichever route you choose, the scene is also remarkable. It all gets down to your liking.

Day 8: From Rach Gia To Chau Doc

Distance: 80km

One of the best bike tours itinerary comes to the amazing last half. We start the 8th day by going through singletrack to a mountain not far from Tri Ton.

After passing by a few pagodas, we stop at Tri Ton for lunch. An Giang’s Tri Ton has numerous stunning mountainous singletrack, mountains, and rural backroads. You get the opportunity to test your bike prowess and take in a scenic ride. After that, we will continue our bike journey to Tra Su Cajuput Forest. 

Following exploring Cajuput Forest, make a quick trip to your accommodation.

Day 9: From Chau Doc To Cao Lanh

Distance: 70km

The 9th day of our cycling vietnam starts with experiencing a one-hour motorized boat ride to the floating town and catfish farms before exploring Dong Thap’s lowlands. You will ride a bike among children on a country road that passes past stilted-house settlements. Then, we pedal through the sacred Buddhist temple of Hoa Hao on the dirt track leading to Cho Moi.

Next, we will pass Monastery and Gieng Islet.

Before we board a tiny boat to Cao Lanh, you may enjoy riding through mellow country backroads and stopping at neighborhood markets and fruit gardens. Following, we’ll ride slowly down the Mekong River through the countryside, occasionally passing mango farms. Today’s trip will conclude in an urban district, and from there, a bus will take us to Đồng Tháp ‘s Cao Lanh.

Day 10: From Cao Lanh To Can Tho

Distance: 70km

Our guide will accompany you on a lovely cycling path through flower-filled towns and plantations. 

Lunch at an ancient house is available for you. In the afternoon of the 10th day, we pass by fields of sweet potatoes, a nearby factory making rice powder, and stop at frog and eel farms. 

Today’s journey will put you in close contact with the welcoming locals, their distinctive culture, and charming villages at every mile you come to Cần Thơ.

Day 11: From Can Tho To HCM

Distance: 164km

Can Tho is situated in the middle of the Mekong Delta’s 12 provinces. It is well known for its numerous floating markets and its reputation for rice. 

Your final day of biking vietnam starts in the floating market. After an hour-long transfer, we come to Vinh Long and then An Binh. After cycling 17 kilometers to a small town of Tiền Giang named Cai Be, we will have a great lunch at a historic home.

We will ride 15 more kilometers after lunch to reach Cay Lay in the province of Tien Giang. Then, we will come back to Sai Gon.


Does the grand Mekong delta cycling tour make you excited? 

We hope that they can bring you fond memories of the countryside of Vietnam. The Mekong Delta has its own very special culture that you will feel extremely honored to be accompanied even for a short time. 

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