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Ha Giang Loop Bike Tours – Discover Vietnam Northern Beauty

The province of Ha Giang is among the wildest places in the nation, with rich picturesque karst mountains, challenging mountain routes, meandering roads, and misty settlements. Many different local ethnic minorities call the province home, and many of them continue to live according to their native cultures.

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As fun as discovering this fascinating destination can be, why not put a twist on it by joining one of our Ha Giang loop bike tours? This way, you can see the place in a new and different way.

Ha Giang Loop Bike Tours – Explore The Fascinating Northern Region Of Vietnam

3-Day Cycling In Ha Giang Loop Tour

Day 1: Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Yen Minh Cycling Tour

It was the first day of our thrilling biking Ha Giang loop tour. We rode our bikes toward the province of Ha Giang. Since this region was still unexplored, many roads were almost completely unknown, and the surrounding landscape was still mostly unchanged.

We cycled over the mountains beside the reservoir before arriving in the breathtaking Lung Tam commune valley. The location was remote and had few signs of tourism, making it seem like an oasis.

Day 2: Yen Minh – Dong Van – Meo Vac Bike Tour

After a filling breakfast, we continued our cycling journey. While cycling, the crew stopped at the residence of Vuong Chi Sinh, whose family was still present and whom the Hmong people once regarded as their king.

Then, we got over the famous Heaven Gate pass and headed to Dong Van town. Once we arrived, we visited the Dong Van old quarter and had lunch before traveling to Meo Vac. Our last 20 km cycling was along the Ma Pi Leng pass. From this ground, we took in the breathtaking view of the Nho Que river and mountain cliffs.

Day 3: Meo Vac – Mau Due – Du Gia – Ha Giang Cycling Trip

For the last day, we woke up early to contemplate a unique aspect of Vietnam’s ethnic groupings, their weekly marketplaces. We came into contact with numerous traditional hill tribe groups of northern Vietnam there and noticed that life and culture are still preserved along with the natural beauty of the area.

After a leisurely breakfast and a trip to the market, the van transported us 40 km to Mau Due. This is where we began the longest cycling, which is a 90 km mountainous zigzag unpaved road that was constructed by the Vietnamese army during the China war and has remained undeveloped for over 30 years.

Discover Ha Giang Loop Bicycle Tour In 3 Days

Day 1: Ha Giang – Dong Van Cycling Tour

We set off for Heaven Gate through the Bac Sum pass, where we could take in the stunning views of Tam Son town and the twin mountains. At noon, we had a delicious lunch with many local specialties in Nam Dam village. After taking a short break, our cycling trip continued towards Dong Van through the charming Chin Khoanh pass.

As we arrived, we were stunned by the significant geo-heritage site of the Dong Van karst plateau. Unending rice fields, tens of thousands of limestone boulders, and breathtaking views made up the stunning scenery we had never seen before.

Day 2: Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Bicycle Tour

We departed Dong Van after breakfast and traveled to the Ma Pi Leng pass, which was the high point of the expedition. The place was renowned for its sharp cliffs and breathtaking vistas, earning it the nickname “lord of the passes” in Vietnam, with the highest point of 2000 meters.

Once at the top, the breathtaking mountains and rivers made us overwhelmed yet excited. After that, we carried on and cycled through the communities of Meo Vac and Lung Ho before returning to the hotel.

Day 3: Lung Tam – Ha Giang Biking Trip

On the last day of our Ha Giang bike tours journey, we visited Lung Tam village, home of the Hmong people. Afterwards, we went through Quan Ba town and stopped for a short break at the Nui Doi peak.

After passing through the Sky Gate, the crew went back across Bac Sum Pass and arrived in Ha Giang in the late afternoon. And the trip officially came to an end.

Hill Tribe Of Ha Giang Cycling Tours

Day 1: Ha Giang – Tam Son Biking Trip

We savored breakfast to the fullest and then embarked on our first real ride. After the first brief ascent, which was in an undulating landscape, we arrived at a settlement where we had lunch.

Following the second ascent, we learned more about the gradient in the province of Ha Giang. Most of the time, it was a steady yet predictable upward slope. The crew quickly descended to Tam Son, a little settlement perched precariously on the hillside.

Day 2: Tam Son – Dong Van Cycling Tour

We started the day early and kicked our pedals to continue the trip. After passing through a number of small hill tribal settlements, we arrived at a thriving village market. The locals didn’t sell that much, but almost all of them were handmade and homemade. 

The stunning countryside became absolutely breathtaking as we approached the Dong Van Plateau. Children wandered among lush paddy fields and played together, recalling our good old days.

Day 3: Dong Van – Meo Vac Bike Tour

After taking some time to enjoy the sunshine and a cup of coffee on the outskirts of the lovely Dong Van Market, we took a ride to the former Hmong king’s palace.

As we left town, we received an optical boost when the valley floor to our right began to descend at a level equal to the height we were climbing. This visually affirmed our climbing accomplishments.

Day 4: Meo Vac – Bac Me Bicycle Tour

Today, after many days of ascent, we descended for a continuous 30 km on the well-maintained road, experiencing the inevitable effects of physics. 

The crew had a beautiful ride through tranquil villages in a quite different lowland landscape from what we’ve experienced on the plateau. Midway through the afternoon, we arrived in the remarkable town of Bac Me.

Day 5: Bac Me – Ha Giang Cycle Trip

Day 5’s ride was enjoyable, with rolling hills and rivers following. The locals were almost certainly out-supporting us, and the scenery was pleasant. 

We biked up a little hill for a few kilometers before descending into the well-known Ha Giang town, where we drank a beer or sugarcane juice as a reward for completing the difficult portion of the ride.

Wrapping Up

Ha Giang is one of the top destinations you need to visit when traveling to Vietnam. The diverse cultures and distinctive, stunning landscapes in this remote region provide an experience unlike any other. The finest thing to do in this mountainous province is to board a bicycle and explore its stunning scenery and unique cultures.

So, sign up for our Ha Giang loop bike tours now to have an amazing experience of a lifetime. And do not hesitate to visit our website for more exciting Vietnam motorbike tours and Vietnam cycling tours!

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